Brains, weapons, and blood - oh my!

Danielle Banner2 years ago
Scariest Video Game Monsters
What goes bump in the night? Probably the scariest video game monsters. Warning! These horrifying monsters may cause you to sleep with your nightlight on for the next week or so. Creators have imagine...
Stephen Hamilton2 years ago
Most Underrated Zombie Movies
I think it’s more than fair to say that the major zombie craze that took over the world has just about died out by now. Although zombies, just like any other film trend, were subject to some absolute ...
Geeks Staff2 years ago
Brutal Zombie Kills
Zombie flicks are the best way to fantasize about killing thousands of one’s fellow humans without guilt or remorse. That kind of destruction, however, comes with collateral damage. Possessing no empa...
Stephen Hamilton2 years ago
Joyce Carol Oates' 'Zombie'
A few years before zombie’s became a pop culture phenomenon, Joyce Carol Oates published a tiny novel called Zombie. Though known mostly for contemporary literature, Oates also has a gothic side which...
Tara Edwards2 years ago
Weird 'The Walking Dead' Merchandise
Merchandise deals seem to last forever once something becomes popular. After all, there’s much money to be made among those zealous fans who desperately want to collect any and all specialty items. So...
Tara Edwards2 years ago
The Walking Dead’s Best Comic Book Characters
Adaptation from print to live action often results in changes. Sometimes those changes happen because elements in the source don’t translate well to the new, faster-paced medium. Other times, it’s a c...