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The Flash: Cisco is Going to Need Vibe powers When 'Rupture' Arrives in Ep. 20

The hiatus comes at an unpredictable break in the middle of Season 2.

Synopsis brought to you via

BARRY IS READY TO FACE ZOOM; HUNTER ZOLOMAN’S STORY IS REVEALED – Equipped with the tachyon device, Barry (Grant Gustin) believes he is fast enough to stop Zoom (guest star Teddy Sears) and wants to open the breaches to catch him. Harry (Tom Cavanagh) strongly advises against that plan but after Barry convinces him, Harry reveals that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has the power to re-open the breach. Meanwhile, Hunter Zoloman’s (Teddy Sears) painful story on Earth-2 is revealed. Stefan Pleszcynski directed the episode written by Joe Peracchio & David Kob (#218).

Where Team Flash is in Season 2, Episode 18.

Episode 18 is set to return with Barry Allen/The Flash facing Zoom/Hunter Zolomon head on, now that Barry's equipped with the tachyon device and the Speed-Force formula that'll give Barry the advantage he needs over Zoom. Barry hasn't been able to match up with Zoom's speed, he's even been broken by Zoom/Hunter Zolomon during the first half of Season 2. He'll need everything at his disposal to beat Zoom/Hunter Zolomon. Although the synopsis for Episode 18 gives the hint that it will also feature Zoom(Teddy Sears) explaining his dark history to Team Flash. Apart from Barry Allen facing Zoom for the potentially last time, there'll be another important focal point of Season 2, Episode 18: Versus Zoom'.

Cisco's transformation into Vibe begins in Episode 18.

Since all the breaches to Earth-2 were closed, Zoom/Hunter Zolomon hasn't been able to reach Earth-1 to enact his evil motivations, but he was left to wreak havoc on Earth-2, unless another hero stepped in to stop him. However Team Flash isn't going to allow Zoom to continue to destroy Earth-2, so they're going to reopen the breaches to fight Zoom. Though no one, including Harrison Wells of Earth-2 is capable of opening the breaches but someone on Team Flash could be able to, in Episode 18. From the synopsis of Episode 18: Versus Zoom', there's an obvious note that indicates Harrison Wells will teach Cisco Ramon/Vibe to channel his Meta-human abilities into reopening the breaches. Earth-1 Cisco hasn't showcased many of his meta-human abilities aside from his foresight of the future which is caused from a physical interaction with something or someone. He was able to use his Vibe abilities more efficiently with the goggles he and Harrison Wells developed, but it's still nothing in comparison to what the Earth-2 Cisco/Reverb showed Team Flash what Earth-1 Cisco is capable of.

Episode 13: Welcome to Earth-2 recap.

Season 2, Episode 13: "Welcome to Earth-2" introduced Team Flash to Earth-2. On that episode, Cisco of Earth-1 came into contact with his Earth-2 doppelganger, Reverb. Reverb turned out to be a villainous meta-human sided with Zoom/Hunter Zolomon to take over Central City and the world. Earth-2 Reverb didn't get much time to highlight his meta-human abilities but he definitely made the fact apparent to Cisco of Earth-1 that he possesses much more power than he knows. Earth-2 Reverb also noted to Cisco that his Vibe abilities could be channeled into powerful instruments; the foresight of objects and people is only the tip of the spear for Cisco of Earth-1. Reverb did get the opportunity to show he has the chops to stop Barry Allen/The Flash which means Vibe/Cisco of Earth-1 may able to become a partner to Barry Allen if he learns to control his Vibe abilities.

Earth-2 Cisco Ramon/Reverb

Season 2, Episode 18 will see Cisco Ramon/Vibe develop further in Team Flash.

Now that Harrison Wells is set to teach Cisco of how to open the breaches between Earths using his Vibe abilities. In Episode 18: Versus Zoom', Cisco/Vibe may be on the path to become a full-fledged partner to Barry Allen/The Flash. Going along with the fact that Earth-2 Cisco full develoved his meta-human abilities efficiently, were Cisco/Vibe of Earth-1 to learn the full extent of his abilities, there could be a strong argument made for Cisco becoming a more proactive member of Team Flash. Cisco Ramon is already an essential member of Team Flash with his contributions but he could be utilized more efficiently to help Barry. Barry Allen/The Flash hasn't had the easiest time with his meta-human foes but with the help of Cisco/Vibe, next season's threats could be more bearable for Barry Allen to handle. Yes, the Flash has an advantage over Cisco/Vibe in terms of getting to crime scenes and meta-human incidents much faster but this could definitely be a potential area for Team Flash to develop a vehicle for the team. Or Cisco Ramon may need to construct a device that'll convert his Vibe abilities into something that'll allow him to keep up with The Flash/Barry Allen. That's all speculative for the moment. What isn't speculative is the Flash's need for help in handling the Zoom problem.

