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The Pearsons Are Back!

'This Is Us' S3 E1 Review

They are back!

I missed them so much. This Is Us season three premiered yesterday on NBC and I could not be more excited. As usual that episode was great. I cried, laughed and my heart almost died and that happened for each episode of each season. If you don't know This Is Us, you are missing something huge.

The show started two years ago and quickly became one of the most watched and talked about TV series. It focuses on a couple Jack and Rebecca and their three kids (Kate, Kevin and Randall). The story follows their life between flashbacks and flash-forwards and there is always something happening! It is one of the only TV series that I watch without doing anything else, I just watch it and enjoy it deeply.

Season two ended with Kate and Toby getting married, with Kevin getting 'closer' to Beth's cousin (Beth being Randall's wife) and an intriguing cliffhanger in which older Randall and his daughter are going to meet someone close (apparently) and not in a good shape (personal guessing!). 

Yesterday's episode was very good! I was so excited for that season premiere and of course I haven't been disappointed ; the episode started with Kate and Toby learning that having a baby might be complicated for them because of Kate's overweight. To be honest, the more the show goes the more I think that Chrissy Metz is amazing, she makes me feel sorry for her and I am happy when she's happy. The performance she delivers deserves so many claps, rewards and acknowledgment. For me, her character is the most difficult to play because she is playing a 38-year-old overweight woman who is broken inside. Kate suffered her entire life because she felt "trapped" in her own body, what she wants never happens and she has the strength to fight this. She is one of those characters I can identify with. Someone who will never feel good and who is always emotionally on the edge. Those characters are very difficult to nail because they force you to dig deep inside of you. They force you to use bad emotions in order to be the character.

Then, we finally saw Jack and Rebecca's first date... a very bad date! They don't like the same things (who prefers mushrooms over pepperoni on a pizza?!?), awkward moments when Rebecca asks about Jack's brother and it started to rain. Then this moment on the car that almost made me cry, the way Jack looks at Rebecca and the way she can't resist him. But at the end, WTF?!? Jack sees her kissing another guy but she did not seem very happy to see that guy. Who is he?? Jack looked so sad and disappointed. We could see through his face that he was feeling very bad.

And at the end, as usual, something happens, good or bad, and my heart can't take it anymore. The doctor called Kate for an appointment in order to have a baby and also in the future, Randall with her daughter in this hospital or recovery center (I don't really know) calling Toby on the phone saying, "She wants you to be here Tob..."

One week... seven days to wait...

3x02 Promo

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The Pearsons Are Back!
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