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Ten of the Best Male 'Power Rangers'

With over 100 multi-coloured, spandex-wearing superheroes, this article will look at ten of the best male 'Power Rangers.'

The Red Rangers from the first 20 years of Power Rangers.

Ever since Jason led the first team of Power Rangers in the battle against Rita's evil forces back in 1993, Power Ranger has grown into a franchise many wouldn't have expected. From there we have now had over 100 Rangers, each sporting their own colour and powers. We have previously looked back at ten of the best female Rangers, so today we will look at 10 of the best male Rangers.

10. Leanbow—Wolf Warrior

Portrayed by Chris Graham

Leanbow filled the classic role of an evil Ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006). Appearing as Koragg the Knight Wolf he pushed the Rangers to their limit and depowered (temporarily) the White Mystic Ranger at the beginning of the series. Equipped with a powerful sword and shield, Koragg wields devastating power in battle. But he becomes even more deadly with his mighty Zord, Catastros. Koragg could grow to giant sizes and merge with his Zord. This gave Koragg a Centaur Megazord Mode and the even more powerful Centaurus Wolf Megazord. 

It was revealed he was actually Leanbow the Wolf Warrior, the husband of Udonna (the White Mystic Ranger) and father to Nick (the Red Mystic Ranger). Freeing himself from his master he joined the Mystic Rangers, forming at the time the largest team of Power Rangers. Together they defeated his past master and saved both the real and magical world. Leanbow was an interesting character and with his extremely late revelation and reformation, he made for one of the longest running evil Rangers in Power Rangers history. 

09. Waldo "Dustin" Brooks—Yellow Wind Ranger

Portrayed by Glenn McMillan

Dustin was the wise cracking Yellow Wind Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003). He was the first ever male Yellow Ranger and commanded the power of earth. He had a passion for motor cross and was quite the comic book geek. His aloof and goofy nature did make his team mates worry about his dedication as a Ranger, but he never failed them when time called for him to be serious. 

With the mighty Lion Zord he operated the largest of the Rangers' personal Zords from Ninja Storm. He also holds the Power Spheres for both the Ram Hammer and the Leo Laser, giving the Megazord extra weapons to call upon. With his mark made as the first male Yellow Ranger and his portrayal of a more relaxed Ranger, you can't help but be entertained by Dustin and his antics. 

08. Robert James aka "RJ"—Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger

Portrayed by David de Lautour

RJ was the mentor to the Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008). He was in fact very similar to Dustin (above) in terms of personality. Relaxed and laid back, RJ runs a pizza parlour and surprises the Rangers when he is revealed to be their new mentor. Their shock is soon taken to a greater level, when RJ reveals how brilliant he truly is. Revealing their morphers to them, he created the entire Ranger system used by the team. Very few in Power Rangers history have succeeded in creating the powers the Rangers will use, making RJ one of the smartest Rangers of all. 

Later he joins his team as the first ever Purple Ranger in Power Rangers. Becoming the Wolf Ranger, he adopts a kickboxing style of fighting. Unlike many Rangers who join the team later in their seasons, his Wolf Spirit Zord does not have its own Megazord mode or combine with the Ranger's Megazord. Instead, it replaces the position of the Cheetah Spirit Zord, giving him a different take on an old idea. RJ is worthy of the list due to his intelligence, unique Ranger colour and how his addition to the team did break standing traditions.

07. Charlie "Chip" Thorn—Yellow Mystic Ranger

Portrayed by Nic Sampson

Chip is a Ranger that can trick you when it comes from what you expect. With a childlike belief, he was quick to accept his magical role as the Yellow Mystic Ranger. Commanding the power of lightning, he was equipped with a Mystic Staff that could turn into a Crossbow Mode, enabling him to deal a powerful strike on the enemy. He was one of a few Rangers who actually turned into his Zord. Using his magic he could grow giant as the Mystic Garuda, forming the wings of the Mystic Megazord. He could also turn into the Mystic Lion with the Green, Blue and Pink Mystic Rangers. 

