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Top 10 Hilarious 'Friends' Bloopers

Everyone's favorite sitcom had funny moments on and off screen. These hilarious 'Friends' bloopers are for true fans of the classic sitcom.

For ten seasons, our favorite group of Friends never failed to make us—or each other—laugh. At MsMojo, we're huge fans of the classic sitcom—so we’ve counted down our picks for the "Top 10 Friends Bloopers."

For this list, we scoured the blooper reels of every season of this iconic sitcom, and chose the outtakes that cracked us up the most.

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#10: Joey & Ross Nap “The One with the Nap Partners”

After sitting down to yet another screening of Joey’s favorite movie—Die Hard—Joey and Ross accidentally fall asleep and end up cuddling. Joey considers it the best nap he’s ever had and keeps trying to convince or even trick Ross into napping with him again. Silly premise? Yes, but watching it unfold still gets us giggling. Turns out that was the case for Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer too, because the actors could barely get through this season seven scene without breaking… no matter how many times they shot it. It even came back later in the episode—and again resulted in gales of laughter.

#9: A Little Double Take “The One with the Cake”

By the time 'Friends' had reached its tenth season, the cast had grown very close—which means that, on occasion, they’d poke fun at each other’s on set slip-ups. As you can expect, two of the biggest players in this game were Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc. In a season ten episode where the gang is trapped at Emma’s first birthday party because she won’t wake up from her nap, Courteney Cox accidentally looks straight into the camera lens. Obviously, the boys jump at the opportunity to mock her. What follows are a couple of ruined takes and—of course—some memorable bloopers.

#8: That WAS less! “The One the Morning After”

The episode where Ross and Rachel break up is pretty somber. To make sure things aren’t too dark, the other friends keep the comedy flowing. Monica and Phoebe are attempting to wax their legs, and it’s more painful than they anticipated. Their screams attract Chandler and Joey, who race into Monica’s bedroom in an over-the-top fashion. An outtake of this scene sees the boys asked to try again, as they’ve apparently been told their acting is “too big.” Perry and LeBlanc poke fun at this piece of direction, entering the room as sedately as possible on the next take. In this case, we’re fine with the boys sabotaging yet another take for a great blooper.

#7: It tastes like feet. “The One Where Ross Got High”

It’s Thanksgiving, and Rachel’s been put in charge of dessert. Unfortunately, due to some sticky magazine pages, she mistakenly messes up the recipe. Since Ross and Joey want to spare Rachel’s feelings and are dying to leave to hang out with some hot models, they decide not to tell her. But that means eating the meat pie-slash-custardy dessert with a straight face. After Ross scarfs his entire piece—which is tough enough in itself—David Schwimmer delivers his next line in such a way that he erupts in laughter. Matt LeBlanc doesn’t even notice his costar has broken and continues eating his pie. But ultimately, he’s unable to fight off the giggles.

#6: Rachel & the Monkey “The One Where the Monkey Gets Away”

Early in the show’s run, Ross gets a capuchin monkey as a pet, and names it Marcel—much to the cast’s dismay. They say never work with children or animals, and here’s why: apparently the monkey, who was actually named Katie, sometimes had trouble following instructions and disrupted takes. In a Marcel-centric season one episode, Rachel’s babysitting Marcel and trying to explain a soap opera to him. But, as you can see in the blooper, Jennifer Aniston has a difficult time predicting what Katie’s going to do. This makes for a hilarious and quite frankly adorable outtake that neither we, nor Jennifer, will likely ever forget.

#5: Phoebe Laughs “The One Where Ross Dates a Student”

Nothing sends the Friends cast into fits of glee quite like Lisa Kudrow’s infectious laugh. In a season six episode after Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment burns down, the girls are arguing over who has to live with Monica and her strict house rules and who gets to have fun at Joey’s. But once Kudrow starts laughing—for no apparent reason—it’s hard for her to stop, and even harder for the rest of the cast and crew to get back on track. This begs the question: which is funnier, the final version of the scene or the blooper filled with endless laughter? We’ll let you decide.

#4: What do I smell? “The One with Rachel’s Crush”

Another staple of the Friends blooper library is cast members deliberately ruining takes by inserting new—and often bluer—jokes. In a season four episode where Monica’s trying to lure the group over to her new apartment by baking cookies, Matt LeBlanc decides to add an unexpected line. Well, this one word derails the entire scene for takes to come: the cast continually cracks up and cannot make it through their lines. After watching this series of hilarious bloopers, we wonder how they ended up recording the final version at all.

#3: Joey’s Fall “The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies”

In this season two Friends episode, Joey’s character on Days of our Lives is written off the show because of an interview Joey did with Soap Opera Digest. Before it hits the fans, Joey excitedly runs into the coffeehouse to show Phoebe the article. However, in one take, Matt LeBlanc trips and falls on his way in, prompting gut busting laughter from the cast, crew, and audience. Despite earnest attempts to get the scene right, this particular blooper proves difficult to get past. To make things funnier, Matthew Perry eventually disrupts a clean take by running into the scene that his character is not even in.

#2: Pivot! “The One with the Cop”

This classic Friends scene finds Ross, Chandler, and Rachel moving a large couch through a small staircase. Ross, who’s adamant about getting his new couch up to his apartment without hiring a moving crew, starts to yell “Pivot” over and over again to direct his friends—much to our amusement. The finished product is funny enough, but the outtakes of this scene are guaranteed hilarity. Honestly, we totally understand how difficult it must have been for the cast to get through this moment: it’s arguably one of the most iconic and funniest scenes in the entire series. And the bloopers are all the funnier.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

  • Joey & Chandler Come Out “The One with Ross’s Wedding”
  • Prank on Richard “The One with the Proposal”
  • I Think You Got It “The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie”

#1: Ross plays the bagpipes. “The One with Joey’s New Brain”

It’s season seven, and Ross is planning a special surprise for Monica and Chandler’s wedding: he wants to play the bagpipes. Well, when Ross finally debuts his newfound “talent,” the group cannot hold back. Though some of the laughing is left in the final edit of the scene, the blooper reel of this moment is even more riotous—especially once Phoebe starts to sing along with Ross’ bagpipes. Jennifer Aniston’s the first to go, but pretty soon everyone’s lost it. This has everything we’re looking for in a Friends blooper: it’s funny, it’s ridiculous, and it reminds us of how much fun this cast must’ve had on set.

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Top 10 Hilarious 'Friends' Bloopers
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