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'Teen Wolf': That Series Finale Sucked...

If you were an avid watcher and just finished the 'Teen Wolf' series recently just like me, how pissed were you at the finale?

The series Teen Wolf started in June 2011 and just ended this September. I love this series, but the ending of it was terrible. There were so many things wrong with it. Let's just talk about the last 10 episodes actually... 

Here's my theory. They used fear as a symbol of their fans' fear and made it seem like we were going to be okay at the end if we moved on to another show, or hobby, or whatever. Just how they were finding more supernatural people.

But on another note here's why it sucked... (in order of importance! ha)

Jackson and Ethan were only in it for like 2-3 episodes.

Their character development was going to be so great, but they sped through it. I was a huge fan of this relationship and this match-up. And they just sped through it like we didn't want to know more about them. Like why were they in London? How did they meet? What's their story in London? I have so many questions, they need to do a spin-off.

Stiles and Lydia never touched each other in their 1 episode reunion...

So the first half of the season, Stiles wasn't really in it and then Stiles and Lydia kissed and it was a glorious moment! Then the last episode of the season, they barely even touched each other. He pushed her away from Jackson and that was all the contact... Uhm, I want more Stydia!

Scott and Malia?????

Okay, wait... Did they just do this because they needed a new love story? I know Kira is off doing her time because of that one thing she did. But are her and Scott still together? Or not then? I mean I guess so... But was this union right? I don't even know...

Scott's Mom and Allison's Dad

This was building the whole sixth season and people might have been egging it on, but should it have really happened? I'm not sure... I mean I could see how it was building up, they're both single parents, always are in contact during a high heart rate activity, and have/had kids that are supernaturally strange. So I guess it makes sense that they would fall in love...

Derek Hale

Oh man, he is so fine. He disappears for awhile and then we find him in Brazil and now in Beacon Hills to help his brother Scott! I love their weird bromance. It's so cute and that final reunion they had was precious. I think though that they needed to give him a better back story and what he was doing for all this time. 

Why didn't Stiles have more of a role to play?

I understand that this past year Dylan O'Brien had a bad head injury with an accident on one of his movie sets, but it made me sad that he didn't have more of a role to play in the last full season. O'Brien even said that he contemplated acting and what life meant to him and I totally get that. I didn't have an injury like that, but I had a serious back injury so I get that whole life contemplation thing. I just wish that they would've prolonged the season enough to get Stiles more in it because I think that became a huge reason why people watched it as long as they have. 

The 'Wild Hunt' plot was great, the second half, not so much...

I'm not sure about you guys, but I wasn't too keen on the plot... I wasn't really that great... Did you also see my theory above? It wasn't interesting enough. The plot could have been so tantalizing with everyone trying to kill them and nowhere to turn? Like how could this not be fantastic, but it only lasted 10 episodes... They could have banded all the past characters together and have a real battle, but no, it was really only Scott and kind of Malia. It was cool to see how it connected with the first half of the season, but it didn't really capture my attention like the last 5 seasons. 

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'Teen Wolf': That Series Finale Sucked...
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