The Hate on Logan Paul Needs to End!

Logan can be forgiven.

There is so much hate going around the internet. So. Much. Hate. And it's really only revolving one person. Logan Paul. It all started when he went to Japan for New Years. First, he disrespected a whole country. Then he filmed a suicide victim... And now the recent drama about how he "hasn't changed." People are only saying he hasn't changed because they WANT to hate on him! I get it, he is very easy to hate!

There are many problems with this whole Logan Paul problem. He literally made a video about suicide awareness after a three-week hiatus and everyone is telling him to kill himself, telling him to hang himself, etc. People are saying it just a PR stunt to get his image corrected... When people noticed he got a haircut, they are saying "that is the only thing he changed about himself." But from my point of view, someone who has made many mistakes and who regrets them, I could tell he genuinely feels bad... Yes, he made a horrible mistake. But, don't we all make mistakes? Maybe not one as severe as him, but still.

Let's start with when he took a hiatus. He took a three-week hiatus from all of his social medias. So, he wasn't posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and especially YouTube. During his hiatus, he kept on getting attacked. Twitter was probably the cruelest. This platform held nothing back. People literally tweeted at Paul to kill himself. Personally, I think what everyone was doing is called cyber-bullying. It is cruel and not right. What if you were in Logan's position... Having thousands upon thousands of hateful tweets and DMs? He pulled through to only be bombarded by even more hate! He is not the bully, everyone else is! Bullying is unwanted and aggressive behavior. What a lot of other people are saying is that they want Logan's YouTube channel to be deleted and for him to be banned from the platform. This is called BULLYING! I do NOT tolerate it! It is a behavior that no one should tolerate! But, here I am. He took his hiatus because he wanted everything to cool off and so he could think about his actions. He told in his apology video that he would think about what he did and he that he would learn from it! For the most part, he did! He is using his influence to spread awareness about suicide prevention and other organizations along those lines. Let's not forget about how he is donating $1 million to such organizations! So much stuff went down during this break of his. He is getting sued for $4 million; he almost DIED while skydiving when his main parachute didn’t open! What if he actually did pass away from that? Would you still hate on him and say he deserved it? That he asked for it? That it was actually a suicide attempt? Who knows, because he survived. Let's not forget that he has a family! He has parents that love him and a younger brother (who also received a lot of hate in the past) and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. He has a family! We need to stop this criticizing and hate! It really is getting old and I'm sick and tired of it.

Second of all, when the drama was just starting to slow down, this video went viral that states that Logan's manager paid someone to say that Shane Dawson is a pedophile, which he isn't. But, that turned out to be fake. During this time, I sent an email to Logan's assistant, Lydia. I also sent an email to his mother, because I was one the rare few that actually cared about how he is faring from all this. I do not support what he did but I felt it was a mistake and he needs someone out there to believe in him. Let's just say I got the inside scoop when I got a reply from Pam, his mother. I am not going to say what was said between the two of us because of how personal it was.

Third of all, when he made the video, "Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow", there was a lot of mixed feelings. For me, I thought he was making an effort and was doing a good deed. There were others who thought the same. But, there were a lot of people who didn't believe him. They thought it was a PR stunt to protect his image, that he only did for money. But the thing is, if he only does it for the money, then why is he donating $1 million? Another issue about this is that people hate him because he didn't demonetize the vlog where he found the suicide victim. He clearly states that he demonetized that video. He made NO money from that video. Sure, he may talk about money and bragging about the items he has purchased. But, if we all had several million dollars, who wouldn't brag about the stuff we bought with it? In many of his videos he states that he only does what he does because of the "Logang." Because of their support, he is able to live that type of lifestyle. He basically spends money to make fun vlogs for his fans! He also might treat himself every once in a while, because he works so hard. Let’s not forget, he is a businessman.

Last but not least, ever since this drama has come to light... he's been shunned, being punished, and some of the consequences are too hard and some are what he should get. I am not saying that he should be banned from his main platform or that he can't get any money from his JOB. Being taken off the Google Preferred is a good enough punishment. Everyone thinks he could be banned. Because of his most recent actions, his channels (Logan Paul Vlogs and TheOfficalLoganPaul) are now demonitized. Basically, he won't make one cent until further notice. His punishments basically revolve around money it seems, which is not right.

Let's stop picking on the poor guy. The drama is over. Let it be done. He may be an idiot in many ways, but he is also smart about many other things. Don't forget he can kick your butt. He is being the bigger person in all this despite his recent mistakes. Bullying is not good. He needs to be left alone. Think about this, if you can forgive Jake Paul... You can forgive Logan Paul. He also has so much support from his family, friends, and fans.

Thank you. 

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The Hate on Logan Paul Needs to End!
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