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Ian Ifield2 months ago
The End of the Netflix/Marvel Partnership?
With the Marvel by Netflix era seemingly coming to an end with the plug having been pulled on season three of Luke Cage, hot on the heels of the cancellation of Iron Fist. Disney have also finally ann...
Wendell Mitchell2 months ago
Manly Moments from the 90s
Whether it’s Sony, Fox, or Disney, Marvel is lining a lot of pockets this year with enough money to develop and make a real-life Heli-carrier. To date, Venom has made over $380 million world wide. Sin...
Ada Zuba2 months ago
Facts About 'Riverdale'
One of the most popular Netflix teen shows is Riverdale. After Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries, this is the next show teens want to watch. However, there are a few things that you may or may not have k...
Greg Seebregts2 months ago
15 Underappreciated Anime II
For this article I thought I'd go back to my first foray into the world of pop culture writing: anime. I love anime and manga; I've read and watched so many titles that I've lost count. It should come...
Hannah Burton2 months ago
10 Best British Rom-Coms
These movies aren't really the mainstream classics we all know and love, but they are still so wonderful and they are all my favorites! I love British rom-coms and wish I lived in one sometimes.
John Doe2 months ago
Every Version of the Joker Ranked from Worst to Best
In this article, I will be giving my opinion and making a list of the worst Joker performance to the best without including animated joker performances. Yes, I know everyone has different opinions on ...
Trent Esker2 months ago
The Holy Quartet of Cure-All Romantic Comedies
Ah, fall. The temperatures are dropping, the pumpkin spice merch is consuming the racks, and seasonal depression is beginning to rear its ugly head. When the weather gets cold and the Instagram “‘Fall...
Hannah Burton3 months ago
Top 11 Anime Villains
Here are some of the nastiest villains anime has to offer. They aren't in order of how bad they are, because they are all bad in their own way.
Harry Jenner3 months ago
10 of the 21st Century’s Biggest Box-Office Bombs
Amid reports in August, The Oscars announced a new category of ‘Best Popular Film’ to its line-up of honors for the 91st Academy Awards. The response to the announcement was a loud uproar of negativit...
Michael Bergonzi3 months ago
Top 5 Second Films in a Speculative Fiction Trilogy
Since The Empire Strikes Back released in theaters, second films in movie trilogies have been some of the most remembered pieces of cinema or the worst. But how come? How can we definitively say the o...
Bad Theatre Etiquette
Since a young age I've been fascinated with the theatre. The idea that you can be transported, emotionally, to another world without even leaving your seat enthralls me. And I find it so hard then, on...
Kiera Riley4 months ago
Must-See Underrated Movies
There are movies that are widely promoted, highly anticipated, and largely grossing in the box office. Then there are all the other ones. So rare is it that a common person who isn't obsessed with mov...
Anna Flaherty4 months ago
My Favourite Minor Callbacks to Original Characters
It's very good to see you again old friend.
SKYLERIZED 4 months ago
Why Are You Ranking: The American Dream as Described by Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Artists Listed from Hallucination to Fantasy
Why is there no Scottish Dream? Is it because it’s already a cocktail? Why is there no French Dream? Would that be too risqué? And a German Dream may have already been a nightmare. These are but a few...
Cold Pizza4 months ago
Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
These movies are my top ten and not based on any reviews, and they only contain movies from the MCU.
Sity Sullivan4 months ago
Five Shows That Ended Too Soon
I've finished a number of shows recently, gone to see when the next season came out, and been horrified to see they've been cancelled. There are so many great shows that get cut before they really get...
Sarah Morgan4 months ago
Netflix Shows You Must Watch
I have been watching Netflix for a long time. I have watched good shows and bad shows. That’s why I decided to make this list of old and new series, in case you guys are looking for some new shows to ...