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Jon Chamberlain9 months ago
The Headroom Hijack
So this is a story that, for a while, I was a bit obsessed with. The thing I found so intriguing is that no one knows who did it or why they did it, and for me, that adds so much more to the story. It was a surreal blip that referenced 80s culture and so cryptic and well done, but to have gone to those lengths for no reason or just as a prank seems bizarre. This incident has been written about and revisited to a new level of cult status on the internet, with people suggesting endless theories. O...
Beth Sawdon9 months ago
The Origins of Fandom: Past, Present, or Future?
‘Ello lovely readers! Today I thought I’d write about a topic that I’m sure all of us will be aware of one way or another: fandom! We are all fans of something, whether it be music, films, books, spor...
LIFE MAZI9 months ago
How Anime Changed My Life
When I tell people that anime changed my life I get two responses: 1) a laugh accompanied with rolling eyes, and 2) eyebrows creased together in confusion. Curiosity usually ensues from this second re...
Chelsea Winona10 months ago
25 Facts About Disney You May Not Know
Here are 25 facts about Disney you may not know! Enjoy!
Monica Bennett10 months ago
Bigfoot Ate My Baby
Alright. So Bigfoot didn't eat my baby. You were lured here. That's what tabloids use every day to suck us in. There was such a paper using headlines like this and it was a supermarket legend in its o...
Nancy D10 months ago
My New Fav YouTuber
Need a new Youtuber in your life? I find it hard to come across bloggers or YouTubers that I actually like. In most blogs, I can't help but think they these people are way too narcissistic. In most Yo...
Sophie Cloonan10 months ago
Satire Is Wack
My dad often uses a tremendous amount of horatian toward my sister, criticizing her in a joking way that often offends her. She doesn’t understand that he means well by the joking, just trying to make...
Ada Zuba10 months ago
Top Disney Princes
Princes that were the real heroes of the disney films, who actually did save the princess:
Adam Wallace10 months ago
Rising from the Ashes: My Favorite Former CA Producers
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I shine a spotlight on the maligned, forgotten, and overshadowed. Like a lot of people, I'd been actively paying attention to the collapse of Channel Aw...
Ruth Esca Bowmer10 months ago
The Importance of Film Within Korean Society (Part 3)
Probably one of the most interesting films to come from Korea is from the North. It is well known that Kim Jong-Il is a huge movie fanatic. Kim Jong-Il is the son of Kim Il-Sung previous leader of the...
Ben Kharakh10 months ago
YouTube Rabbit Holes You Can't Stop Watching
It's 10pm and you decide to watch a Tasty video to unwind. One more turns into one more turns into one more and before you know it, going to bed on time has turned into one of those late nights where ...
Amy Walker10 months ago
Luna vs. Hermione
Luna and Hermione are the two of the main heroines of the Harry Potter series. Luna is a true Ravenclaw and, as we all know, Hermione was a Hat Stall and was considered for the same House, but got sor...
Michael Bauch10 months ago
The Fall of Channel Awesome
Breaking down the Google document which highlighted in detail the issues that producers had with Channel Awesome, it can basically be broken down into two categories. You have the majority of the fema...
Melody Rauscher10 months ago
Ron Weasley vs Ron Weasley
A good friend of mine recently sent me her essay to read, and I found it phenomenal. An in-depth look at how easily a character's growth and personality can be erased in the process of adapting a book...
Michael Reynoso10 months ago
Top Ten Anime Heroes
Anime heroes are the embodiment of good in the world of anime. Welcome, everyone!! I am yours truly, Michael, and today, we are counting our top picks for the “Top Ten Anime Heroes.” For this list, we...
David Fox10 months ago
The Best Online April Fools Day Pranks of 2016
You can come out of hiding now. It's over. April Fools' Day is over for another year. Congratulations if you've survived un-pranked and weren't fooled by your girlfriend claiming to be pregnant or you...
David Fox10 months ago
Miming, Topless Dancing, And Eddie Murphy As An Egyptian Pharaoh: 5 Hollywood Stars In Music Videos
The other day I came across the music video for The Killers' breakout hit single "Mr. Brightside". Having never seen it before, I didn't realise it starred jobbing B-list actor Eric Roberts, of The Da...
Brittany K. King10 months ago
Who Cares About Nicholas Sparks?
Does anyone care about Nicholas Sparks? Yes. Apparently a lot of people do. Sparks is a 21-time published author. His stories have been adapted on screen in major motion pictures that have grossed wel...