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Sarah Morgan6 months ago
Netflix Shows You Must Watch
I have been watching Netflix for a long time. I have watched good shows and bad shows. That’s why I decided to make this list of old and new series, in case you guys are looking for some new shows to ...
robert massimi6 months ago
Heist! at The Players Theater is a funny, campy spoof on a robbery gone bad. The musical begins with Jack, Chris and Betty robbing a bank. Chris gets shot in the process and is reportedly dead. Chris ...
Jonathan Sim6 months ago
Marvel Theory: Is Stan Lee the Watcher?!
Recently, I've been watching a bunch of Marvel movies, and so far, I'm loving it. Can't wait 'til I get up to Infinity War. And if anyone has watched Marvel movies, there's a good chance that you have...
Zuleika Boekhoudt6 months ago
Hayao Miyazaki Returns: Here Are 10 of His Greatest Movies To Celebrate His Unretirement!
The granddaddy of Studio Ghibli is back for one last movie! If you haven't heard, Hayao Miyazaki has come out of retirement for one last film. And while those unfamiliar with his work would ask what t...
Read Something6 months ago
Three Underrated Shows You Should Watch Today
Some of the best shows are on right now! Some sadly underrated, these following shows are also all relatively new, with most of them still debuting new episodes. As such, you can rightfully claim thes...
Christina B6 months ago
Ten of the Best Romance Manga to Date
Ever since I can remember, I always loved to read. I could escape into a fantasy world or another reality where I could escape my own. I had no knowledge of the great expansive manga collections out t...
Sam B6 months ago
Netflix Shows and Movies You Must Watch
This summer I have had plenty of time to watch a multitude of shows and movies. From lighthearted to serious and everything in between, here's a list of things you should or should not watch on Netfli...
Jennica Janae7 months ago
The Carrie Chronicles
Ah, Sex in the city. Every girl's personal guilty pleasure since 1998. At least it’s my personal guilty pleasure. To get up every day, eat, shower, write, order Chinese food and enjoy the world is the...
Shammah Banerjee7 months ago
Speechlessly King Lear
The deterioration of Lear's mind and speech, the psychotic shrieking of his daughters, the destruction of the stage itself: the trajectory of McKellen's King Lear is geared head-on towards anarchy. Ev...
Fiona Scott7 months ago
Searching the Yellow Brick Road
WICKED, the hit musical, tells the story of what happened before Dorothy dropped into Oz. It opened in London’s West End in September 2006 and has been enthralling audiences ever since with gravity-de...
Janie 7 months ago
Top Four Netflix Original Movies
As a student, I had a lot of spare time. I also had a boyfriend with a Netflix account, so I spent a lot of time discovering and watching random movies I found on there. I thought I'd share some of th...
Tristan Ferry7 months ago
Why Blade Runner 2049's Failure at the Box Office Doesn't Bode Well for the Future of Cinema
Blade Runner 2049 was a success in nearly every way; fans of the original were finally rewarded for their patience and loyalty, those unfamiliar with the original were treated to a gorgeous, intriguin...
Marguerita Tan7 months ago
Five Behind-The-Scene Things You Should Know About 'Killing Eve'
Just like a good book that is unputdownable, Killing Eve is an engrossing spy series that grabs you from the very first episode and tangles a string of intriguing events that hooks you into wanting to...
Ada Zuba7 months ago
How To Make a Great Villain
Now, many writers struggle with creating a good villain. Here is a simple list of elements that every villain needs:
Colin Kowal7 months ago
Fan Entitlement Is Getting Excessive
When’s the sequel coming out? This question has probably been around for as long as entertainment has been made. However, only recently has it gone from something a person thinks in their head to some...
travus Leroux7 months ago
'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 2
Greetings from the Dragon Ball Universe. I hope the fandom is geared up and ready for the second installment of the Dragon Ball Heroes Anime. If you are not familiar with Dragon ball Heroes, I would e...
Adam Wolf7 months ago
Being Old Is Badass?
So old, broken heroes with beards are the new ideal father figures to have these days? We've seen it multiple times in films such as Logan (2017), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), video games such as ...
The Witching Hour
The Witching Hour: six hours of talent with six revolutionary performers. In the oubliette of The Harrison, an historic pub a short walk from King’s Cross, an eclectic audience were entertained by wri...