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The Top 5 Looks of Carol Danvers

A Look Back at Some of the Uniforms Carol Danvers Has Donned in Her Fight for Justice from Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers first appeared in Marvel Comics back in March 1968. This means her film, Captain Marvel, will be released a whopping 41 years later! With so much history, the character has been through her share of tough knocks, powerful loses, amazing victories and high flying times. With any comic book character with such a long history, Carol has evolved and changed her look over time. This article will cover my top five styles.

5. Ms. Marvel (Original Outfit)

Her first outfit, which appeared back in 1977, saw her emulating her mentor's colours and design, the original Captain Marvel's. It was a classic move seen in hundreds of comic book character, where a male and female hero have similar looks to associate them together. One thing Carol's female variation did show was much more skin than your average hero. It does make you wonder how she flew at such high altitudes and speeds, but never got a chill. I guess it must be the bonus to some Kree DNA in your genetic makeup.

4. Major Carol Danvers

Carol is a hardcore career military gal, and before receiving her powers she served her country by joining the Air Force. With the codename War Bird, she rocked her military uniform. The nicest part of this look is her platted ponytail, as it is something not very often seen. Yet with it she looks badass and in charge. One aspect the upcoming film is not hiding is her military past and hopefully Bree Larson can look just as beautiful yet tough just like Carol does in the comics. 

3. Binary

Carol dons this style when she became a cosmic powered mutate. Debuting in 1982, her deep red skin against the white outfit gives you a wonderful colour contrast to grab your eye. But her glowing eyes and the corona style hair burning is what makes it all come together. When in flight Binary literally looks like a comet burning through the sky. Her Binary look is unique in her past styles and is easily one of her top three looks.

2. Ms. Marvel

This look of Carols got many feminists angry, as it was considered to sexually provocative. It is perhaps Carol's most famous look. She first appeared in this outfit in 1978 and it is the one she has worn, to date, the longest. Being pure black with her blond hair, red belt and signature yellow lightning bolt, it makes for a striking and powerful look. This outfit was also designed by Janet Van Dyne in the comics, marking another successful superhero style from the Wasp.

1. Captain Marvel

Convinced by Captain America, Carol finally took the mantel of Captain Marvel. This outfit is my number one due to how it pays clear homage to the original Captain Marvel, yet it is still unique to Carol. Adding the red fabric belt is also a nice link to the belt from her second Ms. Marvel outfit. But what makes it truly incredible is her retractable helmet. This feature gives her two looks and shows the effort the creators went through to rebrand Carol from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel.

What is you favourite look from Carol Danvers past? What are your thoughts on her style for the upcoming movie?

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The Top 5 Looks of Carol Danvers
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