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The Flash Season 2: Zoom not revealed, 5 possibilities to Jay's Face Behind The Mask

The Flash before the mid-mid season hiatus, Killer Shark made his return and Barry ran in water, along with leaving fans a shocking conclusion at the end.

The last episode of The Flash before the mid-mid season hiatus, Killer Shark made his return and Barry ran in water, along with leaving fans a shocking conclusion at the end of the episode. SPOILER ALERT: Zoom is revealed to have taken Jay Garrick's body back with him to Earth-2 after killing him in the breach. Along with Jay Garrick's confirmed body, Zoom removes his mask, showing that he has Jay's face as well. There has been much speculation as to who was under the mask since the introduction of the evil-speedster Zoom, but no clues have been given until now. However, the reveal of Jay's face being under the Zoom mask draws up more questions than it answers. We do have confirmation from showrruners Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns, that Zoom is in fact Hunter Zolomon, but that still doesn't answer why he has Jay's face if Hunter Zolomon was on Earth-1 while Zoom(Hunter Zolomon) was on Earth-2. There is a bit of confusion in this because no other details were given by the showrunners of The Flash. But from the evidence provided so far in this season of The Flash, there are multiple possibilities for why Zoom has Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon's face.

1. The Hunter Zolomon that Jay Garrick showed Caitlyn to, was in fact Zoom hiding on Earth-1. Zoom could be on Earth-1 in day clothes to spy on Barry/The Flash and Jay Garrick. If the Hunter Zolomon we saw on that park bench was Zoom, then he knows more about The Flash's team than they think he knows about them. Zoom's actions haven't been showcased, other than his direct actions towards Harrison Wells and The Flash, we haven't seen much of what Zoom is doing when he's not in the Zoom costume? The explanation for that is that Zoom is the Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon, and Jay Garrick is the Earth-2 Hunter Zolomon that is taking on the name of Jay Garrick for ulterior reasons. If that is the case, then we are likely to see Zoom confirm to be Hunter Zolomon but of Earth-1.

2. The Zoom that killed Jay Garrick in the breach, is Jay Garrick of Earth-2 but either a past or future Jay Garrick. The reason Zoom could be Jay Garrick of Earth-2's past is because of a few different reasons. We know that Zoom himself is on a mission to steal the speed from other speedsters which means his goal is to get faster, which coincides with Jay Garrick's intended mission before he came to Earth-1. To note, Jay Garrick stated that he started developing the Velocity 6 Serum to increase his speed which is a similar goal to that of Zoom. It could be argued that this note means nothing but it means something when they are the only two speedsters that have gone to extreme lengths to increase their speed by augmenting themselves. Barry Allen is the only other speedster that exists in the universe, but he hasn't gone to any lengths to augment his speed by dangerous experimentation or stealing another's power. Jay has his Velocity Serum and Zoom is attempting to steal the speed-force from others, they have a common goal in mind. Potentially, the mission to increase their speed could explain why Zoom is on a mission to increase his speed and why Jay attempted to increase his speed. If Zoom was in fact Jay Garrick of the past, and he had the intent to develop a similar Velocity Serum to increase his speed but ended up horribly changing himself, which led to the Crimson Comet, Jay Garrick becoming the twisted, Zoom then that could make sense for the series. The series has already explored multiple universes and time-travel so it's not out of the realm of possibility for Zoom, who has the face of Jay Garrick, to be a past Jay Garrick who became twisted in his mission to increase his speed whose the current Zoom on Earth-2.

3. Another possibility is that Zoom is Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2, but Hunter Zolomon was once known as Jay Garrick on Earth-2, and created clones of himself to be able to take on the guise of Zoom without gathering suspicion. With that possibility existing, Zoom could have once been The Flash of Earth-2, The Crimson Comet, Jay Garrick. If he was Jay, there could have been a point where Zoom saw his existence as the Flash/Jay Garrick as unimportant leading him to turn himself into Zoom. Bare with me, Jay Garrick fully realizing himself as the newly donned Zoom, Zoom could have gone on with experimentation to increase his speed but found he could only increase his speed by adding speed-force of others to that of his own speed-force. With the existence of speedsters being null on Earth-2, Zoom could have been driven to create clones of himself only to extract their speed-force for himself which is where this all makes sense. Zoom creating clones of himself in hopes of extracting the cloned speed-force has a fundamental flaw, the speed-force or whatever extra qualities they hold as clones of Jay Garrick/Zoom would not be the same kinetic energy consistent in the speed-force. Therein lies how Jay Garrick becomes Zoom. Jay Garrick willing to extract manufactured speed-force, Velocity Serum, and augment himself with it would lead to his power changing, along with some unexpected changes. If the extracted speed-force were to alter Jay's power from moving really fast to Zoom's power of slowing time in the space around him, which also warped Jay's mind that could have led him on his evil mission as Zoom. This is also proven by Jay Garrick being without his speed power along with his body dying, and that isn't explained by Zoom taking his speed-force because Barry Allen had his speed taken two times and given to Zoom but it never left a permanent effect on Barry. Jay Garrick is completely robbed of his abilities and his body is literally dying which gives credence to the theory that he is a clone of Zoom as well; if Jay were a manufactured clone, that was drained of his speed force, he could be in the condition that we see him in when he's introduced in Season 2 of The Flash. Jay Garrick being a clone also means that Zoom himself could be a clone and the original Jay Garrick could be the man in the mask, in Zoom's prison. These are all possible if the clone theory is true, the real Jay Garrick may never stand up if it's proven all the identical looking Jays' are all clones and the original has been entrapped since the first clone betrayed him.

