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The Reason Why Tuxedo Mask Was Never Targeted for Heart Crystal

Fragment of the Sailor Moon S Drama CD

Sailor Moon is copyright to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation.

If you are a fan of the series Sailor Moon, most likely you have seen all of the seasons.

Do you remember the story of the third arc? Yes, I mean Sailor Moon S. An evil organization calling themselves "Death Busters" are after pure heart crystals in hope to find the three talismans. 

Our sailor soldiers get targeted one after the other in episodes where they all have some dilemma. Sailor Pluto is the only one who won't be a victim, but you all know why. If you don't, go and watch the thrilling drama filled S season which—in my opinion—is darker than the previous ones with the addition of the wonderful duo Uranus and Neptune.

So, everyone was targeted...right? Wait, not quite. Ever wondered why Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask was never a target? Did the directors forget about him? Was there not enough time for making an episode?

All wrong. There actually is a completely official, legit and very much existing episode in which we get the crystal clear answer so to speak.

The Sailor Moon franchise, besides having musicals, manga, live-action and anime series, also has other forms not so well known within the international fandom. There are the cassette collections also known as "drama CDs." 

Those are series of never animated episodes performed by the Japanese voice actresses/actors of the 90s animation. There are many of them, and I plan to write more articles about the funniest stories, but for now, let's see our main concern about the masked guy for love and justice. Part of Sailor Moon Sound Dream Collection S.

It starts with Usagi and Mamoru having a date and the boy suddenly saying he has a problem. It is snowing outside, so our bun-head being slightly silly just repeating "snow snow snow" and doesn't really pay attention. 

After a while, though, they end up at Ami-chan's house because they trust her to be able to solve all problems. These drama CDs are full of inside jokes and the blue haired girl makes one as well. 

"Your problem is that lately, you don't get that much screen time?" 

Mamoru's reply is amusing:

 "Oh yes since those two, Uranus and Neptune appeared my appearance is drastically becoming less and less! No...That's not my problem."

I think you can all guess what his problem is. The same Minako's was. Why was he not targeted by the demons if he has a pure heart? Maybe he doesn't have one? Ami-chan is the right person to ask as she established a machine which can see into people's hearts and she is ready to use it on Mamoru.

Mamoru fans, or Mamoru/Usagi pairing fans please do not get offended. As I said this story is completely legit no matter how much it sounds like a fanfiction. The outcome might be shocking—I am personally not surprised —but it is as official as the anime.

Ready to look into the guy's heart? Here you go.

The scene starts with a huge company building with Michiru opening the door. She walks into the chairman's office, who is not other than Mamoru himself. The man compliments her that she is the best secretary in the world and the woman behaves very submissive actually saying that it is her mission as a secretary to do splendid work.

Suddenly a "customer" rushes into Mamoru's arms. She is Minako, Mamoru's younger sister here. She is hyperactive and happy telling her brother how it is the result of Mamoru's support that she was chosen as a lead dancer of a ballet performance. 

She also adds that she wants to buy things, and Mamoru reassures her he buys her everything she wants. Satisfied, the girl leaves and the phone starts to ring.

It is Makoto, here Mamoru's older sister who calls the man by the nickname "Ma-kun." Before they could speak more than a few lines of teasing there is someone on the other line. His lover...Rei. 

She calls because she feels lonely and neglected and asks if it is because the wife is cuter than her. To this Mamoru replies, "What are you saying? The one I love the most is you." 

He invites her to a hot spring date in the near future.

He is ready to go home at this point but Michiru steps in saying "Tenoh would like you to look at some documents." 

The man obviously doesn't like Haruka, he is very rude to her "You were still doing these documents? How much time do you think you get?" 

He continues to talk badly to her and the woman saysm "Hey, back off!"—not politely either. So she gets her punishment. Mamoru makes her apologize very politely by making her kneel in front of him to humiliate her more. It is obviously not to her liking, but she has to do it anyway.

"Tenou, just because you look a little bit handsome you think you can do anything you want," he says, and this is where Michiru tells him off to stop it already. 

Mamoru is not pleased so he sends Haruka away with the order to clean all the toilets in the building in a few hours which is impossible judging by the description of the huge firm. If she can't do it, she is fired.

The scene snaps back to Usagi and Ami. I am sure I don't have to tell how much our bun-head is angry. She doesn't appreciate what she is seeing at all which is understandable. Especially the fact that in Mamoru's heart, Rei is his lover.

Ami-chan tries to reassure her that it might be the subconscious mind but it is not a reassurance at all. Usagi is crying that in Mamoru's heart, she doesn't even exist at all. Ami says that there is a wife as well, so they should just continue to watch the heart's content.

Mamoru arrives home. It is a big house and as soon as he opens the door the wife welcomes him. He starts to flirt with her, asking her to go to bath together with him and the girl agrees. Her name is Ami.

Back to the real world, Usagi is fuming. She is broken because she at least expected herself to be the wife ,but instead, she really is non-existent in her boyfriend's heart. 

However, it is not quite the case. She is there. A meowing cat approaches the man and he calls her Usagi. His lover in real life is, in Mamoru's fantasies and subconscious mind and heart, the same position as a pet.

After Mamoru wakes up, he wants to know how pure his heart is and Ami says, "Well...difficult to say, you have very strong ambitions. Can it be considered pure?"

Usagi just continues fuming how much she will never forgive this and here is the end of this story. It is up to you how you interpret it. You can just laugh it off, take it as a parody or as if it never happened. 

One thing is true, though, I am not a psychologist but people's subconscious mind can be complicated and personally watching the Sailor Moon series, I never really felt a very strong bond between Usagi and Mamoru. 

This is just my opinion; everyone is entitled to have their own, this is a free world. Most of the stories are very humorous so I will keep picking interesting or entertaining ones from the CD. Stay tuned for more.  

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The Reason Why Tuxedo Mask Was Never Targeted for Heart Crystal
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