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Top 10 'Dragon Ball Z' Moments

The best 'Dragon Ball Z' moments were sad, exciting, and nerve-wrecking all at once.

Eternal Dragon, we summon you forth! Welcome to, and today we are counting down the top ten Dragon Ball Z moments.

For this list, we’ve chosen ten moments that best embody the show, from its hilarious character interactions to its pulse-pounding fights.

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#10: Goku and Piccolo Go to Driving School

The only filler on our list is possibly the funniest moment in DBZ history. Due to constant nagging by his wife, Goku and a Piccolo wearing street clothes must earn their licenses in what can only be described as road rage from hell. Low on action but high on laughs, this little gem is a fond memory for fans.

#9: Trunks Appears

One of the later characters to join the DBZ roster was the half-Sayain from the future, Trunks, and boy was he a badass. Not only did he shock us with his skills with the sword, but the fact he was also a super Sayain. Trust us, before everyone could do it, this was quite the reveal. Oh, and he totally cut up Freiza and his Dad like he was in a Tarantino movie. Awesome.

#8: Goku vs. Vegeta

This was the first of many fights between eternal rival Sayains, Goku and Vegeta. Up until this point, all the DBZ fights had been kind of lackluster. But this? This was kickass. An extensive fight with all the trimmings, including stalemate via ki technique. And a transformation into a giant monkey. No, we are not kidding.

#7: Ginyu Force Beatdown

Moving from Earth to Planet Namik, the DBZ heroes found they bit off more than they could chew when dealing with the Ginyu Force. We know that look… well… campy, but these guys kicked the crap out of a lot people. Vegeta included. That is until Goku arrives and wipes the floor in record time.

#6: Cell’s Massacre

Freiza may have been intimidating if not a tad flamboyant, in a world-destroying sort of way, but nothing could prepare us for the introduction of Cell, the organic android who killed the populace of an entire city by means of…well…take a look…Damn…

#5: Vegeta’s Sacrifice

A lot of characters die in this show, only to be immediately brought back. Death is sort of a two-way streak. Still, one of the most heart wrenching moments in the show is Vegeta’s last stand to defeat the villainous Majin Buu. After lamenting his new life on earth, and acknowledging those he’s come to hold dear, Vegeta makes the ultimate sacrifice.

#4: Freiza’s First Death

Freiza is one of DBZ’s most popular villains. He’s conquered universes and killed billions, plus he had a lot of build up and thanks to his seemingly never-ending transformations, he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, with a Super Sayain Goku laying on the beatdown, Freiza meets his match on the dying Planet Namik. But his demise is brought by his own ignorance, first by letting himself be cut in half, and then ignoring Goku’s sign of mercy. You can only luck out so many times.

#3: Father-Son Kamehameha

It may not be the first time we’ve seen the Kamehameha, AKA the “Turtle Devastation Wave” but this one is the longest and most tense by far. With Goku now dead, it’s up to his super sayain son Gohan to defeat a fully-powered Cell. As both techniques clash, Gohan gets some aid from beyond the grave, and father and son dish out one hell of a blast.

#2: Goku Goes Super Sayain

Before the Super Sayain baby boom, there was only rumors circulating about this legendary Sayain warrior. If it got Vegeta nervous then you could sure as hell believe we were excited to see what all the fuss was about. Our answer came in the form of a blonde-haired, green-eyed, death machine with a tendency for shouting. And we loved it. After Freiza kills two of his friends, Goku loses it and levels up in order to take down the space tyrant once and for all.

#1: Goku Surprise

We could not resist. So much love and equally as many memes have been made from this clip and we can’t get enough of it. Goku arrives to take on both Vegeta and Nappa during the first invasion of Earth. His power level due to his training leaves them a tad shocked.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Dragonball Z Moment? For more of your favorite videos published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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Top 10 'Dragon Ball Z' Moments
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