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Cold Pizza4 months ago
Top 10 DC Films
These aren’t specific to the DCEU or to live action. This list consists of any movie made. Keep in mind, this list’s rankings are based on my opinion and are not ranked according to their scores.
Indie Films Dee4 months ago
12 Indie Teen Movies that Are Perfect for a Girls' Night in
Planning that Friday night movie binge with your besties? Fancying something different to cheesy flicks like 'Wild Child' and 'The Girl Next Door'? You've come to the right place - here are 12 iconic teen movies produced by independent studios that will have you and your friends dying with laughter, grinning like idiots, and reaching for the tissues all at the same time.
Jerrica Bertram4 months ago
Netflix Favorites List
Before I start naming and going crazy with a big list that never ends, I should say that you may or may not love these shows or movies as much as I do but I'm happy to make my list anyway. I would als...
Jonathan Sim4 months ago
Top 10 Best 'Mission: Impossible' Stunts!
Tom Cruise. Whether you love him for his acting or hate him for his scientology, you have to admit that it takes a giant pair of balls to do your own stunts. And Cruise has been doing that for years. ...
Lucig Aroyan4 months ago
'13 Reasons Why' This Series Is Overrated
Disclaimer: The series is undoubtedly a controversial one. Viewers should be open to it but at the same time form their own opinions. Similarly, my opinions are my own, and are there to raise question...
Greg Seebregts4 months ago
5 Underappreciated Fantasy Films
I love movies. I'll watch pretty much anything—with a few exceptions (I'm looking at you 50 Shades of Grey). From sci-fi, to horror, to comedy, there are good films and there are bad films. Then there...
R 5 months ago
10 Fictional Characters with the Best Powers
Ever fantasize about having a power from a show or movie? I’m sure everyone has! In this article we will be looking at the best powers from live action shows, movies and anime. A trailer of the show w...
Zellie Wicker5 months ago
The Disney Princess Club: Actual Princess, or Just Heroine?
Here is a look at those female heroine's dubbed 'princesses' by Disney, even though some do not fit the definition of an actual princess and some that do fit the definition are left out of Disney's Princess Club (not mentioned here).
travus Leroux5 months ago
Top 7 Dragon Ball Villains
Hit, Jiren and Whis receive honorable mention but do not make the list as they are not true villains. Antagonist yes, however, Hit and Jiren are just beings from another Universe fighting for their te...
Jonathan Sim5 months ago
Top 10 Best Moments in 'Die Hard'
If you're an avid action movie watcher like me, then you have to have watched Die Hard. The 1988 Christmas action thriller is definitely my favorite action movie of all time, and its sequels, while no...
Sara Morton5 months ago
My Five Favorite Plot Twist Endings
One of my favorite film genres is Psychological Thrillers/Mysteries. I know a lot of people don't want to think while watching a movie, but I love it when movies make me think. And nothing is better t...
Jacquelyn Miccolis5 months ago
'Now Trending' on Netflix - TV Shows Reviewed for You
Netflix Summer is here and with it comes heat! If you are looking for a fun in-door way to relax and stay cool, crank up the fan or AC and kick-back with some Netflix! Here is a look at some TV shows ...
Jonathan Sim6 months ago
10 Sequels We Never Knew Existed!
Sometimes, we get a sequel that's so good we forget about the original. For example, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is so much better than The Terminator to the point where we've almost forgotten how goo...
Hannah Burton6 months ago
10 Best Drama Anime
Let's be real, all anime is dramatic. That's probably why we all love it honestly. We're all either closet anime watchers or open anime watchers that need this drama in our lives. So here are some of ...
Skylar Abdeljalil6 months ago
5 Amazing Online Tools for D&D Enthusiasts
Dungeons and Dragons (which I'm shortening to D&D from here on in) has been around for decades, ever since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson published their original box in 1974. Back then, it was all pen t...
Nancy D6 months ago
10 Legend of Zelda Things You Need in Your Life
If you are reading this than you are probably a huge Legend of Zelda Fan, so congratulations on having good taste! All of the items on this list are from either Etsy or Ebay and some are even hand mad...
Vans Life8 months ago
8 Obscure Mindbender Movies You NEED to See
We all have movies we swear by, whether you're a Disney fanatic, a mystery fiend, a lover of romance, or a sucker for comedy. There are millions upon millions of movies to choose from (there's actuall...