What we know for now about Cisco Ramon/Vibe in Episode 18.

Cisco Ramon/Vibe is going to be a crucial participant in opening the breach to Earth-2 for Zoom/Hunter Zolomon to pulled back into Earth-1. Cisco hasn't learned of the full nature of his meta-human abilities but if Earth-2 Cisco/Reverb's dialogue was any indication of what Earth-1 Cisco/Vibe can do, then he'll definitely be participating in the fight against Zoom during Episode 18. In that instance, Cisco might not be prepared to take on Zoom/Hunter Zolomon on his own but with the possibility of Barry Allen/The Flash not being able to detain Zoom, it may be necessary for Cisco/Vibe to step in to save Barry using his unrefined Vibe abilities. Restraining Zoom long enough for Barry/The Flash to get Zoom/Hunter Zolomon into one of the containment cells inside of S.T.A.R labs. Though it isn't probable that the containment units will be able to hold Zoom which means there might be no other option for Barry Allen/The Flash than to end Zoom's existence. That's a discussion for another time. It is clear that Cisco Ramon/Vibe will learn something new of his meta-human nature from Harrison Wells when The Flash returns from its hiatus next week.

UPDATE: Details on Episode 20 of Season 2 have been released, as well as a new set photo revealing the addition of another meta-human to Central City. Episode 20 will see Zoom return from Earth-2 to take his final revenge on Barry Allen/The Flash, but he won't be alone. Accompanied by Rupture, the Earth-2 counterpart of Cisco Ramon's brother, Dante Ramon. Rupture will be looking for revenge on Earth-1 as well. Believing that it was Earth-1 Cisco who killed Reverb, or possibly being manipulated by Zoom, Rupture will likely be under the impression that Team Flash was responsible for Reverb's death, when it was actually Zoom who killed Earth-2 Cisco/Reverb. He'll probably wind up clashing with Team Flash before their confrontation results in a dialogue to where the truth will be laid out for 'Rupture' to finally hear of what happened to his brother, Reverb. Rupture may choose to side with Team Flash but if he does decide to betray Zoom, it's not probable that 'Rupture' will make it out of the episode alive. Unless there is a grander plane for Earth-2 Dante Ramon to be a series regular or at least a recurring character on The Flash, then Dante'll either be standing with Zoom at the end of the episode or fallen at Zoom's feet upon learning of his brother's true fate. Although it is possible that the information on Episode 20 was misconstrued and Rupture's purpose on Earth-1 is simply to aide Zoom rather than being set on revenge; he could have accepted Zoom's actions as necessary if Reverb wasn't following orders, speculative for the moment. And of course there's always room for alterations, it's an obvious fact that The Flash is based upon written source material but the series definitely deviates from that source material in many aspects of the television series.

The Flash airs on the CW at 8PM/ET. 

DC' Comics Origin of Vibe/Cisco Ramon.

Francisco 'Cisco' Ramon/ Vibe

Francisco "Cisco" Ramon first appeared in DC' Comics in 'Justice League of America Annual Volume 1 "The End of The Justice League". Francisco Ramon goes by the name of Cisco/Vibe in his DC' Comics roots. He gains his meta-human abilities through interdimensional forces changing his physiology rather than how he inadvertently gains his abilities through the particle accelerator explosion on The Flash. During Darkseid's first invasion of Earth, Cisco was caught in the rift of a Darkseid Boom Tube. Being caught between dimensions, the dimensional forces altered Cisco's biology allowing his body to flow synchronously with every vibrational wave length on Earth. After returning from the dimensional rift opened by the Boom Tube, Cisco Ramon manifested his abilities and became the meta-human known as Vibe. He then went on to assist A.R.G.U.S. in hunting down interdimensional fugitives causing havoc on Earth. Vibe also has the capability to project vibrations in projectile form. Cisco Ramon on the television series, The Flash has not manifested this ability yet, but Cisco has seen the power exhibited by his doppelganger, Reverb in Episode 13 of Season 2 "Welcome to Earth 2". Reverb used his abilities to send high-impact vibrations at Barry Allen/The Flash, as he and Deathstorm(Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond) tried to kill Barry Allen/The Flash. Not to the liking of Zoom, he appeared and killed Reverb and Deathstorm in light of them disobeying his orders of leaving any speedsters alone. In his DC' Comics history, as an established crime-fighter, and after his time assisting A.R.G.U.S., Cisco/Vibe became a member of the Detroit City gang called the Lobos. After his activities with the Lobos ran their course, Vibe joined the Justice League of America upon their move to Detroit.

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The Flash: Cisco is Going to Need Vibe powers When 'Rupture' Arrives in Ep. 20
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