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Ten of the Best Female 'Power Rangers'

With over 100 multi-coloured, spandex-wearing superheroes, many have been female. This article will look at ten of the best.

5 Female Power Rangers

Back in 1993, 25 years ago, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first aired and introduced the world to a multi-coloured superhero team that protected the world. In the last 25 years,Power Rangers has branched out from the television to the movies, comics and computer games for the fans and has introduced over 100 Rangers through the years. While the teams are always dominated by the male Rangers, this article will look at ten of the best female Rangers to grace our screens. 

10. Lauren Shiba—Red Samurai Ranger

Portrayed by Kimberley Crossman

The second Red Samurai Ranger, Lauren entered with a surprise revelation. The true Red Ranger, she went in to hiding to learn the ultimate sealing symbol while her younger brother posed as the Red Ranger. Armed with the means to end the Nighloks invasion of earth, she led the team with valor. Unfortunately, she was unable to seal the Nighlok leader, Xandred, and knew she was not the one to end the battle. Relinquishing the powers back to her brother and she stepped down as the Red Samurai Ranger.

This makes her, to date, the first female Red Ranger through the television shows and movies. A second and third female Red Ranger have appeared through the Boom! Studio's comic books. While her tenure on the team was short-lived, you can not ignore the history being made with her presence in Power Rangers Super Samurai (2012). 

9. Psycho Pink—Pink Psycho Ranger

Portrayed by Vicki Davis

When it said female Rangers, it never specified they had to be good. Psycho Pink is an evil and ruthless Ranger that appeared in Power Rangers in Space (1998). Aiming for the Pink Space Ranger, she was double-crossed by Psycho Yellow and destroyed. However, her real evil streak emerged in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999). Resurrected, she obtained the Savage Sword and pierced the Pink Space Ranger's morpher, absorbing its powers. With no other choice, the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger gave her life to stop Psycho Pink. 

While she may not have dozens of episodes, more like a dozen episodes, you can not ignore how she was the first to kill a Ranger. No other Power Rangers have ever died in the televisions shows, this makes Psycho Pink the stand out villain being the only to have a Ranger kill under her achievements.

8. Tori Hanson—Blue Ninja Storm Ranger

Portrayed by Sally Martin

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003) broke from Power Rangers tradition with its starting line up in both numbers and colours. Tori was one of those breaks, being the first female Blue Ranger. Armed with ninja stealth and the power of water, Tori added both beauty and grace to her team. But, what was refreshing was how she held her femininity while still being tough and strong. 

She stole the heart of the Navy Thunder Ranger, and while the two never shared an on-screen kiss, the chemistry was obvious. She also returned for the 15th anniversary special and joined a team of random Rangers from the past led by Adam, the second Mighty Morphin Black Ranger. She is also, to date, only one of two female Blue Rangers from all the branches of the franchise.

7. Katherine "Kat" Hillard—2nd MM Pink Ranger, Zeo Ranger 1 and Pink Turbo Ranger

Portrayed by Catherine Sutherland

Kat marks multiple points of history for Power Rangers. While many remember Tommy was the evil Green Ranger, many forget Kat was also put under an evil spell by Rita to attack the Power Ranger. Unlike Tommy, she had no Ranger powers, but did what Tommy could not. She actually took a Ranger out of the fight by stealing Kimberly's Power Coin, removing the Pink Ranger from the team. Kat managed to break the spell and retrieve Kimberly's Power Coin, which made her the natural choice to replace Kimberly when she decided to leave. 

Kat had a long history with Power Rangers, and has had more Power Ranger outfits than any other female Ranger. She had access to the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger, Pink Ninja Ranger, Pink Zeo Ranger and Pink Turbo Ranger powers through her time as a Ranger. She even returned for the 25th anniversary special in Power Ranger Super Ninja Steel (2018).

6. Gemma—RPM Ranger Operator Series Silver

Portrayed by Li Ming Hu

One half of a genius duo, Gemma and her twin brother were part of project "Alphabet Soup" where the minds of gifted children were exploited for military gain. When the project facility was destroyed the pair were thought to have perished. In true Power Rangers' style, Gem and Gemma were revealed to be alive and had been fighting Venjix's forces beyond the dome city of Corinth. Joining the RPM Rangers, the twins proved new fire power and Zords in the fight to retake the planet. 

