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Top 10 Funniest Donald Glover Moments

The funniest Donald Glover moments prove to us why this man needs to be in more comedies.

Warning: unless you want to shoot liquid from your nose, don’t watch this list while eating or drinking. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Funniest Donald Glover Moments."

For this list, we’re looking at TV shows, talk shows, and stand-up for those times when this triple threat made us laugh the hardest. Are you ready to have your funny bone severely tickled?

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#10: Best Time to Be Alive “Donald Glover: Weirdo” (2012)

As of 2018, Weirdo is Donald Glover’s first and only public foray into stand-up comedy specials. While this is unfortunate because it’s one of many things he is stupendous at, we also count ourselves fortunate to be hear his hilarious thoughts on life. One thought in particular tends to stand out. Life in general nowadays can be awful, Donald muses, but it definitely isn’t the worst time to be alive. He actually says that it’s the best time to be alive. And he explains why too. Funny and accurate.

#9: Kevin, Derrick Comedy

For those not familiar with Glover's origins, look no further than Derrick Comedy. The comedian's sketch comedy YouTube channel might now look like an ancient part of internet history, but back in the mid 2000s it was a birthing ground for countless of Glover's characters, the most memorable of which being Kevin. In the sketch, “Girls Are Not To Be Trusted,” Kevin is called on to present a film for his class and from there on out, things spiral a little out of control. He calls out an ex for cheating on him and apparently enlists the help of other classmates to continue the story in their films, all underscored by Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” We can’t help but wonder if Kevin is still screaming about it to this day.

#8: #1 Problem “Atlanta” (2016-)

As we’ve proven and will continue to prove on this list, since the beginning of his career, Mr. Glover climbed rather quickly to the top. And the late 2010s are a wonderful time for him. He’s been in the new Star Wars movie, Solo. As Childish Gambino, he’s put out a new very popular track with “This Is America.” And of course, there’s Atlanta. The "Twin Peaks for rappers," as Glover has referred to it, has forced us all to see the world through a different lens. Just look at the “Teddy Perkins” episode. But one moment that really sums up what the show is all about is this brief but witty conversation between two characters. We see how he goes, Paper Boi.

#7: Hiking Story “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Donald tells a story about his first time hiking. And when Fallon asks Glover if he ran into any snakes on the trail, the interview immediately takes a weird but funny turn. With a smile, Donald says that a pit bull bit him. On the butt. Jimmy jokes that the dog was actually the rapper Pitbull and Donald, being him, takes it to the next level, saying that he must have been mad at him for talking about Flo Rida. The tale is peppered with plenty of funny asides and one liners, solidifying Donald’s reputation as a hilarious storyteller.

#6: White Girls “Girls” (2012-17)

As is the case for most of Lena Dunham’s HBO series, Girls, this particular Donald Glover moment was both funny and awkward. This scene, which features an argument about race between Glover’s Sandy and Dunham’s Hannah, allegedly caused some discomfort off-screen, but it ultimately got some uncomfortable laughs from viewers. But isn’t that exactly what the scene was going for? Shortly after, Dunham was quoted, saying “Every massive insult of white women was one hundred percent him” and that it was all improvised. Do we need any more proof that Glover is a genius?

#5: His Fake “Deadpool” Script

We’ve all seen what this man can craft with a pen and paper in multiple ways and mediums. So when Marvel and FX suddenly pulled the plug on Glover’s animated Deadpool series, people were disappointed. But Donald had something to say about the parting of ways. Later that week, he tweeted out a 15-page script for the series finale. With blatant comments about racism and backhanded remarks laced in the dialogue, it probably made some people in Hollywood a little angry. But it was filled with the pop culture references and humor we all love Deadpool for. 

#4: The Christmas Rap “Community” (2009-15)

Community’s Troy Barnes was Glover’s true breakout role, one that he could really show off and flourish in. And now, everyone—even those who aren’t die-hard fans of the show—knows about “The Spanish Rap.” After all, it is the start of a beautiful friendship between Troy and Abed. However, it is “The Christmas Rap” a few seasons later, where we hear and see this triple threat combine comedy and rapping in one magnificent song. With a theme about taking down Christmas from within, and the sincerity with which the lyrics are sung, it’s admittedly difficult to get out of your head. But it’s also difficult not to chuckle at.

#3: Young Tracy “30 Rock” (2006-13)

At this point in his career, most people know that Glover got his first real taste of showbiz writing for the popular TV show, 30 Rock, occasionally appearing on the series too. Most of Glover’s fans also know that he is excellent at impressions. Those two facts combine to create this 30-second flashback clip, in which Donald plays a young Tracy Morgan. Everything about Glover is Tracy Morgan, from his smile, to his movements, to the inflections in his voice. Even back then, we all saw a bright future for his amazing talent.

#2: Hosting “SNL” "Saturday Night Live" (1975-)

In 2018, Glover hosted SNL, and every sketch—including his monologue—was worthy of a different kind of giggle. He makes his versatility blatantly obvious during his opening monologue, singing “I really can do anything,” as he meanders through the studio. But then he proves it. From a parody of an 80s music video to writing for Barbie’s Instagram, Glover slides right into every role with ease. And then there were the Jurassic World courtroom and the Migos in therapy sketches. Bet you’re regretting having passed up on his audition, huh, SNL?

Before we laugh at our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

  • Dream Anger, Donald Glover: Weirdo (2012)
  • Cameo in The Muppets (2011)

#1: Troy Meets LeVar Burton “Community” (2009-15)

By season two of Community, viewers and characters alike, already knew that Troy Barnes was capable of feeling a lot of crazy emotions. And Glover expressed them all with hilarious abandon. But when Troy meets his childhood hero in this episode, Donald steals the whole episode. From the moment LeVar Burton appears, Troy is a star-struck mute. But, as we see when he’s alone, behind those unblinking eyes is a roller coaster of emotions. He’s sent over the edge—running away screaming, no less—when Burton starts singing the theme to Reading Rainbow. Let’s all be honest, we would have reacted similarly.

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