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This News Is Riddick-ulously Amazing

Vin Diesel announced two sequels to the 'Chronicles of Riddick' series: a film titled Furia, and a television show titled Merc City.

For all the fans, like myself, that thought Richard B. Riddick would vanish into the cult -- not so classic -- film oblivion have reason to celebrate. Vin Diesel himself announced via Instagram.

Diesel's production company, One Race Films, is planning to develop two sequels: a film titled Furia, and a television show titled Merc City.

With this announcement comes many questions, and hopefully the universe that was set in motion nearly 15 years ago will finally get the fleshing out it deserves. Hopefully, Furia will face some of the backstory of Richard B. Riddick and give new life to the character that we fell in love with so many years ago in Pitch Black.

Pitch Black is often associated with Vin Diesel's breakthrough acting performance, and part of that is thanks to the directing of David Twohy, who has agreed to return to the Riddick story and will start working on the first script for Furia next month.

All of this is really exciting to think about, knowing that Riddick is set for a return to the big screen and that we could be given a much larger story with the shift towards adding a fleshed out television show that should focus on the Mercs. The TV Show could easily build off of what we know and even include some of the novelization back story that we've read about Riddick himself.

[source : io9]