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Kelly Hawks2 years ago
W.T.F. Japan? The Most Bizarre Anime Ever
Because there are so many genres in anime, every story is different. Many are original, some are confusing, but mainly they’re always entertaining. Then you get the shows that make you feel like you’r...
10 Forgotten Superheroes
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk are but a few on a long list of world renowned superheroes, who are recognized in the most remote parts of...
James Campbell2 years ago
The Riddler Wore Tights
"I was simply meant to be in theater." The Riddler, Batman: The Riddle Factory (Matt Wagner, 1995) Some time ago my Nan called me over to put on one of her films: the 1947 Technicolor musical Mother W...
jack kent2 years ago
Hellsing Ultimate Review
Hellsing Ultimate is the OVA (Original Video Animation) of the manga Hellsing. The series revolves around the titular organization; Hellsing, as they follow their mission to protect Queen and country ...
Sean Patrick2 years ago
Bong Joon-ho Triumphs Again with 'Okja'
Okja is a movie that defies simple description. On the surface, the film resembles a kiddie flick with a friendly monster and a little girl on an adventure to overcome a group of simple-minded adults ...
Kelly Hawks2 years ago
The Best and Worst ENGRISH in Anime
Japan has a reputation for its “not so good” understanding and pronunciation of the English language. In fact, it’s so common, it’s been coined the term, “Engrish.” In anime, this is known as “gratuit...
Jennifer Terry2 years ago
The Bachelor Franchise Has a Race Problem
I make no secret of the fact that I’m a proud member of Bachelor Nation. I ignore the haters, the ones that don't understand the show's appeal. The Bachelor and all of its respective spin-offs are my ...
Airam Zenemijil2 years ago
Being a fan of anime series, finding stories about a person sent to another world is no new occurrence. From classics to the recent animes, this kind of action-fantasies caught us in awe, however, mos...
Iain Shaw2 years ago
Doctor Who: What to Expect From the Series 10 Finale
As series 10 of Doctor Who draws to a close, what do we know and what can we hope for from the final episode after last week’s start to the finale? (Contains spoilers from part 1!)
Sliders is a US television series which ran from 1995 to 2000 with seasons 1 to 3 shown originally on Fox, with the show moving to Scifi Channel for the final two seasons. It is a twist on the science...
Jennifer Terry2 years ago
But Can We Still Like the Huxtables?
I’m pretty sure Bill Cosby is guilty, a friend says to me, but can we still like the Huxtables? In a word - no. The Cosby Show was the only show about African-Americans on television for a while when ...
Sean Patrick2 years ago
10 Movie Stars Moving to Netflix
As the landscape of pop culture consumption continues to evolve, Netflix is fighting to stay on the front lines of the battle for eyeballs. While theater owners push back against the encroachment of online streaming outlets looking to run first-run features, Netflix is going the way of HBO, developing original content with big stars. With that in mind, here are 10 major stars making the move to Netflix in 2017.
North Brothers2 years ago
Freaks and Geeks Review
Creator: Paul Feig Stars: Linda Cardellini, John Francis Daley, James Franco, and others. Genre: Comedy, Drama Won 1 Primetime Emmy
Word Enchantress2 years ago
Have You Caught The Riverdale Bug?
If you grew up in the 90’s, surely you remember reading the beloved Archie Comics. The main premise of the comic books revolved around four lovable characters – Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica. Th...
A.R. Minhas2 years ago
Twin Peaks, and How To Enjoy It
Twin Peaks Season 3 is now in progress, and so far the show has been getting a lot of mixed reception. The criticism has been mostly focused on the show’s pacing which has been very, very slow; unlike...
James Giles2 years ago
Twin Peaks 2017: Part 7 - There's a Body Alright
For fans who have felt The Return has been too slow in driving the plot, has strayed a bit too far from the tone and narrative style of the first two seasons, then "Part 7" must have provided a huge s...
Kelly Hawks2 years ago
Battle of The Anime Bad-Asses
Like Fight Club, there are some unspoken rules to being a bad-ass in anime. The first rule of being a bad-ass: A bad-ass does not purposely try to be a bad-ass. A bad-ass is simply a bad-ass. Period. ...
Loni Beach2 years ago
10 Things DC Wants You To Forget About Harley Quinn
Today we are going over ten things DC wants you to forget about Harley Quinn. So, without further ado let's get straight on to the list with number 10.