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The Most Beautiful Couples in Hollywood

These couples are so cute, they have their own followers and inspire many people to believe in love.

The Weeknd & Selena Gomez, the couple of the year

Hollywood has always had cute couples that make the celebrities' fans dream of having an equally idillic and harmonious relationship When we refer to a beautiful couple, we not only refer to their physical appearance but also refer to a compatible personalities, common interests and a commitment shared by both partners. 

Emeraude Toubia (28) & Prince Royce (27)

The Canadian beauty queen and the American singer have been dating since 2015, when they met at a party. Prince Royce was interested in another girl, but when he saw Emeraude, he fell in love with her at first sight and she felt the same. She is also an actress and model. She does not like to talk much about him in public, since he is very famous and many might think that she is taking advantage of that situation. They support each other in their respective artistic careers and have become a reference of the Latino Community of the United States.

Miley Cyrus (24) & Liam Hemsworth (27)

The singer and the Australian actor broke their engagement three years ago, but in early 2016 they got back together. They believe they are soul mates and are planning to marry one day. When they separated, Liam met other women but could never forget Miley. The pop star publicly confessed her bisexuality and began dating women. Her most important relationship was with the New Zealand model Stella Maxwell, with whom she dated for three months. When Miley and Liam reconciled, the LGBT activist changed many aspects of her life. She became a vegetarian, practices yoga every day and only drinks water.

Kristen Stewart (27) & Stella Maxwell (27)

The actress and the New Zealand supermodel started dating in December 2016. Recently, they began to live together in the mansion that Kristen has in Los Angeles. After a turbulent romance that the actress had with British actor, Robert Pattinson (31), the artist publicly declared her bisexuality. After doing so, she felt happy and released. The Equals star also changed her attitude towards the media. Before she was always angry, now she is always in a good mood. Kristen and Stella are a great inspiration for all lesbian women looking to be happy.

Ricky Martin (45) & Jwan Yosef (32)

The Puerto Rican singer and the Syrian artist have been dating for a year and are planning to get married soon at a great wedding. It was always known that the singer was gay but he just came out about his homosexuality in 2016. Millions of people around the world congratulated him and he felt happy. Ricky Martin is one of the  men in the world who fully live their sexuality, regardless of the opinions of others. The pop star already has two children and would like to enlarge the family with Jwan, who agrees to the idea. 

Gigi Hadid (22) & Zayn Malik (24)

The model and the British musician started dating last year. They are a trendy couple since she is a star on social media and he was a member of One Direction, a powerful pop group. She is in a great moment as a model and he is in a great creative moment as an artist. They are a cool couple and they have millions of fans around the planet. They want to get married someday because they are in love and want to start a family together. 

Selena Gomez (24) & The Weeknd (27)

The pop star and the Canadian musician started dating in December 2016. At that time, the singer was recovering from lupus, anxiety and a severe depression. Everything changed for the better when she started dating The Weeknd, since she again wanted to work in music and carry out several projects. Nowadays she is the executive producer of 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series, which is a worldwide success. Thanks to The Weeknd, Selena forever forgot Justin Bieber (23), with whom she had a very complicated relationship. The pop star believes that the "Party Monster" singer is "the one" and she wants to marry him someday, since she no longer imagines her life without him.

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The Most Beautiful Couples in Hollywood
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