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The Colors of The X-Men

Red? Blue? Gold? What do they all mean?! Part 1

I do not own this art, nor the characters in this picture or in this article. They are owned by respective artists and/or companies.

Okay so let's say you, a new comic reader, want to buy an X-men comic from the comic book store. Sounds easy enough right? Yeah, you're wrong. Once you walk in and see the individual X-men issues, you'll probably see titles like Weapon X, X-Men Blue, X-Men Gold, X-Men Red, Uncanny X-Men and trust me, a ton more.

Right now, I'm going to focus more on X-Men Blue rather than X-Men Gold. The Blue team I feel needs more explanation than the gold team. To put it simply, the X-Men Blue is comprised of the original X-Men members, and the Gold team is comprised of the newer but also well-known members. Each team goes on different missions and functions within the same universe.

Okay, so the original X-men team was a group of teenagers that had genes that give you superpowers, called the X-Gene. People with this gene are called mutants. And for some reason, people hate mutants, sometimes for no real reason than just to hate them. Anyways, the original team comprised of Cyclops (Scott Summers), Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Warren Worthington III (Angel), Henry McCoy (Beast), and Bobby Drake (Ice Man). Over time, these characters grew up, but some of them seemed to stray from the path of being heroes. As Cyclops grew older, he went from someone who believed in mutant-human harmony to eventually becoming more extreme in his views and became more of a Magneto-type figure.

Beast, all grown up now, notices how misguided the Original Team became, and pulled the younger versions of the original X-Men team out of the past and into the present day so they could guide the original team and set them straight. This didn't work, Cyclops became a villain essentially and killed Charles Xavier and tried to wipe out the Inhumans, but he ended up dying. So now, we have two versions of the original X-Men team running around the Marvel Universe.

Currently, without there being a Charles Xavier, the X-Men Blue team is being led by Magneto, former villain to the X-Men. The only difference between this X-Men Blue Team and the Original X-Men Team when they were introduced is that this team has their own Wolverine!

Everybody knows who Wolverine is, and everybody loves him. That's why he's in so many X-Men Comics, Avengers comics, and even his own solo series. Wolverine also took up a prominent role in the movies where in the comics he did not play a large role in those stories. But this Wolverine isn't James Howlett, the Wolverine most people are familiar with, from the Main Marvel Universe (Earth 616), this Wolverine is named James Hudson Jr. He is the son of Wolverine from the Ultimate Universe (Earth 1610). He is dimensionally displaced after the event called Secret Wars.

The X-men Gold Team, however, needs less explanation. They have the line-up of X-Men people are more familiar with. It has Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), who acts as leader, Colossus (who you’ve probably seen in Deadpool movies), Old Man Logan (he is an aged time-displaced version of the main Wolverine), Storm, and Magick (Colossus’s sister).

At least, this is what I've read of X-Men Blue and Gold so far. I'm going to continue writing about this series because I like it so far. Though, understandably some fans do not. Please feel free to look at my other posts on my profile!

In terms of resources about X-Men characters and X-Men history, I would really recommend watching Rob’s videos on Comics Explained. He goes over a whole lot of X-Men History that I most definitely have not gotten to yet.