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'The Magicians' S3:E9

All That Josh

If you haven’t seen this episode yet, then here is your spoiler alert! Alice, Quentin and Kady read chapter 5 and it is medieval magic music. Kady plays it and they are taken to a the cabin where they are but now it is full of people partying. The rules are party or get out. 

They find Josh doing a sing along and try to convince him that he is stuck in the fake world. Julia wants to save Sky by convincing her to talk to her when she has time and teaches her that she can do music. Alice and Quentin need to get Josh alone so Kady puts on a magic burlesque show to distract them. They get Josh alone and he is mad about being forgotten and left out, no one even returning any of his calls or texts. 

While Kady puts on a burlesque show downstairs to distract the partiers, Quentin and Alice get Josh alone up stairs. They tie Josh to a chair and he starts telling them all about himself and how he isn’t part of the group. Josh discovers that he got stuck in the magic quest. Josh explains how he got into the magic party, he was shown by Tod who used the fifth key. The crazed partiers find out that Kady was faking it and starts to come after them. 

They discover that Tod is a demon that looks like Tod because it can change its shape. They find the key in the piano and make sure not to touch it because last time, the map maker jumped off the boat because of a key. Katy touches the key and finds an exit door. Margo and Eliot are on their way to the waterfall. When they think that Tick might help them escape, they are surprised to find how much he actually hates them. Tick ran Fillory while it was without human rulers and he wants it back. He makes a plot with the boat to make sure Margo and Elliot go over the waterfall. 

After a heart-felt conversion, Margo and Elliot remember who they are to each other and to the world. The ship does not obey Tick and keeps heading to the waterfall instead of turning around. Julia convinces the fairy Sky to talk to her to save her and to teach her that she can do magic. It is slow and frustrating teaching Sky magic but it works and she learns how much power she has. As she does music, her magic necklace starts to strangle her. Julia taps into her own magic and freezes Sky so she doesn’t die. The key has the ability to bring them all together. They can now all hear each other and need to work together to do the quest. Josh gets upset and the partiers come after him. In order to save him, they must all come together or the quest will be done. They are starting to sing under pressure, which is just as good of a sing-along as "One More Day," the battle song for Elliot. While they sing, Julia is able to access her magic and save Sky, the boat plummets with Margo and Elliott and then Fly saves them after Josh and Penny finally join in. The partiers join in at the end of the song and then vanish leaving only the shape-shifting demon. Come to find out, this was all a test and they can no longer hear each other. The shape-shifter kicks them out of the house and they come back to the normal cabin as they left it. Chapter 6…

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'The Magicians' S3:E9
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