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Gavin Spoors3 months ago
2018 in Film—The Top Five
Here we are. Another year, another slew of blockbuster sequels and of course another writer slapping together a 'top films of the year' list. Before I dive in, however, I must warn you that the list o...
Kaylee Henrickson3 months ago
Top 10 Sandra Bullock Movies
America’s sweetheart! The girl next door! She’s Sandra Bullock! I’ve made a list of 10 of her best movies, hard to pick considering I love them all! Not going to lie, if that woman is in a movie...I h...
Roman Arbisi3 months ago
My 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2019
After a big year for movies in 2018, in terms of record-breaking box office, controversial figures, and divisive films, 2018 seems to have made a huge impact on the general movie-going public, and the...
Jonathan Sim3 months ago
20 Movies I Can't Wait to See in 2019
2019 looks like it's gonna be a pretty awesome year for movies. There are many films that I'm very excited to be watching in the theater, and while I'm likely gonna watch more than these, here are twe...
Jon Dobbin4 months ago
Top 10 Books of 2018
2018 is done. It's over. There were lots of downs, some ups, and a whole crate full of mehs. Despite all of that, myself and a few others were able to get a whole lot of reading done. Unlike my Top 10...
Greg Seebregts4 months ago
5 Underappreciated Live-Action Disney Films
Like many other children, I grew up watching Disney films. I watched Duchess and her kittens get back to their owner in the Aristocats, Basil and Dawson defeat the villainous Ratigan in The Great Mous...
Maddie Goody4 months ago
Top 4 Cartoons Adults Can Watch Too
I've always prided myself in being young at heart. I feel like it's a big part of who I am. I think you will always live your best life when you allow yourself to enjoy things for any age, no matter w...
Ellowen Ophelia4 months ago
90s Baby Childhood Nostalgia
Growing up in the 90s had to be the best era to grow up in. Shit was poppin' and things were so much simpler than they are now. You had to call your friends to talk because most of us didn't even have...
Adam Wallace4 months ago
For the Weirdos: 12 Non-Traditional Christmas Movies
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I shower gifts of attention on the maligned, forgotten, and ignored. It's Christmastime again, and I love digging into my movie collection. While I do e...
Joel Eisenberg4 months ago
The 21 Most Important Books Ever Written, and a Selection of Worthy Honorable Mentions
Allow me to get this out of the way first: I’ve read each and every book listed here, as well as those mentioned here, cover-to-cover. I have utilized no defined methodology in selecting my choices, o...
HB Rich4 months ago
10 Best Animated Movies that Aren't Disney
Honestly, if you haven't seen these movies, sit on your couch and do so! They are the non-Disney movies that I grew up on and I love them! There are obviously more, but these are some of my favorites.
HB Rich4 months ago
13 Classic Christmas Movies
These are some of the most classic Christmas movies out there! If you haven't watched them, shame on you. If you have, though, I hope you've seen them multiple times.
Joel Eisenberg4 months ago
Top 25 Reasons Why I'm an Old Geek
Variations on a Theme: Top 25 Reasons Why I'm a Geek (okay, an old geek but still; please feel free to play along and share your own lists):
The Sessa4 months ago
Top 5 Overrated Movies of 2018
2018 is coming to an end, so what else is there better to do than make a controversial list based on my own opinion that will either make people love me or make people hate me? I mean probably a lot o...
Rasma Raisters4 months ago
For the Love of Penguins
A great penguin movie featuring real penguins is called Mr. Popper’s Penguins starring Jim Carrey. The movie is based on a children’s book by the same name. It is about a divorced businessman who inhe...
Adam Wallace5 months ago
20 Razzie Picks Worth Watching
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where the unfairly maligned is always welcome. I am not a film snob. Even though I do take a look at critics' opinions about a movie, I don't take it as gospe...
Tone Breistrand5 months ago
15 Disney Locations I Wish Were Real
There are many amazing places in this world—but of course, as human beings, we want what we can't have. I've made a list of 15 places from Disney movies that I wish I could go to, but unfortunately, I...
Greg Seebregts5 months ago
8 Films that Shouldn't Be Remade
I've seen a few remakes that I've enjoyed and a few that I've outright hated. It seems like every other film that hits the cinemas nowadays is a remake of an earlier, better film. Every year more and ...