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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 3

Whose tangoing with perfect scores and whose dance routine wanted something more?

Val Chmerkovskiy and Nancy McKeon after a performance; image courtesy of ABC

Dancing got deep and emotional for their "most memorable year" theme night. The night that keeps Kleenex in business saw the stars telling their stories of the wins and losses that led their lives, and portrayed them in dance. With every celebrity doing as well in the ballroom as in their lives, one couple saw the first perfect score of the season, two couples made their personal best scores for the season so far, and overall everyone has grown and improved in their ballroom skills. Here are the highlights of last Monday night:

Monday Night-Dances

Waltz: Mary Lou and Sasha, Evanna and Keo, Joe and Jenna

Jive: Milo and Whitney

Rumba: Nancy and Val, Brandon and Tinashe

Contemporary: Alexis and Alan, Bobby and Sharna

Samba: Juan Pablo and Cheryl

Tango: Demarcus and Lindsey

About the Stars' Most Memorable Years

Mary Lou—1984; the year she won the gold medal despite a knee injury and surgery prior to the event

Milo—2018; honoring his high school graduation and his transition into a new chapter of his life

Nancy—2006; celebrating her family

Alexis—2014; a tribute to her mother’s last days

Evanna—2006; when she was cast in Harry Potter

Joe—2018; celebrating his relationship with Kendall and overcoming his commitment issues

Juan—1999; when he realized and followed his acting ambitions

John—2016; tribute to overcoming tragedy and his mother

Bobby—1998; his high school graduation, he was the first in his family to do so

Tinashe—2014; the start of her career

Demarcus—2016; celebrating his Super Bowl win and his family

Monday Night-Scores and Standings

  • First place: Juan Pablo and Cheryl 30/30
  • Second place: Milo and Whitney; Evanna and Keo; Tinashe and Brandon 27/30
  • Third place: Demarcus and Lindsey; Alexis and Alan 26/30
  • Mary Lou and Sasha 24/30
  • Bobby and Sharna 23/30
  • Nancy and Val 22/30
  • John and Emma 21/30
  • Joe and Jenna 18/30

Announced in jeopardy: Tinashe and Brandon; Nancy and Val 

Eliminated: Nancy and Val

Geeking Out

Juan Pablo and Cheryl were awarded the first perfect score of the season! Ten-scores this early haven’t happened in week three since Season 19 (when actually two perfect scores were given)! Juan Pablo and Cheryl had been established in second place out of the top three since the start of the season, and they finally took the lead with a smokin’ brilliant samba routine that impressed to the point of a standing o from the in-house crowd, and even Len himself!

Every celebrity’s “memorable year” story was beautifully translated and executed in their dances. Even Alexis just telling her story in the rehearsal interview was nearly tear-jerking, and Bobby Bones channeled his zany ballroom energy into a routine that depicted a deep, inner child determined to better himself through education. The contemporary style seemed to suit him, like his first week jive, and he even earned his own highest score for the season so far. Nancy had her personal best as well, with which she unfortunately left the ballroom this week. Not to mention being in jeopardy alongside frontrunner, Tinashe, making the very fabric to the drama of the show. The score-wise and skill-wise underdogs must have large and loyal voting fanbases in their corners, and now the celeb stories have likely garnered more or less “sympathy votes” to any or every couple.

What's Next?

Former celebrity winners and favorites are returning to America’s Ballroom to participate with the remaining contestants for next week’s trio night! Catch up on weeks one and two, review my cast guide, and join the block party social media to keep up with my recaps and other awesome posts!

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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 3
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