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Is it a fact or is it merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the lesser known truths in the geek universe.

Peter Dill2 years ago
Who Were the Real Gangs of New York?
"Ever since I was a child growing up in Lower Manhattan, I was drawn to the stories of old New York. Each day, as I explored the neighborhood streets, I slowly uncovered clues to an extraordinary but ...
Matt Cates2 years ago
Soundwave or Die Tryin'
Like many celebrities, Soundwave's origins are humble. Japanese toy company Takara had a line of robots called Diaclone, picked up and reimagined by Hasbro in the mid-80's. Capitalists to the bone, Ha...
Is Superman Pop Culture's Jesus?
When Jewish immigrants Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster originally created Superman, his origin story was their own modern reinvention of the classic Moses story. Moses was sent away by his parents in an...
Matt Cates2 years ago
Which Watchman Was the Worst?
The city may fear him, but Rorschach is a bigoted virgin who never bathes and eats cold beans from the can.
Alysha DePerna2 years ago
Best Paranormal TV Shows
Paranormal investigation shows have been around for a while now. Initially presumed to be something of a fad and heavily expected to quickly drop in popularity, that hasn’t proven to be the case. With...
Eddie Wong2 years ago
Knight Rider’s Original High-Tech Car K.I.T.T.
The novelty of a self-driving car has worn off in an era where reality exceeds vintage sci-fi shows like Knight Rider. The David Hasselhoff-driven action series was a seminal hit in the 1980s. Like ma...
Frank White2 years ago
Was 'The Warriors' the First Gang Movie?
An eighteen-year-old honors student was getting some refreshments during an intermission to Paramount's The Warriors at an Oxnard, California, movie theater when another youth demanded a quarter from ...
Stephen Hamilton3 years ago
Is Black Sails Historically Accurate?
With all the sex and drinking on Black Sails, it's a wonder pirates got anything accomplished. Historical dramas seem to be the thing, with shows like Marco Polo and Vikings achieving great popularity...
Stephen Hamilton4 years ago
Modern America and Sex In Spartacus
Spartacus was an American television series produced in New Zealand, which premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010 and ended on April 12, 2013 after the third season. The show was inspired by the figur...