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Peter Dill2 years ago
Foreign Film History
It's getting harder and harder these days to remember that once upon a time there was such a thing as honest-to-goodness foreign films. Back before Black American Express cards and Amazon Prime, befor...
Geeks Staff2 years ago
History of Monopoly
Did you know that the game Monopoly was supposed to show players the negative aspects of private monopolies? With topics such as the stock exchange, bankruptcy, mortgaging, and jail, we probably shoul...
Geeks Staff2 years ago
Best Old School Android Games
Miss the old times when consoles rocked this world? Sega, Nintendo, and Atari struggled in the market as designers invented more and more of those cute 8-bit games. Mario, Tanks, Contra Force, and Bat...
Geeks Staff2 years ago
Scariest 80s Horror Movies
Mullets, leg warmers, and parachute pants weren’t the only scary things about the 1980s. In fact, the 80s are considered the golden age of horror movies because of how many fantastic films were produc...
Stephen Hamilton2 years ago
Best Guest Stars on 'The Love Boat'
Ahoy, matey! International sensation The Love Boat aired on ABC from 1977 to 1987. With 10 seasons and a 1990 TV movie titled The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage under its belt, the comedy series had ma...
Patricia Sarkar3 years ago
Retro Game Consoles Guide
Video gaming has become one of the biggest entertainment industries of all time. The gaming industry's annual income has doubled the yearly income of the film industry. The game industry has become an...