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The Main Man's Movie: 10 Actors Who Could Play Lobo in the DCEU

Who will play the fan favorite character?

via Geek

News has broke that the fan favorite intergalactic mercenary Lobo is set to have his own solo movie directed by Michael Bay, and loyal followers of the DC Universe couldn't be more ecstatic. Lobo isn't just one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics lore, he's one of the funniest and most insane, and that could make for a movie that rivals the likes of Deadpool. No matter how good or bad the movie will be, the fact remains that you need the right person to bring Lobo to life, and I think I have a few choices that might fit the bill. 

1. Norman Reedus

via Variety

Above all else, Lobo is a ripped, tough, and dirty mercenary, and all three of those things describe Norman Reedus in a nutshell. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, then you know that Reedus can pull off a crazed and durable character, as well as the look associated with Lobo. He has the dirty-looking long hair and goatee associated with the character, and being an actor that a lot of people love, casting Reedus in the role could please a lot of fans who might not be excited for the film. 

2. Kevin Durand

via International Business Times

Kevin Durand may not be the biggest name in Hollywood, but he is certainly a big man. Standing at a whopping 6'6" and usually staying in fantastic shape, Durand is a viable contender for Lobo based on his size alone. However, he has a humorous and somewhat nonsensical personality, and that could translate into a role like this extremely well. I feel like casting Durand may not exactly put a buzz around the movie, but could make for the best incarnation of the character we could see.

3. Jonathan Tucker

via Nerdcore Movement

You may know Jonathan Tucker from his new role in the popular series Westworld, but if you recognize him from the AT&T original series Kingdom, then you know that he would make a perfect Lobo. Tucker played a deranged and absolutely ripped drug addict and MMA fighter, and I knew from the first time I saw his character that he had the potential to be Lobo. While he's not the tallest person in the world, I feel like he could be made up to look like the character perfectly, and I don't think anyone would be upset with the performance he gives.

4. Ryan Hurst

via Lena Lamoray

If you're a fan of Sons of Anarchy, Bates Motel, or The Outsiders (and let's face it, you have to be a fan of at least one), then you know exactly who Ryan Hurst is. Besides being a mountain of a man, Hurst has experience playing a tough biker, and that's about half of what Lobo is. However he does have range, and if he's given the right script, I believe that Hurst could pull off the hilariously insane side too.

5. Tom Hardy

via People

Let's face it, is there any role that Tom Hardy can't play? Hardy has been itching to play a character in the DCEU after he had to pass on the role of Rick Flag in Suicide Squad, and a solo movie as a fan favorite character would be much more fitting for him to portray. I could refer to so many performances where Hardy played a crazy tough guy, but let's face it, we all already know that he would be the ideal Lobo.

6. Keanu Reeves

via HD Wallpapers

This might be the strangest entry on the list so far, but just hear me out. Keanu Reeves started his career by playing dumb stoner characters in comedies, to becoming one of the biggest action stars of the early 2000s. Having all of that experience playing both ends of the spectrum, Reeves has to be able to combine the two, and I think that he could actually have a lot of potential as Lobo. He has the long hair and beard, the height (6'2") and body for the character, and with his resurgence in blockbuster action films, I wouldn't be surprised to see him play an anti-hero of this magnitude.

7. Hugh Jackman

via Vanity Fair

I think I speak for the whole world when I say that no one wanted Hugh Jackman to leave the role of Wolverine, but taking another role in a superhero universe could make up for that. While Lobo isn't as mainstream of a character as Wolverine, Jackman could certainly make him that. He has the height, build, look, range and grittiness for the character, and I honestly think he was born to play Lobo just as much as he was born to play Wolverine. Who knows if he'll want to dive back into a defining comic book role or not, but I do know that if he does decide to do so, Lobo would be the best possible fit for him.

8. Jon Bernthal

via Mandatory

Where do you even start with Jon Bernthal? He's been in so many excellent movies and TV shows from The Walking Dead, to Fury, and The Punisher, and has nailed every role he's ever been given. Not only that, but he can play characters that are mentally unhinged to a tee, and has a humorous personality to boot. A combination of all of these things mixed with his look and build could make for an excellent Lobo, and if his hectic filming schedule doesn't get in the way, I would love to see him take on the character.

9. Liev Schreiber

via Hollywood Reporter

Liev Schreiber may not look like Lobo as naturally as the other actors on this list, but just imagine how good he could look in the hair and makeup. Having to add the long hair and beard prosthetically could actually make Schreiber look just like the character, and his gritty acting style is just what the fans want to see in the role. While he hasn't had too many comedic performances, Schreiber has such a broad range as an actor that I'm sure he could pull it off, and I think that his ability to play a brutal villainous type could give him an edge for this movie.

10. John C. McGinley

via Nerdist

I know, I know, John C. McGinley is probably too old for the role, but how awesome would this be? McGinley is the epitome of a comedic tough guy, and while he's not exactly an A-list star with a Jason Momoa body type, he has the exact personality we want to see in Lobo. If this movie were to be made even just five years ago McGinley would undoubtedly be the front-runner, and even now he could be a serious contender for the role if he were to get into the kind of shape needed for the character. No one on this list would be able to actually perform better as Lobo than McGinley could because the character is basically his natural personality, and while the role is likely to go to a more well-known movie star, I can only fathom how well he would be able to execute this character.

What did you think? Who should play Lobo in the DCEU? 

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The Main Man's Movie: 10 Actors Who Could Play Lobo in the DCEU
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