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The Walking Dead: Could Alexandria be abandoned for a larger, HILLTOP, community?

Our core group of survivors find a suitable home to create a community, but it appears as though their numbers are dwindling.

Walking Dead Season 6 has seen our core group of survivors find a suitable home to create a community, but as of Episode 10 of Season 6, it appears as though their numbers are dwindling even with the addition of the Alexandrians to the group. Episode 9 saw Alexandria overrun with walkers, after also being attacked by the Wolves which shows the community has already been a target of multiple threats making it seem much unsafer than previously thought. Rick's group could permanently relocate to another community they're introduced to, which looks like will happen at some point in the next few episodes. Episode 11 has been previewed in the promos and appears to show Jesus leading Rick's large group on a mission someplace; that mission could potentially be to the Hilltop Community. In The Walking Dead graphic novel, after Rick's group in Alexandria fends off a similar horde to the one in Episode 9, they later meet the leader of the Hilltop Community and become allied with their community. The Walking Dead television series may take a different turn and completely move our survivors to the new community. To back up, Season 6 has already been teased to be introducing the core group of survivors to a larger world which means that the timeline of the television series aligns with the timeline in the graphic novel wherein Rick's group encounters other communities near Alexandria and become allies against groups like The Saviors and Negan. If Rick's group is indeed on their way to meet their second community of survivors, Rick might just see a new possible home rather than returning to Alexandria that has been riddled with attacks from different fronts. However, if Rick were to decide to move his group of survivors to a community like the Hilltop Community then a few key moments from The Walking Dead comic are likely to happen at Alexandria before the survivors make their move. Most notably is the introduction of Negan, but with the possible move coming for the survivors, there's still hope for Alexandria as Rick pointed out to Daryl in Episode 10. Rick still believes Alexandria can be his home, though if a traumatic event like Negan's arrival, along with the execution of one his comrades in Alexandria; it could be enough to taint the vision Deanna had for Rick and the vision Rick had for Alexandria inciting a move to another location, namely The Hilltop Community. If this is to come to pass, the move will most likely not occur until Season 7 where we'll see the repercussions of Negan's introduction, Negan possibly being the cause for Rick's group wanting to move to the Hilltop Community. Negan's introduction is bound to be brutal based on his comic-book counterpart which would mean the group's fear of him could have them running from Alexandria when he arrives. The Walking Dead television series has been following closely to the graphic novel which means we'll probably be introduced to The Hilltop Community soon, but as to what we'll see there is a mystery to all except those involved with the show.

Season 6 Episode 11 Review:

The group does find the Hilltop Colony in Episode 11, the main group also learns of Negan and even agrees to 'take care' of him. We're most likely to see the conflict unveil in the last five episodes of Season 6, as well as the most recent episode appears to be hinting that the move forward in the conflict with Negan might be a regrettable decision for Rick's group. The world seems to be turning out to be a decent place for Rick's group to make a functioning community out of, but that naive belief in believing the conflict with Negan could end without any casualties, and Rick's group getting everything they want from the Hilltop Colony is creating a stock of hubris. They're going into the fight with Negan and The Saviors guns blazing, without even being sure they can win the conflict, that is a formula for disaster to unveil.

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The Walking Dead: Could Alexandria be abandoned for a larger, HILLTOP, community?
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