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The Flash Season 4 Predictions

Five storylines and concepts that could be rushing into the newest season!

The wait for The Flash's Season 4 is a drag. It's slow, tedious and boring. Yeah now we have Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman is still in cinemas, but... I miss our scarlet speedster.

Well, my name is Tom Brandao and I am the geekiest man alive (in my residence, where I live alone), and these are some of the story arcs I would love to see on CW's The Flash Season 4! Before we move any further, these are based on my opinions/speculations.

So without further ado, and in no specific order let's "run" through it!

"Speed Demons" as seen in Superman: The Animated Series

Okay, this is kinda cheating, since so far, we don't have good old Superman in the CW's rooster...BUT we do have his cousin, Supergirl, as such we have two really fast why not put them in a race? Perhaps not judged by a mayor, but by one of the countless supporting cast? 

This story (not even a storyline) would fit a filler episode wonderfully, giving the audience a chance for a more relaxing, little to no stakes, episode. Perhaps even give a slight nod to the audience and have Barry slowing down in order to reach a stalemate.

The Return of The Return of Barry Allen

Flash: The Return of Barry Allen #1 - Volume 1: The Return of Barry Allen released by DC Comics on June 1, 1996.

In the comics, Barry Allen has died, and (long story short) he comes back unexpectedly. This is not that far away from the scenario left by the Season 3 finale.

With Barry trapped in the Speed Force, Wally West has an opportunity to shed the "Kid" out of his name and take the mantle of...The Flash. This could lead to some turmoil as he might not feel worthy of the name, or perhaps afraid of all the weight his new alias brings.

And after perhaps a couple of missions with Jay Garrick alongside the "New Flash" we would come to the well... erhmmm...Return of Barry Allen.

As with most story lines, some characters have to be cut/replaced, especially because in the comics Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) played a crucial role in determining the identity of Barry, but this could easily be substituted by Cisco's vibing or any of his gadgets.

For those that read the comic I know I'm skipping the final twist but with the assortment of characters we have right now, I don't think that a twist like the original would be good, especially after the whole Savitar deal.

As a side note, this arc originally came after the "Death of Superman" and shortly before the Dark Knight got his back broken by Bane.

The Flash vs Godspeed

 The Flash #6 - Lightning Strikes Twice Part Six: Revenge released by DC Comics on November 2016

Before developing any potential plot, this is one of the storylines that I would not like to see...yet. This story has Barry being challenged by a mysterious speedster, Godspeed, and since we just had a season dedicated to Savitar....a speedster that challenges would be a tad repetitive.

But it could be a short arc, perhaps later on in the series, or even something for Season 5, although that would mean that this entry wouldn't have a place in this list.

But there are some elements of this arc that would be interesting to see on the show. For instance, there is a "Speed Force storm" that ends up granting speedster powers to countless people. Obviously, this would lead to pure chaos, from speedster-thieves to civilians phasing into trouble. As the issues progress a mysterious speedster starts sapping both the life and Speed Force of these new speedsters...Godspeed.  In order to avoid repetition, Godspeed could be an amalgamation of several villains in order to give the show some variety.

More Rougues

 The Flash #155 - The Gauntlet Of Super-Villains! released by DC Comics on September 1, 1965.

I don't have any specific story arc for the Rogues, but even with both Leonard Snart and Mick Rory's shift to Legends of Tomorrow, there are millions of possibilities left, and perhaps introducing new characters, like the weirdly fascinating Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang, recently introduced in Arrow (I'm not sure how he was used in Arrow as I don't follow that series). But even if Harkness isn't available, the Rogues have not only a vast but an amazing gamut of powers/abilities in their ranks and are perhaps one of the most iconic enemies of the Scarlet the comics.

The Brave and the Bold

Blackest Night #1 - HC/TPB released by DC Comics on July 1, 2010

Okay... I know that this won't happen, but let me dream. 

The Flash and Hal Jordan (arguably the most famous Green Lantern) have been a team throughout the times, not like Batman and Robin, nor like the JLA, but in an on again, off again kinda partnership.

You see Barry and Hal, more than anything, are great friends and have teamed up on several occasions, including one of my favourite arcs of all time "Blackest Night" where so many amazing things happen including the Flash wearing a ring pretty similar to Hal's.

And even this being a longshot, it wouldn't be impossible. Just look at Firestorm, I honestly believed that he wasn't going to be more than a guest character for a few episodes...and he ended up in Legends of Tomorrow!

Not to mention that I would give anything to see an adaptation of the "Blackest Night" (animated or live-action).

Now We Wait for the Premier in October

Well, this is it. This list proved to be more complicated than I imagined, especially because the show tends to fuse stories together, and in order to avoid presenting ideas that we already saw, I had to take some liberties!

Reading Suggestions

Since this is a post about comic books I couldn't end it without referencing some of the books referenced throughout the article.

The Return of Barry Allen

  • The Flash #73, #74, #75, #76, #77, #78, #79 – Released in 1993.
  • Green Lantern #40 – Released in 1993.
  • Flash: The Return of Barry Allen #1 – Volume 1: The Return of Barry Allen released in June 1996.

The Flash vs Godspeed

  • The Flash #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 – Released in 2016.


  • The Flash #155 – Released in 1965.
  • The Flash #19 – Released in 1988.
  • The Flash #220, #221, #222, #223, #224, #225 – Released in 2005

Green Lantern

  • Blackest Night #1 – HC/TPB released by DC Comics on July 1, 2010.
  • Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold #1 – TPB released by DC Comics on April 15, 2001.
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