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The Purge: UK (Chapter One)

A Nation Reborn

The Year is 2024. America has become a nation reborn under the guidance of the NFFA. Crime is at an all-time low. The economy has never been greater. Thanks to the creation of The Purge, an annual event that allows citizens to release their inhibitions and emotions in violent ways that otherwise would not be legal. For 12 hours, all crime including murder is legal with the people agreeing that for the rest of the year they suppress the need to commit crimes in agreement that they can commit whatever they wish on the sanctioned event.

America has just finished its seventh annual purge. The United Kingdom is looking for a solution. Poverty is on the rise. Unemployment is high and the pound is not stable. Businesses have declined, leading the closures and putting people out of work. The government is losing the support of the people. People protest their frustrations in the street but feel that they are not being listened to. In response to this. A group has formed who call themselves the NFFUK. As the people of The UK radicalise and voice their opinions. The NFFUK (new founding fathers of the United Kingdom) has promised, that should they rise to power, they will formulate a solution that will allow people to release their frustrations in a way that could benefit the long-term struggles that have impacted the UK as a leading nation.

The people have demanded a 2024 general election. Parliament is in disarray and pass the motion to call a new general election. Parliament is disbanded and the politicians campaign to bring the people onside. This is the moment for The NFFUK. The manifesto published promises a clear plan. Should they rise to power, they will make a motion to abolish the monarchy. Creating a free United Kingdom. The NFFUK will then communicate with The NFFA to establish the first UK Purge. Should this come into effect, laws pertaining to gun control will be changed to accommodate the Purge. The British people will be asked to keep crime at an all-time low in response to being allowed this newly sanctioned event. The NFFUK promises that The Purge will spark the return of a stronger economy, reduce unemployment, keep businesses strong and stable and look to eradicate the poverty line as well as push crime rates down. The idea is to make The UK great again. The unhappiness of the British people and the government's inactions will cripple the nation further and this cannot continue.


Election Night. Citizens of the UK have listened extensively to the promises of the political parties. Opinion polls have placed the NFFUK at unprecedented levels. People show up in droves. Voting is the highest it has ever been. As they retreat to their headquarters eagerly anticipating the results. History looks possible. As the nation awaits, nothing will ever be the same again.

At 3 AM, over three quarters of the constituencies have been counted. The results are pretty certain. The NFFUK has demolished every political party as the nation has spoken. Their leader Tobias Crisp prepares to deliver their victory speech on the steps of The Old Bailey. Crisp is a tall slender man, late thirties. Tousled black hair, stubble. Wearing a crisp black suit, pressed shirt with unbuttoned collar. An NFFUK badge sitting on his lapel. Black leather shoes. He gives the people the image of a man who is born to lead. Crisp has been on the line, he has seen unemployment and poverty at its worst. As someone who knows what it has been to struggle in a nation straddled by an incompetent government, Crisp spoke out when he had enough of nothing being done, and in his frustrations he established the NFFUK.

Tonight The UK has chosen Crisp to be the leader they need in a time where change is needed. The election has all but given Crisp the entire nation. His efforts to promote change have decimated the other political parties. Crisp holds his scrap paper that he hurriedly scribbled his speech onto. His campaign managers had banged his door down. Crisp was between conscious and unconscious when he opened the door. Barging into the room they turned on the tv. History had been made. Political analysts discussed the change that was going to come to the UK and how the nation had become a one-party state overnight. Crisp was made to dress and within ten minutes he was in a car driving to the capital.

The car journey gave Crisp the chance to write down his speech with what little scrap paper he had. He had not had the chance to properly prepare but now was the chance to come good on his promise, the promise he had made to the nation. His car came up to the Old Bailey where men had been working through the night to erect a stage in which the election winner would address the nation, and either side of the stage had been fenced off with barriers. People were stood in their masses as they waited for their new leader. Crisp thought his heart would come up and out he was that nervous. His campaign manager was chatting away on the phone. Crisp could only make out some of the chatter. His mind was swarming with other concerns. The car came to a halt and the door to where Crisp was sat flung open.

Flashes sparked the area as Crisp stepped out of the vehicle. Reporters bombarded him with questions in response to the landslide victory his party had attained. His security barred themselves between the flock of reporters and himself as he made his way to the makeshift stage that had been adorned with the party's insignia. Tobias took in this scene as he came up the steps. He could see countless reporters making their reports to their stations as they awaited his speech. He looked out at the sea of people as they cheered as he stood at the podium. Crisp was met on stage by his London constituents who applauded him as he came onto the stage. This was his time. Crisp felt his heart beating faster and faster. Placing his notes on the wooden podium. He cleared his throat. The noise that filled the area dropped suddenly and all ears tuned themselves to him. Crisp looked back at his campaign managers as they gave him the thumbs up. Crisp turned again to face the people, it was then that he spoke.

“Tonight has heralded a much-needed change. The United Kingdom has come out and let themselves be heard. You made yourselves known that the country needed change and you made that change.” Crisp was drowned out by applause and cheers, after a few moments he continued. “The NFFUK set a clear promise in its manifesto that, as your new leader, I intend to fulfill. Real change will come to the UK. Together as a nation we will usher in a period in which will make this nation great again. We will boost our economy, better jobs and abolish poverty and we will thrive as one all thanks to The Purge.” Again he was drowned out by cheers as the nation chanted his name. Crisp relished in the moment before he spoke once more. “Starting tomorrow we will begin the long journey to make this nation work once more. We will work with our friends in America to initiate the changes we set out when we began this election campaign. As your party we will communicate with you so you know as a nation that we work for you and not against you. Blessed be our nation. Tonight has made history and the time for change is now. God bless The UK: a nation reborn!”

Crisp stood a moment as the nation lauded him. Cameras flashed. The applause was worth the long hard campaign that Crisp and his party had formed. Tomorrow he would begin to implement his manifesto. The UK had gone to bed a monarchy and would wake up a republic. 

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