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The Harbinger

Woken with No Recall of the Events Prior

I awaken to the sound of rattling and lasers being fired at the ship. I try to recall and dig into my mind about where I am and the events that occurred. I find myself blocked. I try to reach deep into the floor and feel the life on the ship, and draw power from it. I am blocked, I no longer can feel my connection to the universe. 

A man approaches and opens the door. He seems relieved to see me and tries to explain the situation. We're on a ship and it's about to explode. He suggests we try and find the commanding officer. All I can focus on is this ringing in my ears and this throbbing in my skull.

He tries to explain it once more, that we are under attack and need to get to the escape pods as soon as possible. I try and fight him on whether or not I can believe him. He notifies me that we both don't have much choice in the matter, seeing as if we keep arguing, the ship is going to be blown to dust.

The closer we get to the escape pods, the more my memory starts to come back. I physically feel this block in my mind. It feels like it's separating my brain in half. I try and recall my identity, who I am as a person. When I'm with him I feel...different. 

I start to try and feel the ship surrounding me, but I am blocked from that as well. I take in space and the beauty of the ship. It's a shame we are in the situation we are in, otherwise, it might make a nice home. I've always felt at home on the fringes of space. Planets are different and beautiful and all that but in space, you can be alone, free, and feel the world and the galaxy in its vast glory. 

Suddenly, a big barrage hits the ship, we rock back and forth. In the split second that it occurs, I get a vision? Memory? I'm not quite sure what it is. I'm standing at the command deck with someone to my right giving a command to fire on a planet. I see the laser cannons firing one-by-one decimating the planet's buildings. I feel my darkness and I don't want to pull away from it.

We run into a squadron of armed troopers. They prove no match for the two of us. After swiftly striking them down with my sword, I look at my companion and he blows on his pistol to cool it off and he begins to twirl it. We continue down the corridors navigating the ship to the bridge.

Upon arrival at the bridge, a small group of allies are engaged in combat with a battalion. We join the battle and after only one ally is left badly wounded.

"Do you know where the commanding officer is?" Holden asks.

"I don't know anything. The battalion that attacked us barged in a couple of minutes ago. The weapons that they had were more advanced than the usual military outfits."

"They seem to have upgraded."

"This is pointless. We need to keep moving to the escape pods or this conversation is going to be cut short. Can you stand?"


Holden helps the ally up of his feet and checks out his blaster wound scorched on his stomach.


We advance towards the escape pods only to be stopped by the sound of clashing. When we open the door we see two soldiers wielding unique blades.

The woman strikes her opponent down with relative ease, but is quickly ended herself when a stray blaster shot from the enemy capital ship strikes the area causing her to be knocked down bashing her skull into the floor-grate. We quickly realize that we have to make it to the escape pods before the entire ship blows up. 

Making it to the rooms before the escape pods, we find ourselves blocked, we are forced to fight our way through and this time in combat, I feel myself adrift. Each strike gets more aggressive and deadly. I strike the last enemy down and I keep attacking him.

Holden grabs my shoulder as an attempt to get me to stop, I just feel filled with a newfound rage I can't control. I push him and without even thinking, I strike him down too.

I am stunned but I just close my eyes and let the anger and hatred flow through me. I feel reborn, better, omnipotent, and unstoppable. When I reach the escape pod, I take the last one to the planet below. 

After exiting it, I meet this stranger who is also looking for the commanding officer. He tries to explain the situation, but I pay no attention to him.

I tell him to be still and to let the world collapse around us. I feel this darker self and I embrace it entirely. I feel the planet's limitedness, I feel its imminent destruction. Then I feel a silence...a stillness unlike anything before.

"We need to get going..." I start.

[This was my own version of the events that took place at the beginning of Knights of the Old Republic; just a fan made story, please don't kill me, Disney.]

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