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The Best Online April Fools Day Pranks of 2016

What were my favorite pranks today?

You can come out of hiding now. It's over. April Fools' Day is over for another year. Congratulations if you've survived un-pranked and weren't fooled by your girlfriend claiming to be pregnant or your boss handing you a pink slip.

The first of April is the one day of the year where no one believes anything they hear, see, or read. That's especially true on the Internet, where it's best to take everything with a pinch of salt, even on a normal day.

It's also the day that pretty much everyone wants to get in on, and I always find it fun. What were my favorite pranks today? Check them out below!

YouTube Announces "#SnoopaVision"

If you enjoy watching 360 videos on YouTube, you'll enjoy them even more in the company of your favorite rapper who released one good album then coasted through the rest of his career!

No word yet on whether SnoopaVision will have a "Snoop Lion" extension added. Maybe next year?

Zack Snyder Fired from 'Justice League'

This April Fools' ruse was inspired by the divisive reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice — a lot of fans loved it, critics hated it, and we saw online petitions calling for the director to be fired from helming future movies in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

The prank of Snyder's firing from future DC projects was reported by various online news outlets with slight variations. In some, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was named as the replacement, others said Max Landis (Chronicle) or James Cameron were all set to step up.

No doubt the realization that it was all a prank made half the world really annoyed, and the other half really happy!


TodayTix, a London-based company that produces an App to help you purchase London theatre tickets, offered a new service from April 1st.

If you were running late for your show, you could call "Dial-a-Drama" and be connected to employee inside the theatre who would narrate the show for you.

I can only imagine that reaction of theatre aficionados if this was real! There would be riots, I tell you. Riots.

Australia Changes Currency To "The Dollarydoo"

There's been a petition on for a while now campaigning to change the name of Australian currency to "Dollarydoos" in reference to the classic episode of The Simpsons "Bart v. Australia". If you haven't seen that episode, go and watch it immediately. Go on. I'll wait.


That was awesome, right? OK, now you're up to speed, back to the Dollarydoos. Petition creator Tom Probst posted a suspiciously timed update to claim that some "limited edition" Dollarydoo bills will be put into circulation from September.

Sadly for Simpsons fans everywhere, it's not really happening. But we can keep trying, right? Maybe we can petition the Australian government to change the name of bullfrogs to Chuzwazzas while we're at it.

Schwarzenegger To Join Justice League Cast & Halle Berry To Return As Catwoman!

Our very own MoviePilot creators got in on the April Fools' Day act, too. The prank article I liked best was by Luis Rodriguez, who wrote a dangerously believable news piece claiming Arnie had been cast in the upcoming two part Justice League movie.

It certainly took me a couple of seconds to twig that Schwarzenegger wasn't really about to renew acquaintances with Batman, this time as expected Justice League villain Darkseid. You could kind of imagine it though, couldn't you?

Meanwhile, legs were pulled elsewhere on MP by Jancy Richardson who probably caused a few hearts to skip a beat by announcing that Halle Berry was set to reprise her reviled Catwoman role for Ben Affleck's much rumoured solo Batman outing. Luckily, the razzie-winning cat isn't coming back (at least, not as far as we know!).

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The Best Online April Fools Day Pranks of 2016
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