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Matt Cates2 years ago
What to Buy to Actually Become a Superhero
Greetings, cadets! Hyperliterate-Man here! Sooo, you're thinking of being a superhero, but don't know what to buy to get started, eh? Hehe. Well, don't let it get you down. You're not the first one wi...
Healthy Binge Watching
Binge watching is America's new favorite pastime. You can binge watch on your phone, your tablet, laptop and TV. You get to gorge on your favorite snacks and watch hours and hours of television via On...
Geeks Staff2 years ago
Write For Geeks Today
Geeks has now joined the Vocal platform, letting people from all over the world contribute their comic con stories, movie reviews, favorite video games, and everything pop culture.
Sarah Quinn2 years ago
Check Out The Coolest 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Cosplays
Oh, Guardians of the Galaxy, how I love you. From the best Vin Diesel role of all time - I think a huge key here was covering him up with a CGI tree suit and only giving him three words to say - to th...
Anne St. Marie2 years ago
Adding Height In Cosplay
Height. It’s one of those things you can’t really do much about in cosplay, isn’t it? You can turn into a purple alien, a lizard person, or a cyborg through the use of makeup, you can get your werewol...
Sarah Quinn2 years ago
The Best-Known Ladies of Steampunk Cosplay
Who's ready to get your cosplay on? There is literally no branch of cosplay more creative than steampunk - the possibilities for leather, gadgets, and guns over a puffy, lacy, frilly trunkful of ladyl...
Samantha Bentley2 years ago
Pokémon GO Life Hacks
After my last piece raving about why Pokémon GO is the best thing that ever happened and encouraging everyone on the planet to play, I thought it only polite that I share some of my Pokémon GO life ha...
Jake Aronskind2 years ago
How to Master Pokémon Go
People are traveling across the land, searching far and wide. From the grasslands of Central Park to the cliffs of Beverly Hills, dozens are getting off of their couches and heading outside into the w...
Isaac Shapiro2 years ago
Suicide Squad Cosplay Guide
Anti-heroes have become increasingly popular and Suicide Squad is following the momentum of Deadpool and Kick Ass. The blockbuster transforms iconic DC characters like the Joker into skewed criminal m...
Patricia Sarkar3 years ago
Oswald Cobblepot Cosplay Guide
The DC Cinematic Universe is properly kicking off with the launch of Batman V Superman, but in the gap between the release of Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, DC have been slowly t...