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Jay Vergara2 years ago
Miss Sinister Does It Yet Again With An Eye Popping Mad Max Inspired Shoot
I've talked about Miss Sinister before when I was completely blown away by her Star Wars inspired photo shoot. I've kept up with her work since then and I was excited when she hinted at a Mad Max insp...
Tom Chapman2 years ago
Meet The Real Life Bruce From 'Finding Nemo'
For a clown fish, he's not that funny. Well something is making this Lemon Shark smile. One lucky Florida photographer came face to face with all five rows of teeth, but it was only afterwards that he...
Jay Vergara2 years ago
Hating Every Picture I Take and Why That Means I Have to Keep Going
I started photography about seven months ago in June of 2016. It started out as something to help jazz up my articles for Movie Pilot or Now Loading. I figured if I get sent to press events that it wo...
Anne St. Marie3 years ago
Adding Height In Cosplay
Height. It’s one of those things you can’t really do much about in cosplay, isn’t it? You can turn into a purple alien, a lizard person, or a cyborg through the use of makeup, you can get your werewol...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
The Best-Known Ladies of Steampunk Cosplay
Who's ready to get your cosplay on? There is literally no branch of cosplay more creative than steampunk - the possibilities for leather, gadgets, and guns over a puffy, lacy, frilly trunkful of ladyl...