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They're Back! The Justice League Returns in New Animated Film, 'Justice League vs. Fatal Five!'

The DC Animated Universe brought DC fans a series of shows which resulted in the series 'Justice League,' and later 'Justice League Unlimited.' Now they are returning in the next animated movie from DC!

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman with New League Members!

In 2001, Batman and Superman joined forces to save J'onn J'onzz, and we joined by the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman to form the Justice League. The team of seven heroes saved the world multiple times, but after two year they needed reinforcements and created the Justice League Unlimited. The series had dozens of DC heroes all joined together to stop even more of the DC villains from completing their sinister plans. But, in 2006 the adventures came to an end with Wonder Woman giving the closing line "and the adventure continues." Well, she did not lie, as now the League is returning in the next DC animated film, Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.

The trailer confirms this is a new adventure for the old heroes from 2006, as the art styles matches and the veteran voice actors are returning to provide the voices of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman once again. But, they are joined by some members that are completely new to the roster and one seen in the show. Firstly, Mr. Terrific is confirmed on the team, and he was seen in Justice League Unlimited as he took over League Operations when J'onn J'onzz decided he needed to take time away from League duties. 

The members that have not been seen before are Miss Martian and Jessica Cruz, who is the newest Green Lantern. Miss Martian is obviously filling in for OG Martian on the team, but she herself has become more popular to a wider audience in recent years thanks to Young Justice and Supergirl. Jessica Cruz, however, is the big surprise. You expect a Green Lantern on a Justice League team, and typically it is either Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan or John Stewart being the more common ones used. But, there are plenty of other Green Lanterns from Earth, and Jessica is to date the only female one. So, her being chosen is a brilliant choice to increase the awareness of a typically forgotten Lantern.

The final hero appearing in the advert is Starboy, who is from the 31st century and is a member of the Legion of Superheroes. He has clearly come to the past and is pursued by the Fatal Five who will come to blows with the Justice League and appear to want Jessica Cruz for some reason. But this reason could already be answered from the television series, and does present a very large elephant in the room to be addressed.

Supergirl was on the front lines when the Fatal Five last wanted a Green Lantern.

Supergirl in Justice League Unlimited

Supergirl was a member of the League in Justice League Unlimited, and actually left the team during the show. Herself, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern were all taken to the future to aid two surviving members of the Legion of Superheroes from an attack by the Fatal Five. During this adventure, all three were put under mind control by the Fatal Five and joined their arm of brainwashed heroes. Luckily, Brainiac managed to knock out Green Arrow and opted to save Supergirl over Green Lantern. He admitted his own logic was flawed, as Green Lantern was more powerful than Supergirl, and had to consider if it was due to guilt as Supergirl was written in the history books as never returning from this mission. Brainiac 5 and Green Arrow attacked the Fatal Five, while Supergirl faces 10 Legion members and Green Lantern is in a battle to save a planet. Supergirl saved the planet from the brainwashed heroes, but was nearly killed in the process. 

Brainiac 5 was relieved when Supergirl did not die in battle, and she did fulfill her destiny and did not return to the past. Instead, she chose to stay in the future to be with Brainiac 5 and joined the Legion. Superman was informed of her decision and she said her farewells to him via a recorded message. But, this means the League will be encountering a hero from the team Supergirl joined. Clearly, something has happened to the team in the future, and it kind of seems wrong if Superman does not show concern for his cousin. With this movie being confirmed as a continuation of the show, they have to include this, otherwise many fans of the show may feel the movie is ignoring key moments from the show's history. 

What are your thoughts on the upcoming film? Do you think we will have a clear link to the old show through a Supergirl cameo or reference?

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They're Back! The Justice League Returns in New Animated Film, 'Justice League vs. Fatal Five!'
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