4. There also could have been the possibility of Zoom being Hunter Zolomon of Earth-2, as well as the confirmed existence of an Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon, but Jay Garrick could have been Hunter Zolomon of another Earth. We know that the DC television universe is exploring multiple earths, so what's to stop Jay Garrick from being the Hunter Zolomon of a completely different Earth. Jay Garrick would have reason to conceal his identity of being Hunter Zolomon if either, he is in league with Zoom and he goes by Jay Garrick to not trigger any alarms by using the moniker of Hunter Zolomon or, Jay Garrick is the Hunter Zolomon of another Earth and doesn't want his name to be associated with the villain, Zoom. It is reasonable for Jay Garrick to have been hiding his identity of being Hunter Zolomon, with the name being related to only villainous characters in the DC Universe, to gain the trust of his newly found allies. The Flash television series has already explored multiple earths, if Jay Garrick is indeed from Earth-3 or Earth-4 then that might also answer the question as to why Jay Garrick didn't have any speed-force power along with his body degenerating at a progressive level. The travel between Earths or his condition on another Earth would explain Jay's venture out to Earth-1 and Earth-2. Barry opened up the breaches to Earth-2, but Earth-3 could have easily been one of the breaches that Barry Allen opened where Jay would have fell in. We did see a breach open on the Season 1 Finale of The Flash, wherein Jay's Helmet falls out of a breach in front of Barry before the existence of Earth-2 is acknowledged on The Flash. Jay's helmet falling through an early breach could be an indication that he isn't the Jay Garrick from Earth-2 but Hunter Zolomon of a completely different Earth, somewhere in The Multiverse possibly.

5. The last possibility for why Jay Garrick and Zoom share the same face is that one of them isn't who they look like. By means of metamorphosis, one of the two Jay faces has to be a doppelganger if they are both indeed from the same Earth. We've already seen a few doppelgangers on The Flash, from Eobard Thawne masquerading as Harrison Wells and the DC Comics character, Hannibal Bates also known as Everyman. Everyman has already made his appearance on The Flash, and has died by Joe West's hands, on Earth-1, but what about his Earth-2 counterpart? The fact has been established on The Flash, that everyone on Earth-1 has an Earth-2 doppelganger so that means somewhere within Earth-2, there still exists a living Everyman(Hannibal Bates). If Everyman is indeed on Earth-2 that could explain the multiple Jay faces. Everyman could be Zoom but it is most likely, that if he is posing as a Jay Garrick then Hannibal Bates has been posing as Jay Garrick on Team Flash along with playing them for fools by convincing Caitlyn to help him create a Velocity Serum to duplicate the Speed-Force. There's also reason to believe that Jay Garrick is Everyman because of his lack of meta-human capability, Everyman wouldn't be able to duplicate Jay's speed power so his lack of Speed-Force is another indicator that Everyman is masquerading as Jay Garrick, that was until Zoom put his hand through him. Although it wouldn't explain why Jay's body never reverted back to Hannibal Bates after his death, unless Jay Garrick/Everyman wasn't really killed by Zoom but only made to look like his death occurred. The character we know as Jay Garrick could still be alive on Earth-2, but would have to take on his moniker of Everyman now that it's believed that Zoom has killed Jay Garrick. It is also possible that the new speedster previewed in the promos for the return of The Flash after its hiatus, could also be Everyman masquerading as another speedster. This could go hand in hand with the Velocity serum Caitlyn developed for Jay Garrick. If Jay did copy the serum while with Catilyn, and he has intent on manufacturing a full dose of the serum for himself then it would be within the realm of possibility for him to be able to pose as a completely different character, with speed-force abilities; completely throwing Team Flash off the true identity of Zoom and his cohorts. With that being said, if Everyman has been masquerading as Jay Garrick the whole time, is the man in the mask, trapped in Zoom's dungeon, the real Jay Garrick. Leave your opinions below.

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The Flash Season 2: Zoom not revealed, 5 possibilities to Jay's Face Behind The Mask
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