While Chip's belief in all the mystic arts seemed immature to his team mates, he soon showed them that the mystic realms where real. When the Pink Mystic Ranger was turned into a vampire, Chip refused to give up on his childhood friend. This gave him the opportunity to deal the critical blow to the Vampire Queen and free the Pink Mystic Ranger from her thrall. Chip reminds us that holding on to your beliefs pays off, regardless of what others think.

06. Adam Park—2nd MM Black Ranger, Zeo Ranger IV & Green Turbo Ranger

Portrayed by Johnny Yong Bosch

Adam was the second Mighty Morphin Black Ranger and replaced Zack when he departed from his Ranger duties. Adam quickly proved he was the right choice to join the new line-up of Rangers. With the Lion Thunderzord and Power Axe, Adam showed Lord Zedd not to underestimate him when he defeated the long-running general Scorpina. He later imbued the power of the frog when the Rangers gained their Ninja powers, which at first he wasn't to sure of. However he soon became proud of his new succeeded learning to master the agility of the frog. 

He even got the chance to travel in time after Master Vile succeeding in defeating the Rangers and turning them into children by reversing time. This caused a child version of Adam to travel back in time and retrieve a portion of the Zeo Crystal. This gave him new powers and the colour green as Zeo Ranger IV. Later he would continue as a Ranger as the Green Turbo Ranger before passing the torch. For the 15th Anniversary, Adam returned as the leader of a new team of Rangers to replace the Overdrive Rangers who had lost their connection to the Morphin Grid. This makes Adam one of the longest running Rangers of all time.

05. Koda—Dino Charge Blue Ranger

Portrayed by Yoshi Sudarso

Koda is the Blue Steggo Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015) and Power Rangers Dino Supercharge (2016). Koda has a unique origin for a Power Rangers. A caveman from a hundred thousand years ago, Koda was bonded with the blue energem and frozen in ice. This gave him ageless immortality and he joined the Rangers in the present day. This wasn't an easy adjustment for Koda as he found everything, at first, startling. But, he soon found friends in his fellow Rangers, Chase and Kendall, and managed to adjust to his new home and time period. 

With the Steggo Zord, his Zord becomes an arm and mighty shield for Megazord formations. He also wields the Steggo Sheild in battle, that he uses in a very offensive fashion. You could argue that Koda was the one who gave his team their fighting spirit, as he never failed in believing the team would win in any fight. He also returned as one of ten past rangers to join the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel (2018) for the 25th Anniversary special. While Koda is not the smartest of Rangers, he has a pure heart and loyal nature. He even provides plenty of laughs along the way, making him a standout amongst the Blue Rangers.

04. Anubis "Doggie" Cruger—SPD Shadow Ranger

Portrayed by John Tui

"Doggie" Cruger was the commander and chief of SPD on Earth in Power Rangers SPD (2005). As commander to all of SPD officers on Earth, he led every cadet with bravery and a focused mind. With his trusted ally and Chief Science Officer, Kat Manx, the pair guided the B-Squad SPD Rangers as they replaced the missing A-Squad Rangers. With a need to join the battle, Kat MAnx created the SPD Shadow Ranger for Cruger to transform into and lead the Rangers on the battlefield. 

As the mighty Shadow Ranger, Cruger was a deadly Ranger for any evil alien to face. With the Shadow Sabre and Delta ATV he will lead any charge on the field. But when he actives Zord Mode on SPD Delta Command, the entire building transforms into the Delta Command Megazord. What makes him special is how he was the one to deal the finishing blow on Emperor Gruumm, the villain of the series. Normally the Red Ranger would deal the killing blow, but Cruger proved who was really in command.

03. Dillon—RPM Ranger Operator Series Black

Portrayed by Daniel Ewing

Dillon, from Power Rangers RPM (2009), is a Ranger unlike any other. While there have been Rangers in the team that are alien or robotic, there had never been a cyborg Power Ranger. Dillon is, to date, the only cyborg Power Ranger, having escaped Venjix's capture and being a lab rat for the cybernetic evil to experiment on. However, Dillion had no memories prior to his capture and had to piece together the fragments of his past with the help of the RPM Rangers, especially the Yellow RPM Ranger. 

