The 5 Most Underrated Harry Potter Characters

Because contrary to popular opinion, Harry, Hermione, and Ron aren't Jo's only characters.

What about everyone else? The Gryffindors who still sleep with nightlights, the Hufflepuffs who maybe aren't kind all the time, the Slytherins who detest their house's reputation, or the Ravenclaws who are maybe more emotionally intelligent than scholarly? 

Even if you've never read the books or seen the movies, the names Harry, Ron, and Hermione are undoubtedly and irrevocably linked with Rowling's marvelous realm of magic and mischief. This is for good reason: the "Golden Trio," as they are affectionately labelled by Potter fans, represent all that we want to be. Smart, courageous, self-sacrificing, famous, admired by their society and peers. Yet there are a plethora of characters, just as expertly crafted by the Queen JK Rowling herself, that often fly under the radar, unseen in the background. I see it as my duty to move five of these wonderful personas to the fore—enjoy. 

1. Gilderoy Lockhart

Look at that winning grin and impeccable dress sense.

First, a clarification: I'm NOT entertaining any idea that pre-Obliviate Lockhart was a good person in any way (I would never condone his thievery of stories), yet I can't help but love him post-memory-erasure. Relegated to St. Mungos Centre for ailing wizards, the ex-Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor is still the happiest, cheeriest chap in the place. He's like a giant toddler who loves signing autographs and meeting fans whose praise he cannot remember earning. His lack of memory makes him all the more endearing. How can you possibly not love him?

2. Professor Binns

Imagine being as badass as Professor Cuthbert Binns. This dude spent all his life teaching History of Magic at Hogwarts, died in the staff room, and then got up and continued teaching in his spectral form as though nothing had even happened. Imagine having the drive and motivation to follow your passion (whether that be for teaching, like Binns, or writing or sport or anything else) past the Great Beyond — that mofo didn't even let death stop him from enlightening the minds of wizarding youth. Yes, his classes may have been deemed boring by the Golden Trio, but Hogwarts was undoubtedly peppered with bright young budding historians who would drink in his every word. Go Professor Binns, you bloody ripper.

3. Colin Muthaf***ing Creevey, Bitches

Oh my, this kid is one for the history books. Colin Creevey is all of us. Dude is the ultimate fanboy, and acts in the exact same way any of us would if we met our idol. "OMG can I have a photo? Just one? I hear there's a spell to make it move! Can I be your best friend? I'll join any club you're in! You play Quidditch? How does that work? Can I fight in your war? Can I take another photo?" This kid joins a WAR to support his idol — if that's not the ultimate manifestation of worship, then I don't know what it is. Go Colin Creevey, you fanboy, you.

4. Charlie Weasle

Dude works with dragons — he was Khaleesi before Khaleesi was Khool. 'Nuf said. Uber cool, yet unfortunately not present in any great capacity in the films.

5. Peeves the Poltergeist

DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON PEEVES. Wreaking havoc from day one, this joking ghosty provided the comic relief the books needed as they grew in seriousness. However, Peeves was unceremoniously ejected from the films entirely, a fact which many have never been able to comprehend. I, like many others, was distraught by the fact that Peeves' victory song was excluded from the final movie — "Now Voldy's gone mouldy, so let's all have fun!" — AND that we never got to witness McGonagall unite in solidarity to drop a chandelier on Dolores Umbridge, as we read in the books. A+ for catastrophe creation, Peevesy.

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The 5 Most Underrated Harry Potter Characters