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The Flash Season 2, Episode 18 Delayed Due to Yet Another Hiatus.

As to why there are so many hiatus for The Flash this season, there haven't been any explanation given by the CW or Warner Bros. Studios.

The Flash Season 2 just returned from a March hiatus and won't be returning until April 19th. As to why there are so many hiatus for The Flash this season, there haven't been any explanation given by the CW or Warner Bros. Studios. It could just be the timing of the series when this hiatus could be considered the small break for a Spring Break on the series. Apart from that explanation, the CW is asking for fan interest to dwindle on one of their most lucrative comic-book properties by placing so many hiatus' in the middle of a spectacular season of The Flash so far. When The Flash does return, there'll be some interesting developments on the series, including the origins of the serial killer Hunter Zolomon whose been masquerading as Jay Garrick on Earth-1. Here's the trailer for Episode 18 of Season 2, of The Flash.

The trailer for the next episode of The Flash does give away some revelations on the character of Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick. It appears that Barry Allen will catch Zoom/Hunter Zolomon and he'll be forced to tell Team Flash of his origins. Of those origins, it will be revealed that Hunter Zolomon is a convicted serial killer, capable of time-travel as well. In the trailer, Jay Garrick can be seen giving his helmet to a young boy that shares similarities with him. It could be that after Jay Garrick has resorted to a life of crime, he attempts to change the present by going back in time and changing the past. Reaching out to his past self and changing his fate, it's likely that Jay's intended change on the past doesn't work out the way he wants, resulting in either him changing into Zoom or his place being changed from the superhero of Jay Garrick to the serial killer, Hunter Zolomon. Just like Barry Allen could have been changed for the worse when his mother died, Jay Garrick's future may have been changed while trying to change his own future. Apart from the serial killer revelation of Hunter Zolomon, there's also the matter of Barry Allen catching Zoom.

Episode 17 of The Flash saw Barry attaining the equation to the Speed-Force from none other than Eobard Thawne in the past. Barry Allen was able to keep the past from changing and now has what he needs to get faster than Zoom. If the Speed-Force is the key to making Barry Allen faster than Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, the theory of Barry resorting to using the Velocity Serum this season won't come to pass. (pictured below) Despite this picture gaining notoriety online, as it teases Barry Allen/The Flash using the Velocity Serum to get faster than Zoom. The reason it teases Barry using the Velocity Serum is because the color of lightning in his eyes mirrors the speed lightning of past speedster, Trajectory and Zoom. Both gained their advanced speed capabilities from the manufactured Velocity Serum, Trajectory wasn't able to survive the effects of the Velocity Serum but it appears that Zoom/Hunter Zolomon is having no problem with it now. Now that Caitlyn Snow made the appropriate adjustments to the Velocity serum so that it would not continue to degenerate Jay Garrick's cellular structure. Zoom/Hunter Zolomon is fully functioning now thanks to the Velocity Serum, but Barry Allen has earned the knowledge to get faster on his own. We won't be seeing Barry Allen/The Flash using the Velocity Serum if he's capable of defeating Zoom in Episode 18 of Season 2. However, there is the possibility that the last shot of Zoom/Hunter Zolomon in the trailer seen above was misleading. Flash does catch up to Zoom and detains him, but the last shot in the trailer appears to show Hunter Zolomon standing from his detained placement when he's done delivering the monologue of his origin story to Team Flash; Zoom's eyes go black and Barry looks terrified. That may be due to Barry's revelation of Zoom/Hunter Zolomon not actually being caught, but allowing to be captured in light of attaining more Velocity Serum from Star Labs. Is Jay Garrick completely gone? And is there only Hunter Zolomon/Zoom left? Or is Jay Garrick still alive, lying in wait in Zoom's prison?

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The Flash Season 2, Episode 18 Delayed Due to Yet Another Hiatus.
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