With his Rocket Blaster and ability to create a protective shield, he had both a strong offensive and defensive use for his team. He was also incredibly strong, due to the cybernetic implants throughout his body. With his Wolf Cruiser he brought a fast and powerful Zord into battle, which would provide extra firepower for any Megazord it combined with. With his special attributes and unconventional way in joining the Ranger team, Dillion is a Black Ranger that stands out from the other Black Rangers.

02. Jason Lee Scott—MM Red Ranger & 2nd Gold Zeo Ranger

Portrayed by Austin St. John

A Ranger any true Power Rangers fan knows, Jason was the original Red Ranger and leader of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993). Leading the team with the power of the Tyrannosaurus, he wielded the Power Sword against Rita and her evil forces. He was instrumental in breaking Rita's spell on Tommy, enabling the team to grow stronger with a sixth Ranger. But, he did have his confidence shaken as a leader when he failed in extinguishing the green candle, allowing Rita to depower the Green Ranger. 

As the leader, he pushed forward and remained strong when the Rangers lost their Zords at the hands of Lord Zedd. Now equipped with the new and powerful Red Dragon Thunderzord, he continued as leader until he was invited to be a peace ambassador along with Zack and Trini. Leaving the team for a time, he returned in Power Rangers Zeo (1996) as the second Gold Ranger. Upon giving up the Gold Ranger powers, Jason retired from his Ranger days. But, he did return on the 15th Anniversary to join 14 other Red Rangers in a battle against the remaining Machine Empire. With him being the original leader he makes any Power Rangers top ten list.

01. Tommy Oliver—MM Green Ranger, MM White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V, Red Turbo Ranger & Black Dino Thunder Ranger

Portrayed by Jason David Frank

The original evil Power Ranger, Tommy found himself under the spell of Rita and fought against the Power Rangers. Breaking the spell he joined the team and formed a very close relationship with the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. With the Dragon Dagger he could summon the powerful Dragonzord, which could combine with the Sabertooth Tiger, Triceratops and Mastodon Zords to form the Mega Dragonzord. But Tommy did lose the Green Ranger powers, not once, but twice.

Tommy being out of the team did not last long, as Zordon and Alpha 5 created the new White Ranger powers for him. Now using his living weapon, Saba, he took the pilot seat in the Tigerzord and became the new leader of the Power Rangers. When their Zords were destroyed, Tommy led the Rangers to seek out Ninjor, the creator of their original powers. Now with Ninja powers, Tommy commanded the Falconzord and later the White Shogun Zord. However when time was turned back, turning the Rangers into children, Tommy had to go back in time to retrieve part of the Zeo Crystal.

Now with the new colour Red, Tommy became Zeo Ranger V. Now fighting against the Machine Empire, Tommy led his team and made a new discovery, he had a brother. When a new Gold Ranger was needed, many fans thought his brother was set to become a Ranger. But Tommy surprised fans by calling on an old friend, Jason. Fighting as a team, Tommy led the Rangers in defeating the Machine Empire. But his fight as a Ranger wasn't over quite over yet.

With a new threat to face, Tommy became the Red Turbo Ranger and led the team on an intergalctic adventure in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). Graduating and starting to find his place in the world as a man, Tommy worked at the racetrack as a mechanic. But when it was time to retire from his hero days, he chose a new Red Ranger and left with three other Rangers to now live their adult lives. Tommy went on to college and eventually became an archeologist and later a science teacher. While as a teacher he became mentor to a new team of Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004).

Unable to stay out of the spandex for long, Tommy became the teams Black Ranger, making him the Ranger to be on the most teams, have the most powers and appearing in more episode and movies than any other Ranger. It has been revealed he is now married to his fellow Ranger Katherine Hillard and the pair have at least one child, a son called JJ. He returned in the 25th Anniversary special, reinforcing a team of 10 Rangers with a new powerful Master Morpher, allowing him to transform into any of his past Ranger forms. Tommy is easily the number one Power Ranger of all time with his long past with the entire franchise. 

Who are your top male Power Rangers? Who would you pick as your number one?

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Ten of the Best Male 'Power Rangers'
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