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Idalis Nieves8 days ago
Growth of Disney Women from 'Pocahontas' to 'Frozen'
More varieties to how Disney women (princess or not) are portrayed, drawn, and interpreted.
Nate Gallian11 days ago
Why Casablanca is a Film Noir
“Film noir” is a hard term to find a definition for. Some film historians argue that the term film noir is a genre while others argue that it is the mood or tone of the movie. Regardless on how you se...
Becky Pitta month ago
Disney's Folly: The Profound Importance of 'Snow White'
Released in 1937, Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the world’s first full-length cel animated feature film and the beginning of booming success for the Disney company. The feature fil...
Sean Patrick2 months ago
Examining Isabelle Corey in 'Bob Le Flambeur'
In 1956, model Isabelle Corey got her big break in the movies when legendary director Jean Pierre Melville discovered her in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Melville cast Corey as Anne in his classic noir...
Maurice Bernier2 months ago
Whatever Happened to My TV?
Times are a changing, folks. What once was no longer is. Go to your closet. Put on that shirt, if it has not been thrown away, from 10 years ago. If it is loose, you’re very lucky. If not, I understan...
Corey Gittleman3 months ago
Best Celebrity Cameos on 'The Simpsons'
That's right! The Simpsons have one of the largest character lists in the history of television. Not only is the town of Springfield very well populated, but each person has an abundant amount of lines throughout the series and is not left strictly to the background scene. In fact, most characters have episodes dedicated to their role in the show, revolving around the Simpson family of course. Each person has their own backstory and characteristics that make them unique and a hilarious asset to ...
Rachel Lesch3 months ago
A Review of 'Clarissa' by Samuel Richardson
At around 1,431 pages, Clarissa or The History of a Young Lady beats out Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (826 pages), Bleak House by Charles Dickens (813 pages) and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (955 pag...
Christine Clossey4 months ago
Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue
DRUGS ARE BAD MMMK! Now I remember a time when every kid's hero in the late 80s and early 90s was telling them not to do drugs. I, from time to time, will watch these and laugh, they are corny for the...
Sean Patrick4 months ago
Adventures in Babysitting Turns 30
This weekend a minor 80’s gem turns 30 years old with little fanfare but plenty of positive memories, especially for young girls. Adventures in Babysitting is a lovely little 80’s nostalgia piece that, though some of its unintended politics haven’t aged well, the film’s silly little heart was always in the right place and that’s more than can be said about most 80’s teen comedies. Adventures in Babysitting casts the winning and refreshing young Elizabeth Shue who gets roped into babysitting for ...
Christine Clossey4 months ago
Are Remakes Killing Original Movies?
Now I know what you're thinking, oh hell yes of course remakes are killing original movies. There is no way that Hollywood hasn't had a good idea since the 80's. Well yes and no. I know I know, you're...
10 Forgotten Superheroes
Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk are but a few on a long list of world renowned superheroes, who are recognized in the most remote parts of...
James Campbell4 months ago
The Riddler Wore Tights
"I was simply meant to be in theater." The Riddler, Batman: The Riddle Factory (Matt Wagner, 1995) Some time ago my Nan called me over to put on one of her films: the 1947 Technicolor musical Mother W...
Clara Cook4 months ago
Haunted Movies
Movies have been a source of entertainment for decades, and creative minds draw inspirations and ideas from real life events, all the time. Just because a movie might be classed as fictional horror, d...
Chloe Gilholy4 months ago
Review Of Legend (1985)
Year: 1985 Genre: Fantasy and Sci-fi Starring: Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, and Mia Sara. Director: Ridley Scott
Edward German4 months ago
The History of Warren Publishing
Warren Publishing ran from 1957 to 1983, it was founded by James Warren in Philadelphia PA. He later moved his company to New York in 1965. Warren specialized in Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction m...
Jacquelyn Miccolis4 months ago
Have You Caught The Riverdale Bug?
If you grew up in the 90’s, surely you remember reading the beloved Archie Comics. The main premise of the comic books revolved around four lovable characters – Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica. Th...
Amora Jones4 months ago
The Many Versions of Cinderella
I have always been fascinated by fairy tales. Like many other children, Disney cultivated a love of classic stories. When I got older, I became more curious in hearing the original fairy tales, before Disney changed them. I loved learning the differences between versions, and even versions from different cultures. Cinderella is possibly one of the best known fairy tales in the world. It is a rags-to-riches story full of magic, romance, and a happily ever after. best known fairy tales in the worl...
Neal Litherland4 months ago
The Varangian Guard
The Eastern Roman Empire was a place of grandeur and majesty, and Byzantium (known today as Constantinople) outlived the Western half of the empire by centuries. However, while the Eastern Empire was ...