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The Top 10 Talentless Female Movie Stars

There are so many potential actresses that could populate this list. The problem is that America is enchanted by beauty. Put a pretty face on a TV or movie screen and people become entranced. Pretty can make millions in Hollywood but talent and attractiveness do not always go hand in hand. Where oh where to begin with this list.

Well in no particular order let’s start with that 1970’s blond bombshell and poster girl Farrah Fawcett. Oh that poster sent many a teenage boy into wondrous dreams. Charlie’s Angels was a huge hit and she was hired because she could jiggle like no one else could jiggle.

Pamela Anderson takes an ignoble place on this list. She began her career as a very beautiful model. After Baywatch, she has been famous for some of her more infamous activities on another small screen.

Another attractive woman who made her name in the music field somehow felt it necessary to thrust herself upon us from the big screen. It wasn’t long before she had one of the worst movies made in the last decade. Jennifer Lopez might be able to soothe an audience with her voice but she release gales of painful laughter in people when she attempts to act.

Lindsay Lohan easily falls into this category. Why she was ever given the opportunity to appear in television shows and on the big screen is beyond me and any other thinking person. In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that she is even a waste of human skin given her off screen activity. I Know Who Killed Me showed the world just what kind of talent she had. The movie opened and closed on the same night. Why on earth she has been hired for other movies and TV appearances since then is one of the great questions of the universe that no one can really answer. She starred in the 1970’s hit 10 with Dudley Moore. Then Bo Derek moved on to more nakedness in the movie Tarzan the Ape Man. This will sound sexist but she looked great naked and that was reason enough to see her in a movie. In fact, it was the only reason to see any of her movies.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is yet another beautiful actress whose acting ability comes into question every time she appears on celluloid. Many people will disagree but she is my list and will continue to be.

I fully understand her great acting pedigree but Drew Barrymore certainly belongs on this or any list. Yes, she has been in a few popular movies and she looks fine in a bikini but she is excruciating to watch on film.

Although she was married to an influential songwriter, Courtney Love must be on anyone's list of talentless actresses. Just check out her performance in The People Vs Larry Flynt. I’m not so certain that her music is much better.

Are you familiar with Tori Spelling? Yup, the 90210 Tori Spelling. Were you aware that her father produced that show? That is the only explanation for her having a part in that or any show.

An actress named Pia Zadora is perhaps the worst actress in the history of film. She starred in such classics as The Lonely Lady and Butterfly. Those are with a doubt two of the worst movies ever made. Pia married an Israeli millionaire and convinced him to finance The Lonely Lady because no one else would if she was in it. I’d suggest you watch The Lonely Lady but it could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Was Jar-Jar Binks female? If not, I’ll throw him or it in here, too.

About me:

I am a very passionate writer who takes pride in his work in online writing services and can turn any piece around and make it unique, engaging and fun for readers. All my content is engaging enough to get the attention of the social media community and also rank well on search engines.

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The Top 10 Talentless Female Movie Stars
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