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Mark Rivett2 years ago
Tabletop Gaming
Whenever we get together, Slightly Twisted Games tries to make time to play a board or card game. We love games, and after we play a new game for the first time, we discuss both the things we enjoy an...
Mark Rivett2 years ago
Tabletop Games
Whenever we get together, Slightly Twisted Games tries to make time to play a board or card game. We love games, and after we play a new game for the first time we discuss both the things we enjoy and...
Matthew Kresal2 years ago
Bond: The Living Daylights At 30
Once upon a time, the James Bond film series was in trouble. Despite financial success, the series seemed to have sputtered somewhat with the last two Roger Moore Bond outings. When Moore confirmed he...
Fred Akali2 years ago
The Connection Between The Matrix and Westworld
The Matrix trilogy is a groundbreaking series that first came out almost two decades ago and still remains relevant in popular culture today. From satirical portrayals in movies and cartoons to the us...
L.B. Bryant2 years ago
8 Games I Wanted to See Included with the Mini SNES
The news has hit that, as expected, Nintendo will be releasing a mini version of their Super Nintendo system later this year around the world. The new limited edition system will be shipped from the e...
Aaron Dennis2 years ago
Dragon Warrior Monsters for the GBC
In this special retro review, I’m reviewing Dragon Warrior Monsters. This Gameboy Color game was originally released in Japan as Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry no Wonderland, and is the first video game...
Sean Patrick2 years ago
Bong Joon-ho Triumphs Again with 'Okja'
Okja is a movie that defies simple description. On the surface, the film resembles a kiddie flick with a friendly monster and a little girl on an adventure to overcome a group of simple-minded adults ...
Bonnie Laufer2 years ago
The Big Sick - Interview with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon
The Big Sick is a new movie that is going to give you ALL the feels. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll just want to hug your loved ones after you leave the theatre. The film, which is getting critical praise across the board, is based on the real courtship of Kumail Nanjiani (known best for his role on Silicon Valley) and his now-wife, Emily V. Gordon. When Kumail meets Beth during one of his stand-up comedy gigs, the two have an immediate chemistry. After a few weeks of dating, Beth discovers...
Rich Monetti2 years ago
For New York City Actor Yaron Urbas, Late is Never Bad and Ignorance is a Strength
As good as a set up alongside the punchlines on The Jim Gaffigan Show is, Yaron Urbas has run in tangent with quite a number of roles in indie feature films and television. These include parts with Pa...
Sean Patrick2 years ago
10 Things You Might Now Know About Tom Hiddleston
We are still months away from the release of Thor: Ragnorak but the buzz is continuing to build for the showdown between Chris Hemsworth's Thor and his Avengers pal The Hulk. But where does that leave everyone's favorite bad boy Loki? A look at the trailer definitely indicates that Loki is present in the film but the trailers and marketing have been coy about revealing exactly what the trickster God has been up to since the events of Thor: The Dark World. Don't worry, I would spoil it here but t...
Kelly Hawks2 years ago
The Best and Worst ENGRISH in Anime
Japan has a reputation for its “not so good” understanding and pronunciation of the English language. In fact, it’s so common, it’s been coined the term, “Engrish.” In anime, this is known as “gratuit...
Jennifer Terry2 years ago
The Bachelor Franchise Has a Race Problem
I make no secret of the fact that I’m a proud member of Bachelor Nation. I ignore the haters, the ones that don't understand the show's appeal. The Bachelor and all of its respective spin-offs are my ...
Iain Shaw2 years ago
Doctor Who: What to Expect From the Series 10 Finale
As series 10 of Doctor Who draws to a close, what do we know and what can we hope for from the final episode after last week’s start to the finale? (Contains spoilers from part 1!)
Chloe Gilholy2 years ago
Review Of Legend (1985)
Year: 1985 Genre: Fantasy and Sci-fi Starring: Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, and Mia Sara. Director: Ridley Scott
Sliders is a US television series which ran from 1995 to 2000 with seasons 1 to 3 shown originally on Fox, with the show moving to Scifi Channel for the final two seasons. It is a twist on the science...
Ryan A. Hagan2 years ago
Halo 6's Story Needs to be Good
*CONTAINS SPOILERS* It's been almost two years since Halo 5: Guardians was released to a mostly positive reception from fans and critics alike and to this day, it is still a game with an incredibly ac...
J.R. Gonzalez2 years ago
Who Should Play Carnage In the Venom Movie?
We got our bad guy for "Venom". It was recently announced that the main antagonist for the Venom movie will be the symbiote, Carnage. Venom, who is being played by actor Tom Hardy, is considered to be...
Mikayla J. Laird2 years ago
Spotlight on: Silk - The Life and Times of Cindy Moon
To my utter dismay, it was announced last month that Marvel has canceled the Silk ongoing series. While the series is admittedly, not as popular as the likes of Spider-Gwen, Deadpool, or even Squirrel...