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The Guardians of Peru Series

Guardians of Machu Picchu Elixir of Life: Book one

Machu Picchu Photo  

The Guardians of Peru Series is an amazing historical fiction about the land and people of Peru spanning 5000 years ago until today.  There are five books in the series. Each book gives the reader an illustration of the area and the culture.  The five books are: Guardians of Machu Picchu Elixir of Life, The Black Rider of Lake Huánuco, Patititi: The Lost City of Gold, Coral Supe, and The Amazon.  The books are written in a historical fiction form to make for a fun and exciting adventure.

Machu Picchu

The barracks 

Ocideron is the main character of the story. He was born in the 16th century in a small village in the low lands. He is the son of the chief of the tribe and has two brothers that are younger than him. He is betrothed to Allca Cuna. She is the daughter of the shaman. Ocideron has loved her since she came to the village when she was young.

The first book Guardians of Machu Picchu Elixir of Life starts the journey. This is the time when the Spanish Conquistadors are coming through the villages looking for the gold of the land, and taking the youth as slaves. Ocideron is out looking for a hiding spot for the tribe to escape to when he hears the cries of the villagers. He is running back to help his people as the book starts.

The Black Rider of Lake Huanuco

Book cover

The second book starts in our time, and throughout the book the story travels to different places on the timeline. The main focus of this book is on the little village of Huanuco in the 1900's. The book is The Black Rider of Lake Huanuco. It is a tale of the Lino family history. In the mountains of Peru there was no law, and so bad people would come through the area, take the native Inca people and cut their heads off, drain their bodies of blood, then have the fat run out of them to put on their machinery. These men were called the Pistaco. There were other bad men as well from other villages that would come kill and take slaves back to their village elders. Yes, this was still happening in the 1900's.


The third book keeps the stories of the Guardians going as they protect the Lost City of Gold or Patititi. The book does not tell the location of the lost city though it does give some clues as to where the city might be located, and what one could find in the city.

Coral Supe

The fourth book takes the reader to a village 5000 years old that is just outside of Lima. The village is called Coral Supe, and the story brings back the protagonist from book one, who takes the Guardians by surprise.

The Amazon Rain Forest

The final book in the series is called The Amazon. This book is a continuation of book four. The book starts in a small village near the Amazon river. The Guardians are trying to catch up with the protagonist of the story to save the secret of their existence and the Elixir of Life that she is trying to recreate.

The first book is on the market currently and the second should be out by Christmas. This is a fun story for the whole family to enjoy as they learn about the land and the people of Peru. The book is on pads, in book stores or online to order and read. 

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The Guardians of Peru Series
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