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The Next "Jurassic World" Movie | Jurassic World 3

Some Ideas for Jurassic World 3

On June 22, 2018, Universal Pictures released Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the second film in the Jurassic World series and also the sixth film in the Jurassic Park Franchise. The movie is filled with stunning visual effects, super realistic animatronics, horror, and even a few moments of comedy.

However, in recent news, fans are now curious as to what the next film will be about. Some fans are actually petitioning to have Colin Trevorrow, the direct of Jurassic World, taken from the director chair and replace him with Juan Bayona, the director of Fallen Kingdom

Fans of the Jurassic series has shown interest in wanting to see Dinosaurs replace mankind as the dominant species on the Earth. Others want to see the U.S. military fight the dinosaurs. I don't necessarily think that the third film should be about a Jurassic War. To me, a movie primarily about soldiers trying to kill or capture dinosaurs for two hours will get old after 20 minutes. Now that isn't to say that the next film couldn't show soldiers trying to capture a dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Personally, I would love to see an opening scene of the U.S. Army heading up through the California mountains looking for the Tyrannosaurs Rex. Such a scene could also be an opportunity for the filmmakers to show raptors being used as war dogs trying to sniff out the Tyrannosaurs. Imagine Army soldier driving vehicles through the forest. After they park, they have handlers take the raptors out of the trucks on chain leashes. After walking through the woods, the raptors and the soldiers see T-Rex footprints with water in them. The water starts rippling with every heavy footstep, warning us that the T-Rex is coming. Then the T-Rex appears and starts fighting the War Raptors off, knocking trees down onto all the soldiers, then taking its tail and smacking the soldiers out the way. Then finally, after eating a soldier or two, Rexy chases the remaining fighters down the mountain before killing the rest. 

Another possibility is other genetic companies creating dinosaurs for their own nefarious purposes. Dr. Malcolm said in the movie, "We now have genetic power unleashed. How long will it take to spread around the globe? And what will be done with it?" A little know fact is that InGen, the deceased company that created the dinosaurs and owned Jurassic Park, had a rival organization called BioSyn. BioSyn was also a genetics company that attempted to steal dinosaur embryos out of Jurassic Park in 1993 and use the to create their own dinosaurs. This would an excellent opportunity to bring the company back into the film cannon. I feel like we could see the company finally make their own dinosaurs and sell them to people. It could be the military, research institutions, or the U.S. Government. But there's a twist. 

There's a breeding frenzy and the dinosaurs continue providing offspring on an incredibly fast rate. Remember, InGen scientists used African tree frog DNA to fill in the broken gaps in the dinosaur DNA. African tree frogs have the ability to change their gender from male to female in a single sex environment meaning all the dinosaurs have the ability to change gender whenever necessary. That DNA is now being sold and duplicated around the world. What could start out as being 10 dinosaurs could end up being 50 to 100 dinosaurs within 10 years. No imagine a hundred places like this around the world with the same problem. Companies would start killing their own creations yet environmental groups similar to the Dinosaur Protection Group, will try to stop it and demand the animals be set free. Just wait until those animals meet the escaped dinosaurs from Isla Nublar.

Perhaps there will be an ecological disaster in the future. With animals like the Tyrannosaurs Rex, the Carnosaurs, and the Raptor set loose on North America, certain animals like deer, bear, horses, etc. would be in danger of getting eaten. The carnivores could devour a lot of these animals and thus a decline in the population would occur. Not to mention that the herbivores could eat crops on farms. If this were to spread if would have a huge effect on the environment and on humans too. 

Who knows what the fate of the Mosasaur and the Pterodactyls will be? The Mosasaur is so huge and dangerous it will probably never be captured. Good luck to the Coast Guard and Navy trying to kill that thing because it can dive down to the bottom of the ocean. It will probably eat a lot of whales, sharks, fish, etc. causing a huge change in the ecosystem. The Pterodactyls are a huge problem, too. None of them were sold at the auction as far as I know. A post-credit scene was shown at the end of Fallen Kingdom that showed the flying monsters hovering and nesting on the Eiffel tower model in Las Vegas. But that was only four. Who knows how many more left Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Again, good luck to the military on killing all of them because they all left the Isla islands and are flying all over the place. Just picture yourself walking driving down the road when you see bunch of Pterodactyls flying above you. Fallen Kingdom showed a scene like this where Owen was driving Claire and Maisie Lockwood around when all three of them look out the window and see a group of Pterodactyls flying in the sunset. 

I am looking forward to seeing the third installment in 2021. Mark your calendars for Jurassic World 3, June 11th, 2021. 

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The Next "Jurassic World" Movie | Jurassic World 3
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