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'The Swan Princess': Why It's the Best Princess Movie

Every princess ever is awesome, but Odette from 'The Swan Princess' is better...

In every princess movie ever, the princess always falls in love with the prince after he saves her life, only after meeting him through the process or the day/night before.

In the Swan Princess, Odette and Derek are from neighboring kingdoms and their parents had the bright idea to match up their children and have them fall in love to combine their kingdoms! So every summer, each year, Odette and her father would go to the neighboring kingdom to get to know Derek! This is already better than any Disney princess character. 

The princes are also really underdeveloped and we never get to know the prince! Derek's character goes from childhood to adulthood in only a single song but we get to see them both in every stage of life! We don’t get to really understand their personalities like most people would want but it’s still better than most movies where the prince and princess fall in love.

He also is speechless when it comes to Odette. He does say some stupid things, but he is a guy. "How to offend women in five syllables or less." Priceless hilarity. I mean, "What else is there?" So great. But when he is asked what he loves about her, he can't describe how great she is in words and is left speechless about her. However, in the end of the movie, he does say what he loves about her and why he could never live without her, which is very sweet.

Odette also changes outfits in her movie. In most animation movies, the princess's outfits maybe change once or twice, but Odette's changes at least six times! She also changes into a beautiful swan which is the animal that represents her beauty and her personality. She’s kind, forgiving, loves unconditionally, and is big on how people like her for her and not just about her looks. Odette cares about her relationships and makes sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and are happy. 

It's also hilarious, and incomparable to the humor in the other princess movies. There is a turtle named Speed, a frog named Jean Bob, and a bird named Puffin. And then the human characters as well are also very funny! They have so many good one liners that if you haven’t seen it you must invest! And those crocodiles—they are great villains for the smaller, minor characters. 

And do you guys remember the girls who came to the ball and danced? The girl with the corn was my favorite! So classy! And the one who came from the land who makes armor! Ha! Love it!

The only thing I think it needed was more time on their backstory as children. I realize the main plot is about her being a swan and having Derek reveal his true feelings about Odette, but I would’ve loved to see more of their life as they got to know each other. But as everyone knows you can’t put everything someone wants on a movie that is about a different plot. 

This movie does have its faults, but it does have a lot of better qualities unlike a lot of the older classic princess movies. Odette and Derek have known each other for a long time, unlike many before. Derek realizes he loves the girl for qualities that aren’t just about her looks, unlike those who love each other at first sight. There are many minor characters who are as good as the major characters, hilarious lines, catchy songs, and it offers so much more. 

And I can't forget to mention all the other awesome princesses that aren't Disney: Anastasia, Thumbelina, Buttercup, Crysta, etc. There are many more awesome princess characters in the animated universe.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you are missing out. But if you are a snob for high quality, get the HD version because it did come out in 1994. 

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HB Rich
HB Rich

I am a recent college grad in Business Communication I am a Marketing Assistant for a digital signage company now and I just write for fun! I'm hoping to become a published writer one day! #anythinghelps

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'The Swan Princess': Why It's the Best Princess Movie
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