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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 7 and Country Night

Whose countrified dance routine was home on the range, and which two couples are left estranged?

John Schneider and Emma Farber, one of two eliminated couples this past week; image courtesy of Google 

All things country invaded the ballroom this past Monday night in lieu of next week's Country Music Awards! Every couple danced to a popular country song with some routines set to live performances by LANCO, Lauren Elena, and Chris Jensen. The couples also came together for the group dance challenge this week, and two more were eliminated. Here is your tractor pull of this week’s highlights and commentary:

Monday Night: Countrified Solo Dances

  • John and Emma: Jazz to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver with farm set and backdrop
  • Evanna and Keo: Rumba to “Every Little Thing” by Carly Pearce
  • Juan Pablo and Cheryl: Charleston to “One Shot” by Hunter Hayes with county fair pickup truck set pieces; costume was cowboy boots and fringe-trim shirt
  • Joe and Jenna: Tango to “Burning Man” by Dirks Bentley; country night backdrop
  • Milo and Whitney: Foxtrot to “Born to Love You” by LANCO in Western-style wardrobe
  • Demarcus and Lindsey: Waltz to “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton with a southern gentleman character
  • Alexis and Alan: Samba to “Ladies in the Nineties” by Lauren Alaina; wardrobe included cowboy boots and hat; neon light backdrop
  • Bobby and Sharna: Waltz to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” sung by Chris Jensen; wood fence set pieces and wood paneling backdrop 

Team Dances

Bobby Bones and Joe Amabile, the season's lowest scorers were named captains and picked their teams after last week's show. The scores earned were added to each member's current scores. 

Team Hay Now

  • Consisted of Evanna, John, Milo, and Bobby
  • Freestyle danced to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”
  • Flannel and jeans wardrobe, and farm backdrop and set pieces
  • Scored 29/30

Team Joe Down

  • Consisted of Joe, Alexis, Demarcus, and Juan Pablo
  • Freestyle danced to “Country Girl” by Luke Bryan
  • Saloon and old west backdrop and set; cowboy/girl wardrobe with red bandanas
  • Scored 26/30

Monday Night—Scores and Standings

(Based on individual routines)

  • First place: Evanna and Keo, Juan Pablo and Cheryl 30/30
  • Second place: Milo and Whitney, Alexis and Alan 29/30
  • Third place: Demarcus and Lindsey 27/30 
  • John and Emma 25/30
  • Bobby and Sharna 24/30
  • Joe and Jenna 21/30

(after group dance routines) 

  • Evanna and Keo 60/60
  • Milo and Whitney 59/60
  • Alexis and Alan 55/60
  • John and Emma 55/60
  • Juan Pablo and Cheryl 56/60
  • Demarcus and Lindsey 53/60
  • Bobby and Sharna 53/60
  • Joe and Jenna 47/60

Announced in jeopardy: John and Emma, Demarcus and Lindsey, and Evanna and Keo

Eliminated: John and Emma, Demarcus and Lindsey

Geeking Out

I know we’re past the midpoint, but the end of the season will be here before we know it! The show is down from eight to six couples after this week, and the competition is still possibly anybody’s game! First and second place is bottle-necked with the likeliest contenders, and still one of them announced in jeopardy!

With John and Demarcus off the leaderboard, Bobby and Sharna take third place among scores! He hasn’t been so close to this point since the first week (when he was in fourth place), with his “serious” routines being his better dances in terms of performance, like his waltz this week and his contemporary from week three. While John may have had his best night of the season this week, his leaderboard standing after the group dances is even slightly better than his solo dance, he never got out of the middle of the pack though. Demarcus, likewise, hadn’t held a top three spot for very long either.

Joe, on the other hand, seems to have taken a step back in progress between scores and judges critiques, and is still untouched by jeopardy so far. This season’s outcome is much less predictable between that and top contenders standing in jeopardy or elimination over the last few weeks. If or when Joe goes will make it an easier call.

What's Next?

This season’s “final three” are one step closer to being determined after next week’s semi-finals episode next Monday! Catch up on what you’ve missed here, share this post (or other posts you’ve enjoyed) on your own socials, and start some conversation on the Writer’s block about what’s going on this season!

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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 7 and Country Night
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