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Top 10 Badass Jason Statham Moments

Badass Jason Statham moments show why this man is a force to be reckoned with.

You don’t mess with the Stath. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 badass Jason Statham moments.

For this list, we’ve compiled the top ten moments we believe truly embody just how much of an indestructible, suave, gun-slinging, car-driving, explosion dodging, sex machine this man truly is. And as always, spoilers ahead. 

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#10: Trapped and Armless “Killer Elite” (2011)

Just because you tie him up to a chair doesn’t mean you’ve got an advantage. In this film, Statham plays an assassin who’s roped into killing ex-special service agents in order to save the life of Robert De Niro. Caught in the middle of a three-way battle between a government agent and hard man Clive Owen, Statham shows that in his hands even a chair is a weapon. 

#9: East vs. West “War” (2007)

In his second collaboration with Jet Li after 2001’s forgettable The One, Statham faces off in an all-out brawl with the martial arts master. Playing a vengeful cop, Statham hunts down the mysterious assassin Rogue, the man responsible for killing his old partner, who’s also pushing the Yakuza and Chinese Triads to wa… Well, you get the idea. Now make with the fighting!

#8: Suck It ‘Top Gun’ “The Expendables” Franchise (2010-)

Killing a boat full of pirates without hurting a single hostage? Child’s play. Infiltrating an island full of killers and a wrestler? Just another day. Escaping from said island with the hot damsel and Sylvester Stallone in tow, only to come back on a plane suited with machine guns and blow the holy crap out of everything in its path? Only Statham. 

#7: This Is a Hurley “Blitz” (2011)

Jason Statham playing a South East London Cop with a tendency for violence, plus a gang of youths just asking for an ass-kicking, plus a big weapon? Cue the major beat down. 

#6: I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning “Death Race” (2008)

Jason Statham in a car usually means bodies are going to start flying. Put him in a car fitted with napalm and machine guns? Total annihilation. As a (falsely) convicted murderer and former NASCAR driver, Statham takes no prisoners in this thrill ride. Our choice moment pick is when Statham decides to relieve some of the competition by means of a napalm-strapped chair. 

#5: Lethal Weapon “The Mechanic” (2011)

It’s another assassin role for Statham, but this time he’s playing a contract killer who prefers to make his murders look like accidents. Of course, things are always bound to go wrong, and when pushed to the brink, our boy Jason uses the most deadly weapon at his disposal; a fire extinguisher. 

#4: Football Hooligan “Mean Machine” (2001)

The only thing deadlier than a Brit with a gun is a Brit who loves football. In this prison comedy-drama, Statham plays long-time convict Monk, who’s recruited onto Vinnie Jones’ football team, to take on the Warden’s opposition. Given how Monk is prone to dream sequences in order to suppress his rage, we see that this convict is one helluva loose cannon. 

#3: Great Escape “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (1998)

This is the film that made Statham known to the world. Well, this and Snatch. But Lock, Stock is the Guy Ritchie classic that shows friends Bacon and Eddie auctioning off stolen jewelry before being chased by the law. Add a bit of slow-mo and Statham’s wit and we see the spark that started it all. 

#2: Screw Gravity “The Transporter” Franchise (2002-)

Probably the most badass of all Statham’s characters, mercenary driver Frank Martin will deliver anything, anywhere, no questions asked. That premise has produced dozens of memorable moments, from axe fights to oil fights to strip fights. Our pick? In the franchise’s second installment, the son of a wealthy proprietor is kidnapped, leading Statham on the warpath against the ringleader, only to be outgunned and outmaneuvered. With a bomb strapped to his car and detonation imminent, he does the logical thing. 

#1: Jason Statham Is the Man “Crank” Franchise (2006-)

Situation: You’re poisoned and have to keep your adrenaline up in order to stay alive. Can you imagine what kinds of badass moments that generates? But we digress: You’re out of options and stuck in the middle of Chinatown, and all you’ve got is your girlfriend and bunch of onlookers to help rev your engine. What do you do? And that is why we love Jason Statham.

Did you like our list? What was your favorite Statham moment? For more badass top 10 videos like this one published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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Top 10 Badass Jason Statham Moments
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