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'The Walking Dead' (S 9) Mid-Season Finale Theory "Spoilers"

Are The Whispers coming?

Are whisperers coming?

With Rick being gone for the past six years, fear spreads among the groups. The thought of the Walkers evolving seems to have horrified Rosita and Eugene (as seen in the trailer). Aaron, Jesus and Daryl are on the case and start investigating the herd, but just like Rosita, they are also very confused. So, let's get the basics of what we know about the mid-season finale out of the way. We already know The Whisperers are going to be introduced in the episode, Sons Of Anarchy star Ryan Hurst has been confirmed to be The Whisperers' leader, Beta. Rosita is seen being awakened by Michonne and her crew, although she is worried that the search party (for Eugene) is in danger. The part that is going to get us all...the death, someone is going to die and a lot of us are still wondering where Rick is going to be for the next couple of seasons. Here is everything that is believed to happen in tonight's episode.

The Whisperers

First, let's cover who The Whisperers are. In a simple definition, they use the Walker skin as a "costume" to hide in plain sight, in other words the walkers are no longer a problem. We are hoping that they do a good job with The Whisperer look because this is a highly anticipated episode. Beta is to be introduced in this episode and going to be played by an amazing actor. In Sons Of Anarchy Ryan Hurst is a good guy character, so it is going to be odd seeing him as a character supposedly worse than Negan. All in all, The Whisperers should be an interesting new horror emerging from The Walking Dead Cinematic Universe.


We know Michonne's crew is at Hilltop, the original plan was to drop Magna's group off there, but two messengers from Hilltop informed them about Rosita. Once they get there, Rosita is awake in her hospital bed. In episode seven, she says she left Eugene at a barn, this causes Aaron, Daryl and Jesus to go look for him. Michonne tells Rosita about this and she believes its not safe. We are unsure about what comes after this scene, but here are some possibilities:

  • Rosita escapes Hilltop in order to save the search party.
  • Michonne and her group goes out to find the search party
  • (most probable) Nobody comes to save them

The Death

1-10 probability

  • Michonne: 1 we just lost Rick
  • Jesus: 8 He may pass his sword down to Aaron because he is training him. (they were lovers in the comics) But he has responsibilities at Hilltop.
  • Aaron: 4 He has a child and just lost an arm.
  • Rosita: 3-7 it depends if she goes to save the search party or not.
  • Daryl/Carol: signed a 3 year contract
  • Tara

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'The Walking Dead' (S 9) Mid-Season Finale Theory "Spoilers"
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