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Michael Reynoso3 months ago
Super Saiyan 4 Form Explained!!
Welcome, Dragon Ball fans! Today, I will do a full breakdown of the Super Saiyan 4 transformation and how the form is created. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!
Michelle Stone3 months ago
A Nerdy History Lesson: The Early Days of Anime in America
In our current day, anime is growing as one of the most widely loved forms of animation. There are so many different avenues and ways to watch anime and read manga. But it wasn't always like this for ...
Auckland Martens3 months ago
7 Craziest 'Simpsons' Predictions
The Simpsons have predicted everything from the Trump Presidency to the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack. Here’s the proof:
Take a second and think about all the movies you watch and have watched, the cartoons, the Disney movies, and the comedies on TV. Remember when you sang along with those Disney characters that you wer...
Emily Qualls3 months ago
Growing Up Biracial Part 1
Racism. It sucks. It is a horrible awful act that hurts millions of people all the time. Not only is it offensive, and damaging, it's also a pretty tough topic to talk about. Which is why I decided to...
Vivi Higgins3 months ago
How Superhero Movies Have Influenced Pop Culture and the World
Superheroes have played a huge part in pop culture ever since they first started being drawn in pages. The first superhero comics came out in the late 30s and 40s. Superman from the DC comics, is rega...
Noelle Clarke3 months ago
Cancel Culture Doesn't Work – Here's Why
Cancel Culture never sleeps—it seems somebody on the internet is getting #canceled every other day now. Most recently, the YouTube beauty community #canceled guru Laura Lee over a particularly awkward...
KRYSTAL READS3 months ago
Harry Potter & the Magic That Stays with You
I was recently asked this question in the last year: "When are you gonna grow out of that Harry Potter stuff?" My uncle actually asked me this; for anyone who knows me really well I figure they would ...
Amy H3 months ago
Why Are Books Fading Out?
It’s hard to find people in 2018 who are still enthusiastic about books, and I want to know why. Due to technology today, it’s easier to read books. All you need is a phone with built-in book apps and...
Ruth Esca Bowmer4 months ago
The Importance of Film Within Korean Society (Part 4)
Probably one of the biggest forces in cinema is from Hollywood. However, recently we have been seeing a slow death in the Hollywood formulas that have been used and worn thin for so long now. It is mo...
Pavandeep Chagger4 months ago
Maria Qamar is a Pakistani, Toronto-based artist who goes by the artist name of Hatecopy, and produces pieces in a comic book and pop-art style. I came across this phenomenal artist on Instagram and w...
Texxx-Man Cosplay4 months ago
#PowerRangers25: In Their Own Words
On Tuesday, Power Rangers will turn 25 and fans all over the world are excited to celebrate this milestone with their friends. I was 5-years-old when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on Fox Kids...
Victoria Vu4 months ago
How the 'Voltron' Fanbase is Being Ruined
A brief history lesson: Voltron started as a cartoon back in the 1980s, and it focused on the efforts of five chosen pilots, or Paladins, who each operate the pseudo-magical lions robots of Voltron. T...
Sydney Moore4 months ago
Arrogance and the Destruction of Self
So this year has been crazy, am I right? Aside from all of the heavy political stuff that I absolutely refuse to get into, life itself has just been a whirlwind of crazy. I love Youtube. The platform ...
SKYLERIZED 4 months ago
Why Are You Ranking: Closest Resemblance Between the Artistry of Rappers and Directors Listed from Somewhat Similar to Striking
Rappers paint pictures with poems. The best ones are able to craft whole worlds and color them with witty metaphors and similes. Film directors use the visual medium to illustrate entire plotlines. Bo...
Don Anderson II4 months ago
The 80s Is My Decade
There are so many things that I loved when I was 12. Movies, acting out movie scenes at school, taking some naps when I get home from school, listen to music on my CD player (I was probably the last k...
Babysitter Stacy5 months ago
Top 20! Yu-Gi-Oh Cards That Are Gay Icons
After a 5 year break from the competitive YU-GI-OH! scene, a few months ago, I decided to get back in the game and practise my skills through some online platforms that let you play with other players...
Lynne Rush5 months ago
7 Times Emily Gilmore Did Not Deserve Lorelai’s Crap
Lorelai Gilmore is what many of us aspire to be: beautiful, quick-witted, able to eat whatever she wants and still fit into those tiny jeans. She’s the cool mom who overcame teen pregnancy, as well as...