Science fiction genre which features steam-powered machinery as a form of advanced technology in a victorian era.

Crysta Coburn3 months ago
4 Steampunk Graphic Novels Every Fan Should Read
I have learned from talking with fellow fans of the steampunk genre that the first title to spring to most minds when steampunk comics are brought up is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen co-create...
John Purcell2 years ago
Sun Thunder
Sun Thunder
Matthew Kresal2 years ago
Cops, Mystics, and Steampunk
One is often told not to judge a book by its cover. Yet when it comes to The Precinct, however, that was precisely what caught my attention. Perhaps that it isn't surprising given it is a graphic nove...
Soph Price2 years ago
The Sexy Dystopia
I want to start this off by saying I am passionate about supporting indie comics and publications, so after reading this I urge you all to try and get hold of a copy of Metal Made Flesh. The art is tr...
Frank White3 years ago
'Gotham' Season 1 Pre-Batman Ultimate Guide
An often divisive superhero television series, Gotham is a show to be binged on. It is a fantastic voyage into the setting of the stage for what would be one of the most iconic superheroes ever, from ...
Frank White3 years ago
Larry Blamire's Steam Wars: Head of Steam
Bringing Larry Blamire's tale to life through the amazing medium of comic books was an important experience for me. I had a chance to work with Larry directly and get to know a universe only creatives...
Frank White3 years ago
Larry Blamire's Steam Wars: Adventures in a High Hat Lifter
In his second outing in the Steam Wars universe, Larry Blamire delves deeper into the mechanical world of the warriors inside the giant steam rigs. Blamire's other books include Tales of the Callamo M...
Frank White3 years ago
Larry Blamire's Steam Wars: A Good Left Arm
Larry Blamire's Steam Wars comic series is a tor de force of the steam punk genre. Larry's visuals are stunning, characters have depth and the steam punk story line is action filled. Decades ago Blami...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
Best Steampunk Comic Books
How do you know if steampunk comic books are for you? Ask yourself if the following images would excite you: a man with a glowing furnace for a chest; a Victorian Batman in aviator goggles; pterodacty...