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Aria 16 days ago
The Making of 'They Knew What They Wanted' (1940)
In mid-1940, Carole began working on They Knew What They Wanted with co-star, Charles Laughton (who was actually nicknamed ‘Chuck’ by Carole) and director, Garson Kanin, who was lovingly fond of her. ...
Edward German2 months ago
The Old Time Radio Revival of the 70s
During the 1970s, there had been a renewed interest in radio dramas that were a result of nostalgia that occurred after the release of the movie American Graffiti in 1974. The movie depicted the life ...
Mickey Mouse at 90
What a fascinating magazine. I love all things Disney and I learned so much. It was interesting to see how he got started and how all the different characters came to be. I also loved how some charact...
Ada Zuba2 months ago
Disney-fied: Rapunzel
Tangled is a great Disney movie with the iconic girl with long hair and her love of painting. The original tale, by the Brothers Grimm is much darker. The original is about a couple who long to have a...
Ossiana Tepfenhart3 months ago
10 Most Upsetting Endings of Favorite Kids' Shows
Everyone out there has a favorite television show they watched as a kid. In fact, many older adults will rewatch their favorite kids' shows as a way to help strike up some nostalgia, get that nice com...
Joseph A. Morrison4 months ago
'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons' - Spectrum File 1 Review
The second part of Big Finish's celebrations of 50 years of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons are The Spectrum Files, three enhanced audiobooks of Captain Scarlet novels that were published in 1967. T...
Sity Sullivan4 months ago
Batman Fights Dracula
I was online the other day reading about Gloria Swanson when I came across a note that at the time of her death, she wanted to watch a particular movie she was in, but because it was a lost movie she ...
Texxx-Man Cosplay7 months ago
Kids These Days Will Never Know: Part Two
I hope you liked part one of the list of things I've experienced and had as a child that kids today never knew about. Now, I'll be sharing part two of the things I loved in the 80s and 90s. Again, the...
Rasma Raisters8 months ago
Golden Days of Hollywood
In the early days of Hollywood when everything was just coming together, actors and actresses were adored by fans and they all seemed to put them on pedestals. Two such film actors were a much-admired...
Mark Kennedy8 months ago
How the 80s Ruled the World
Big budget special effects coupled with a great story can be a wondrous thing. With the aid of CGI, a filmmaker can transport us into the magical worlds they create, giving us, sometimes, a well neede...
Lewis Jefferiesa year ago
Bugsy Malone Cast – Then And Now
The famous musical ‘Bugsy Malone’ was first released back in 1976 and got a shed load of positive reviews! The sassy singalong by Sir Alan Parker has a cast of lively unknown youngsters (Jodie Foster ...
alexa pa year ago
3 Interesting Facts About The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz started as a children's book and was adapted into a movie in 1939. It is said to be one of the greatest films of all time.
Lewis Jefferiesa year ago
Iconic Fawlty Towers Actor Andrew Sachs Dies Aged 86
#FawltyTowers star, Andrew Sachs has tragically passed away at the age of 86, following a secret four-year battle with dementia, that had left him in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Andrew Sachs pla...
Lewis Jefferiesa year ago
35 Triffic Years Of Only Fools and Horses!
During the war...Wait. No! Let's start again. One of the UK's biggest comedy sitcoms turns a mighty 35 years old today! 'Only Fools and Horses' was created and written by John Sullivan, the two plonke...
Aria a year ago
The Ziegfeld Girls: Allyn King
Allyn King is one person that shares something in common with me — an eating disorder. Not to draw attention to it but I find I can relate on some level to her struggle. Learning about her life will p...
Abdullah Masooda year ago
5 Best Vintage Shows We Need To See Today
We all love sitting down to watch the old TV shows from back in the days when sex, drugs and teenage angst weren't the only things that TV writers wrote about. Here I do a roundup of all the old TV sh...
Aria a year ago
Olive Thomas & Her Life
I'm going to explain to you who Olive Thomas was, have a look at her life, and look into her very brief filmography, lost & available, featuring some of my own clippings. Grab snacks & a drink and joi...
Idalis Nievesa year ago
Growth of Disney Women from 'Pocahontas' to 'Frozen'
More varieties to how Disney women (princess or not) are portrayed, drawn, and interpreted.