Gemma is the only female Ranger to ever sport one of the glamour 6th Ranger colours. Gold and Silver have been common colours to be used for the 6th Ranger ever since Power Rangers Zeo (1996), but Gemma is the only female in the roster. She also joined Kat in returning for the 25th anniversary special.

5. Kendall Morgan—Purple Dino Charge Ranger

Portrayed by Claire Blackwelder

Kendall is the brains behind the Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015). During their first season, she was their woman in the command centre feeding them intel. But in the season finale, the purple Energem bonded with her making her the second Purple Dino Charge Ranger. Now a Ranger, she took more of a leading role on the battlefield. She is also, to date, the only female ranger with a multi-function Zord. Her Pleziozord is equipped with an aquatic mode, space mode, and Megazord mode. 

All-in-all Kendall is special as she was the first gender-swapped Ranger during a power transfer, the first female Ranger with her own Megazord and the first female Purple Ranger. If that does not make her eligible for any top ten list, I do not know what does.

4. Kira Ford—Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger

Portrayed by Emma Lahana

The Ranger with a singing voice of a song bird and a scream like a pterodactyl, literally, Kira adds a rocker flare to the female Ranger roster. With a unique fighting style and Ptera-Scream, Kira is already a force for evil to fear. But when you arm her with her Ptera-Daggers and she accesses her Super-Dino Mode she becomes the first Power Ranger that takes to the skies. While she is strong and powerful, she is also in touch with her emotions. Ofter releasing her feeling through songs, helping her captured the heart of her fellow Ranger, Trent. 

Kira became an updated version of Kimberly as both shared powers with the pterodactyl, both had flying Zords, both had unique fighting styles and both could play the guitar and sing. While you may argue she is simply a copycat Ranger, she had a tougher demeanour and separated herself from being another Kimberly. She also returned to join Adam's team for the 15th anniversary.

3. Kendrix Morgan—Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger

Portrayed by Valerie Vernon

Yes, I am sure you have guessed already one of the reasons why she is on the list. She was the first Ranger to make the ultimate sacrifice, but in reality, the actress was fighting leukaemia, which forced her to leave the show to focus on her health. Thankfully, she succeeded in her battle and as a result, she can smile knowing no other Ranger has ever died on the screen, making her character forever rememberable. 

Outside of that, she also is worthy of the list due to her sheer intelligence. While every team had a brainy Ranger, Kendall was the first female brain behind her team. Some fans have even questioned if she is related to Kendall from Dino Charge, as both have similar looks, were the brains behind their teams and shared a last name.

2. Kimberly Ann Hart—Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger

Portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson

The crush of many 1990s boy, Kimberly was the original Pink Ranger. With the powers of the Pterodactyl and her Power Bow she fought Rita Rapulsa with her team and formed a close relationship with Tommy. The pair were the first to have an onscreen Power Rangers kiss. Due to this relationship, she was able to help Tommy both times he lost the Green Ranger powers and was relieved when he returned as the White Ranger.

She is perhaps one of the most popular Power Rangers of all time, let alone being a female Ranger. She fought with agility and grace at her disposal, piloted multiple Zords and reminded us to never just a valley girl by how she looks. She even returned in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie with fellow past Ranger, Jason.

1. Jen Scotts—Pink Time Force Ranger

Portrayed by Valerie Vernon

While not the first female leader of a Power Rangers team, Jen is easily the most effective we have seen. While the White Aquitar Ranger was the leader, she took more of a backseat to the Red Aquitar Ranger when on the battlefield. Where Jen was far from one to take the order, and instead give them. With a strong fire and passion, she returned from the past to capture the man that killed her fiancé and take him back to the future. The only problem was, she fell in love with the new Red Ranger, Wes, who was from the present. 

While Jen had to return to the future, she led her team through the entire show and proved Pink can lead just as well as Red. She even took the villainous Ransik in out of her Ranger form and became an elite member of Time Force upon her return. Due to all of this, she remains a fan favourite to this day and has appeared in the tabletop RPG Power Ranger Hyperforce (2017-2018).

Do you agree with our choices? Which female Ranger is your favourite?

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