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The Live-Action Pokemon You Never Knew You Needed

Chris Villain is a Youtuber who dressed up as Ash, and reenacted the opening to Season one of Pokemon.

There are many cosplayers and fans of the original Pokemon television series, whether you have people dressed up as Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, or even the occasional bumbling team rocket.

Many of us spent our youth trading Pokemon cards, having battles or just singing the theme song, but very few would ever imagine seeing the show come to life.

Chris Villain is a Youtuber who took the time to not only dress up as Ash, but create an entire video reenacting the opening to Season 1 of Pokemon, bringing the show to life while singing the theme.

I wanna be the very best

Dream Big

Dream big

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Team Rocket prepared to fight

Three best friends

For a youtube video, the quality is amazing and there is clearly a lot of heart and love put into this project from someone who is a true fan of the show. The biggest surprise is in the middle of the song, when Chris is joind by the original singer of the English theme song, Jason Paige.

Jason Paige, Original season 1 theme song singer

The two sing the second verse of the song together and are clearly enjoying themselves with the video.

This video was clearly a beloved project that was close to the creator's heart. It's the video that the fans never knew that they needed, but seeing it brought to life made the kid inside of us jump up and down with joy. For those of us who still have our Pokemon cards packed away in a protected binder, still hold Pokemon tournaments with our friends, still play our Pokemon Gold on our Gameboy color, this is the video for you.

Never forget you are on the journey until you catch 'em all