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Top 10 Bad CGI in Anime

Bad CGI in anime is just insulting to the genre as a whole.

Technology has gone too far! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Worst CGI Anime."

For this list, we’ll be looking at the anime presented in a CGI format that failed in terms of visuals and storytelling, while also making you long for the days of glorious 2D animation. 

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#10: “One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase” (2011)

If we wanted to see the Straw Hats go on an adventure while drenched in crappy looking 3D, we’d play one of their many, many video games. At least then we’d get some excitement out of it. It’s easy to see at first glance how lacking this flick is in presentation, but what’s worse is how the plot is just Luffy trying to find his missing hat. Given the pedigree of previous One Piece films, this one just come across as sub-par. We’d honestly be happier if this was a filler episode…

#9: “Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls” (2016)

Laaaaazy. Oh, so lazy. In what has to be one of the worst excuses for a magical girl show (trust us, that’s no easy feat) we have this little gem. A show that seems to think generic Madoka ripoffs, cutesy voices and lots of bright colours make for a quality viewing experience. There’s no real plot to speak of other than random sequences involving crappy looking villains and a whole lot of tangents. Though the biggest offender might be how the anime leans on still frames during certain scenes. Maybe the animators were just as sick of the crappy CGI as we were. 

#8: “KochinPa!” (2015-17)

While we’d normally criticise an anime that has episodes that are only fifteen seconds in length, that’s probably the only thing that this show has going for it, given how it centres around three idols that just stand around and advertise pachinko machines. Of course, even fifteen seconds isn’t enough to totally disguise how stale and unappealing the visuals are, not to mention the lack of substance. You might be better off going out and playing an actual pachinko machine. You’ll have more fun and won’t lose as many brain cells. 

#7: “Sushi Police” (2016)

We’re all for satire, especially if it can take real world incidents and spin them into animated hilarity. Just look at Gintama. Unfortunately, this anime takes its one joke about investigators hunting down illegal sushi and ruins it with drab animation, unfunny jokes and a lack of poignancy when it comes to its political subtext. We’re sure that there’s a clever little show in here somewhere, it’s just a shame that it wastes each comedic opportunity and falls back on lacklustre visuals and crappy gags.

#6: “The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D” (2016)

Say what you will about the original Glass Mask series, compared to this spinoff it might as well be the pinnacle of the shoujo genre. Instead of focusing on Maya’s journey to become an actress, the anime takes Suzue Miuchi’s manga and twists it into a high school comedy that tries to poke fun at modern society while also saturated in some ghastly looking animation. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the franchise or just your run of the mill shoujo enthusiast, this is one to be avoided at all costs. 

#5: “Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis” (2018)

The chance to reintroduce this iconic franchise to a new generation went up in smoke as soon as we saw just how abysmal those character models looked. We know Kenshiro is supposed to a beast of a man, but when his neck is about the size of everyone else’s chest, then you know something has gone terribly wrong. Throw in a rather underwhelming plot and laughable fight scenes, and what was supposed to be Kasumi Kenshiro’s big break has since become one of the worst anime of the year. 

#4: “Superior Defender Gundam Force” (2004)

Speaking of spinoffs shitting on spectacular shows, along comes this…thing. Originally meant to be a celebration of Gundam’s success over the decades, we’re not sure what fans found to be more aggravating—the fact that the animation is so poor, or that the Mobile Suits are now sentient beings hanging around with an annoying brat like they’re the freakin’ Autobots. Aiming for a younger demographic is all fine and dandy Sunrise, just please make sure to never repeat this travesty ever again. This is what Build Fighters is for. 

#3: “Urda: The Third Reich” (2002-03)

Well anime, you finally did it. You managed to create a show that was so poor in quality that it even made a plot involving Nazis and time-travel completely uninteresting. How is that even possible? The awful CGI overshadows practically everything, obscuring any chance of the action and sci-fi elements from actually being entertaining. For all of your Nazi-killing needs, we kindly refer you to Hellsing Ultimate, but make sure you avoid this one like the plague. It’s a shame Erna, you could have been so much more. 

#2: “Vampire Holmes” (2015)

A show about a bloodsucking Sherlock solving crimes? Sounds good. A show that trades in any kind of mystery and gothic atmosphere for a brainless comedy that barely reaches the five-minute runtime? Not good. To top it all off, this series has some truly atrocious looking visuals, putting the final nail in the coffin for whatever humour this series was preaching. To top it all off, the whole thing is based on a smartphone app. Perfect recipe for what many consider one of anime’s biggest shitshows. 

#1: “Forest Fairy Five” (2017)

We’re still having a hard time believing that this is real. How did it this get past the censors? Who approved such a hulking pile of cheaply animated garbage? The production quality of this show is well-below the bottom of the barrel, with effects so terrible and a plot so nonsensical that it makes everything else we have mentioned so far look like Shakespeare by comparison. It’s almost fascinating how bad it is, though we can all agree it’s visuals are the crème de le crème of awful. Wait…what do you mean it got itself a sequel?!

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