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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 8 and Semi-Finals

Whose dedication dance wowed the crowd and whose elimination had them screaming out loud?

Alexis Ren and Alan Bernstein During a Performance (Image Courtesy of ABC)

The heat was on as the competition entered the semi-finals week! This was the night to determine who would be in the final four, and who would ultimately become the next champion of the show. No more pressure added with two dances on the slate—one of them being a judge's choice with some rehearsal coaching for improvement. But to say the season was winding down was a gross understatement, as this week’s double elimination had everyone wound up! Here’s what happened:

First Round - Dedication Dances: Dances and their Dedications

  • Bobby and Sharna: Salsa dedicated to his fans.
  • Alexis and Alan: Waltz dedicated to Alan.
  • Joe and Jenna: Contemporary to girlfriend, mother, and grandmother.
  • Juan Pablo and Sharna: Tango to his mother.
  • Evanna and Keo: Contemporary to a director and friend.
  • Milo and Whitney: Tango dedicated to his mother.

First Round - Scores and Standings

  • First Place: Juan Pablo and Sharna; Evanna and Keo 30/30
  • Second Place: Alexis and Alan 28/30
  • Third Place: Milo and Whitney 27/30
Joe and Jenna: 22/30
Bobby and Sharna: 21/30

Second Round - Judge's Choice: Who chose what for whom?

Bobby and Sharna: Jive picked by Len.

Alexis and Alan: Jive picked by Bruno.

Joe and Jenna: Quickstep picked by Carrie Ann.

Juan Pablo and Sharna: Salsa picked by Bruno.

Evanna and Keo: Foxtrot picked by Len.

Milo and Whitney: Cha-cha picked by Carrie Ann.

Second Round - Scores and Standings

(First listed are scores out of 30 awarded to the routines; second listed are cumulative scores combining the scores of both rounds.)

  • First Place: Juan Pablo and Cheryl; Alexis and Alan 30/30
  • Second Place: Milo and Whitney; Evanna and Keo: 28/30
  • Third Place: Bobby and Sharna; Joe and Jenna 24/30

Cumulative scores

  • First Place: Juan Pablo and Cheryl 60/60
  • Second Place: Alexis and Alan; Evanna and Keo 58/60
  • Third Place: Milo and Whitney 55/60

Joe and Jenna: 46/60
Bobby and Sharna: 45/60

Announced in jeopardy: Joe and Jenna, Alexis and Alan, and Juan Pablo and Cheryl.

Eliminated: Joe and Jenna, and Juan Pablo and Cheryl!

Geeking Out

Juan Pablo’s elimination had to have been one of the biggest upsets in the show's run so far…

I have a temptation to leave it at that…

I’d say the announcement was met with the most vocal reactions I’ve ever seen. The ballroom audience roared with boos and hisses, all the judges were heartbroken, the hosts were stunned, his own parents were in the front row crying, and even the other couples expressed disagreement.

A misconception I think some people believe is that the higher-quality performances and high scores from the judges somehow translate to a couple’s immunity, but the competition results would have a very different landscape if voting wasn’t as much of a factor. While Joe’s saving graces have come to an end with his out this week, two of the best celebrity performers of the season stood under the red spotlights of jeopardy with him. Granted, seeing anyone else go might have been just as unfair:

  • Milo has been the bright, budding actor who hasn’t been out of the top three almost all season.
  • Alexis has been just as bright, beautiful, and talented with a possible romance/PRomance recently interwoven in her storyline.
  • Evanna came with high-profile star power, and has since come out of her shell to be a fierce performer. Not to mention, the fact that her pro partner, Keo, has never advanced this far in any of his previous seasons.
  • Bobby has endeared himself as a favorite underdog with his exuberant charisma, with a touch of humility as he’s admitted being from a town of 700 people, and how the odds for this season did not anticipate him going as far as the semi-finals.

I imagine many thought Juan Pablo and Cheryl had this competition in the bag up to this point, but they didn’t back it up with enough votes.

So, what's next?

Finale, freestyles, and the first-place couple winning the Mirrorball trophy—oh my! Next week concludes season 27 when one couple out of the final four will be named the winner. To catch up on my previous commentary, or other articles, links are here. The Writer’s Block Facebook page is where you can keep up with me in during “off-season”—like the page and let me know your thoughts on this season!

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The Geek Girl's Recap of 'DWTS' Season 27: Week 8 and Semi-Finals
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